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Author: Tricia Cunningham Quotes

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Bob Corker Quotes

"In business, you try to solve problems."

Dora Russell Quotes

"The report of this made me exceedingly angry, for I could not see why information which a middle-class woman could get from her doctor should be withheld from a poorer woman who might need it far more."

Molly Detweiler Quotes

"The best kind of friend is the one you could sit with,hardly saying a word, and then walk away feeling like that was[the]best time youve ever had"

Redzel Romulo Quotes

"I remember how easy for you to forget me. And you know how much it hurts? No words can define. But it breaks me like a promise. But why sometimes i still miss you."

Fritz Todt Quotes

"We do not build speedways, but roads which correspond to the character of the German landscape."

Cynthia Hand Boundless Quotes

"Is this my purpose?The clouds dont have a lot of answers."

Julia Quinn Quotes

"Finally, he reached his street. It was quiet, blessedly so, and the only sound was his own groan as he lifted his foot to the first stone step at the entrance to Winstead House. The only sound, that was, until someone whispered his name.He froze. "Anne?"A figure stepped out of the shadows, trembling in the night. "Daniel," she said again, and if she said anything more, he did not hear it. He was down the stairs in an instant, and she was in his arms, and for the first time in nearly a week, the world felt steady on its axis."

Roman Sebrle Quotes

"I am the type of guy that always looks into the future. But, of course, you never completely forget a javelin in your shoulder."

Francois Joseph Mery Quotes

"God made the cat to give man the pleasure of stroking a tiger."

Anne Nesbet Quotes

"Which all goes to show that it is hard to hide how you feel, when mirrors are out there everywhere, just waiting to pounce."

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Quotes About Jim Brown

"Do you want to hang out? At your place or something?" Hanging out with Jimmy Hailler will mean that I have to say hello to him every day. Im not ready to say hello to him every day. Too much commitment. Its bad enough that Im sharing chocolate brownies swith him. I shake my head. "Not today." - Author: Melina Marchetta

Quotes About Cafes

"So why did poor artists originally hang around in cafes?""I dont know. Inspiration from the atmosphere.""Ha! No, youve been tricked, too, just like the rest of us. Cafes didnt have inspirational atmosphere at first. That only came later, when you knew artists had been hanging around in them." - Author: Arthur Phillips

Quotes About Lord Shiva

"Oh you the creator, you the destroyer, you who sustain and make an end,Who in sunlight dance among the birds and the children at their play,Who at midnight dance among corpses in the burning grounds,You Shiva, you dark and terrible Bhairava,You Suchness and Illusion, the Void and All Things,You are the lord of life, and therefore I have brought you flowers;You are the lord of death, and therefore I have brought you my heart—This heart that is now your burning ground.Ignorance there and self shall be consumed with fire.That you may dance, Bhairava, among the ashes.That you may dance, Lord Shiva, in a place of flowers,And I dance with you." - Author: Aldous Huxley

Quotes About Infinite Potential

"[Pertaining to The Law of Free Will and Karma]: Disputing traditional cause and effect karmic doctrine, Kuan Yin maintains that it is the accumulated beliefs from parallel realities creating "made-up stories" about oneself and, thus, reality. Because of this quantum factor, we have absolute Free Will to attract optimum realities from infinite, simultaneous Evolutionary Potentials. Thus, according to Kuan Yin, where and how skillfully one focuses their intention and attention can determine an outcome." - Author: Hope Bradford

Quotes About Endless Knowledge

"Ibn Masud said, "When Umar died nine-tenth of all knowledge vanished with him." The people were shocked and said, "How can this be when among us now are still many of the great companions?" Ibn Masud replied,"I am not speaking of the knowledge of fiqh and the science of judgements, Im speaking about the knowledge of Allah." This struggle of isolation, hunger, sleeplessness, weeping, fear and endless service to men was for this end. The journey is only for knowledge of Allah and the whole of it lies in detachment from everything that passes away. First from what is displeasing to Allah, then from ones self-illusion and desires, and then from all men and all otherness until there is only isolation and extreme nearness to Allah." - Author: Khalid Muhammad Khalid

Quotes About Being Recognized

"That day, my first day on the job, was September 11, 2001! I was actually being recognized by Switzerland the very day that the World Trade Center was hit." - Author: Mercer Reynolds

Quotes About Morbid Love

"Dont accuse me of being morbid when Im merely the product of a culture that buries the bones of the ones they love in pretty, manicured flower gardens so they can keep them nearby and go talk to them whenever they feel troubled or depressed. Thats morbid. Not to mention bizarre. Dogs bury bones, too." - Author: Karen Marie Moning

Quotes About Bezos

"I didnt think he was a very nice person, says Chichilnisky [about Jeff Bezos]. I liked him, but he was not warm. Im not criticising him, not a bit. It was like he could be a Martian for all I knew. A well-meaning, nice Martian." - Author: Richard L. Brandt

Quotes About Nonexistence

"I have made a similar suggestion for poetry: that one should approach it as pure sonority, reading and rereading it as a sort of music, and should not introduce meanings or intentions into the diction before clearly grasping the system of sounds that every poem must offer on pain of nonexistence." - Author: Paul Valéry

Quotes About I Get Jealous

"When Super Bowl time comes around, I get jealous." - Author: Bill Parcells