[None Of Us Need Ever Fear That We Don't Have An Active Imagination, Because Imagination Is Mostly A Willingness To Entertain A Strange Idea Now And Then.]

Author: Bert Dodson Quotes

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Martina Navratilova Quotes

"This is reality, not a dream."

Nayreil Quotes

"Flower will not grow, if the stem doesnt allow"

Sarah McCarry Quotes

"Im a chalkboard thats been erased over and over again until theres nothing left but a haze of white dust. Before this I never understood how long an hour could take, how many ticks of the second hand are in a minute, how endless the space between seconds can be."

Eden Winters Quotes

"He folded his hands behind his back and puffed out his chest. Reminded Lucky of a barnyard rooster. Anybody who referred to Lucky as a cocky little bantam found out pretty soon that Lucky could back up his strut, and this guy was probably the roostah who used ta, or he wouldnt be teaching."

Neko Case Quotes

"The Bible tries to make humans not animals the whole time. I think its a bit of a mistake."

Wuryanano Quotes


Lynn Morris Quotes

"So many men treat their wives badly, or indifferently, or with barely contained impatience. Josh doesnt mind-- no thats not right--he insists on openly showing his love and respect for me."

Antonio Mingote Quotes

"- ¿Dinero?- Sí. Así se ganan la vida- La vida... Pero ¿es que la vida hay que ganarla? Yo tengo una vida, y no la he ganado en ningún sitio. La tengo desde pequeñita"

Thomas Ligotti Quotes

"Look at your body— A painted puppet, a poor toy Of jointed parts ready to collapse, A diseased and suffering thing With a head full of false imaginings. —The Dhammapada"

Marikit DR Camba Quotes

"Breathe next to me. And I will capture a piece of your soul along with mine."

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Quotes About New Age Bullshit

"All the comics are sigils. "Sigil" as a word is out of date. All this magic stuff needs new terminology because its not what people are being told it is at all. Its not all this wearying symbolic misdirection thats being dragged up from the Victorian Age, when no-one was allowed to talk plainly and everything was in coy poetic code. The worlds at a crisis point and its time to stop bullshitting around with Qabalah and Thelema and Chaos and Information and all the rest of the metaphoric smoke and mirrors designed to make the rubes think magicians are special people with special powers. Its not like that. Everyone does magic all the time in different ways. "Life" plus "significance" = magic." - Author: Grant Morrison

Quotes About Uncontrollable Fate

"Whereupon a strange euphoria came over me. Not only was I exiled, paralyzed, mute, half deaf, deprived of all pleasures, and reduced to the existence of a jellyfish, but I was also horrible to behold. There comes a time when the heaping up of calamities brings on uncontrollable nervous laughter - when, after a final blow from fate, we decide to treat it all as a joke." - Author: Jean Dominique Bauby

Quotes About Spec

"If you look at the worlds top 50 drugs being sold today, they are being marketed and sold by companies that did not invent them. I respect patents. Ill pay a royalty. But I shouldnt be denied the right to produce drugs for poor people at reasonable prices." - Author: Yusuf Hamied

Quotes About Spongebob Jellyfish

"SpongeBob SquarePants is a great show, and it centers on a character that is courageously nice. Why is SpongeBob interesting? Its because he has passion. He has a passion for chasing jellyfish." - Author: Vince Gilligan

Quotes About Sweatshops

"The internet. Can we trust in that? Of course not. Give it six months and well probably discover Googles sewn together by orphans in sweatshops. Or that Wi-Fi does something horrible to your brain, like eating your fondest memories and replacing them with drawings of cross-eyed bats and a strong smell of puke. Theres surely a great dystopian sci-fi novel yet to be written about a world in which its suddenly discovered that wireless broadband signals deaden the human brain, slowly robbing us of all emotion, until after 10 years of exposure were all either rutting in stairwells or listlessly reversing our cars over our own offspring with nary the merest glimmer of sympathy or pain on our faces. Itll be set in Basingstoke and called, "Cuh, Typical." - Author: Charlie Brooker

Quotes About Existentialist Love

"For many have but one resource to sustain them in their misery, and that is to think, "Circumstances have been against me, I was worthy to be something much better than I have been. I admit I have never had a great love or a great friendship; but that is because I never met a man or a woman who were worthy of it; if I have not written any very good books, it is because I had not the leisure to do so; or, if I have had no children to whom I could devote myself it is because I did not find the man I could have lived with. So there remains within me a wide range of abilities, inclinations and potentialities, unused but perfectly viable, which endow me with a worthiness that could never be inferred from the mere history of my actions." But in reality and for the existentialist, there is no love apart from the deeds of love; no potentiality of love other than that which is manifested in loving; there is no genius other than that which is expressed in works of art." - Author: Jean Paul Sartre

Quotes About Holding Onto Love

"Sometimes by holding onto what you love the most — you end up choking the very life from the thing you want to keep on living. Its possible to try too hard, to love something so deeply that you lose yourself. The danger is never in loving someone — but losing your identity in the process. Because what happens when tragedy strikes? Youre left an empty shell. Youre left with nothing." - Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Quotes About Judaism And Christianity

"Like fundamentalist Judaism and medieval Christianity, Islam is totalist. That is to say, it makes a total claim on the individual." - Author: Martin Amis

Quotes About Despencar

"As estrelas despencaram da árvore se esparramando pela calçada." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About Colored Glass

"I have leveled with the girls - from Anchorage to Amarillo.I tell them that all marriages are happyIts the living together afterward thats tough.I tell them that a good marriage is not a gift,Its an achievement.that marriage is not for kids It takes guts and maturity.It separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls.I tell them that marriage is tested dily by the ability to compromise.Its survival can depend on being smart enough to know whats worth fighting about.Or making an issue of or even mentioning.Marriage is giving - and more important, its forgiving.And it is almost always the wife who must do these things.Then, as if that were not enough, she must be willing to forget what she forgave.Often that is the hardest part.Oh, I have leveled all right.If they dont get my message, Buster,Its because they dont want to get it.Rose-colored glasses are never made in bifocalsBecause nobody wants to red the small print in dreams." - Author: Ann Landers