[Nomi, He Said, You Just Need To Wake Up To The Fact That Other People Need To Know Where You're Going. But There's Nobody Behind Me, I Told Him. And He Said, Reassuringly, That Someday There May Be.]

Author: Miriam Toews Quotes

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Joe Klein Quotes

"For me, a really radical position for journalism to take is to stop being cynical. Cynicism is what passes for insight among the mediocre."

William Cameron Forbes Quotes

"It looks like business, and people are much pleased."

Jean Fritz Quotes

"Only when a book is written out of passion is there much hope of its being read with passion."

Judith Wright Quotes

"Only after I faced the unhappiness of my first marriage did I start on the path of personal growth."

David James Duncan Quotes

"Music is just a word for something we love largely because it consists of things that words cant express. Likewise, the heart is just a word for something in us that music sometimes touches."

Alice Cary Quotes

"True worth is being not seeming"

Jase Wolf Quotes

"The weakest are from deeply within the strongest of all natures"

Joseph Eastwood Quotes

"If I only had one reader in my entire life, that reader would be all that I needed to continue writing."

Anthony Rapp Quotes

"Acting is like going to the gym. You have to keep yourself in shape and concentrate on your core."

Rachel Dax Quotes

"Its not our place to judge the guilt or innocence of the prisoners, Nurse Webster. The sooner you learn that the better. Any other approach just leads to conflicts of duty and undermines the smooth running of the institution. We are here to ensure that the prisoners are dealt with firmly and professionally. Its up to their lawyers to handle matters pertaining to their sentences."

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Quotes About Richard Parker In Life Of Pi

"Vampires have bright eyes glistening white teeth unnaturally smooth skin and a certain animal magnetism. If they arent pretty they starve. Its sort of like life in Los Angeles." - Author: Molly Harper

Quotes About Laughing With Your Love

"You guys know I love you, right?" I glance between them, knowing theyll freak, but it has to be said. They look at each other, exchanging a look of alarm, both of them wondering what couldve possibly happened to the girl they once pegged as the Ice Queen. "Um, okay..." Haven says, shaking her head. But I just smile and grasp them both to me, squeezing them tightly as I whisper to Miles, "Whatever you do dont stop acting or singing, its going to bring you great happiness." And before he can respond, Ive moved on to Haven, knowing I have to get this over with and quick, so I can get Damen to Avas, but determined to find a way to urge her to love herself more, and that Josh is worth hanging on to for however long it lasts. "You have so much value," I tell her. "So much to give--I just wish you could see how bright your star truly does shine." "Um, gag!" she says, laughing as she untangles herself from my grip. "Are you okay?" - Author: Alyson Noel

Quotes About Flashlights

"The lemming types came out of their houses with flashlights. Going to light up the world with those flashlights, I guess." He laughed. "I stopped them all from watching Happy Days. Forced their IQs up a couple notches." - Author: Chris Fuhrman

Quotes About Turnpike

"If youre from New Jersey," Nathan had said, "and you write thirty books, and you win the Nobel Prize, and you live to be white-haired and ninety-five, its highly unlikely but not impossible that after your death theyll decide to name a rest stop for you on the Jersey Turnpike. And so, long after youre gone, you may indeed be remembered, but mostly by small children, in the backs of cars, when they lean forward and tell their parents, Stop, please, stop at Zuckerman—I have to make a pee. For a New Jersey novelist thats as much immortality as its realistic to hope for." - Author: Philip Roth

Quotes About Friendship Philosophers

"...To the Dolphin alone, beyond all other, nature has granted what the best philosophers seek: friendship for no advantage" - Author: Plutarch

Quotes About Czeslaw

"Materialism is a conviction based not upon evidence or logic but upon what Carl Sagan (speaking of another kind of faith) called a "deep-seated need to believe." Considered purely as a rational philosophy, it has little to recommend it; but as an emotional sedative, what Czeslaw Milosz liked to call the opiate of unbelief, it offers a refuge from so many elaborate perplexities, so many arduous spiritual exertions, so many trying intellectual and moral problems, so many exhausting expressions of hope or fear, charity or remorse. In this sense, it should be classified as one of those religions of consolation whose purpose is not to engage the mind or will with the mysteries of being but merely to provide a palliative for existential grievances and private disappointments. Popular atheism is not a philosophy but a therapy." - Author: David Bentley Hart

Quotes About Lotus Flower

"Because people learn from their mistakes, Danger. Pain and failure are a natural part of life. Its kind of like a parent who watches their child fall down while learning to walk. Instead of coddling the child, you set them back on their feet and let them try again. They have to stumble before they can run. (Alexion)Do you really believe that we need to have our hearts ripped out? (Danger)A flower cant grow without rain. (Alexion)Too much rain and it drowns. (Danger)And yet the most beautiful of the lotus flowers are the ones that grow in the deepest mud. (Alexion)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Old Doors

"Theres still is a status-quo group at City Hall who likes things done the old way, behind closed doors." - Author: Laura Miller

Quotes About Impervious

"I am drawn mostly, insistently to the human voice. How powerful and necessary the solo voice, the experience of being someone, something else for a little while. This is and will remain literatures killer app, the thing most impervious to threat by everything thats not the word." - Author: Ander Monson

Quotes About Hzn

"Thats what its going to be then, brothers, as I come to the like end of this tale. You have been everywhere with your little droog Alex, suffering with him, and you have viddied some of the most grahzny bratchnies old Bog ever made, all on to your old droog Alex. And all it was was that I was young. But now as I end this story, brothers, I am not young, not no longer, oh no. Alex like groweth up, oh yes.But where I itty now, O my brothers, is all on my oddy knocky, where you cannot go. Tomorrow is all like sweet flowers and the turning young earth and the stars and the old Luna up there and your old droog Alex all on his oddy knocky seeking like a mate. And all that cal. A terrible grahzny vonny world, really, O my brothers. And so farewell from your little droog. And to all others in this story profound shooms of lipmusic brrrrrr. And they can kiss my sharries. But you, O my brothers, remember sometimes thy little Alex that was. Amen. And all that call." - Author: Anthony Burgess