[None Of Us Need Ever Fear That We Don't Have An Active Imagination, Because Imagination Is Mostly A Willingness To Entertain A Strange Idea Now And Then.]

Author: Bert Dodson Quotes

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Jerry Ash Quotes

"Honey, it isnt democracy that runs this country. Capitalism rules. It does no good to reason with the capitalists or their politicians. This is a class war. We have to stir up the American people, the lower class. Some of the better-off lower class do show some sympathy for us when theyre smacked with the facts. And when they voice themselves collectively, good things happen." — Mother Jones"

Mark Dayton Quotes

"Mercury emissions will continue to harm the environment and to endanger the health of children and pregnant women, until this Administration puts public health before politics."

Stefan Grabinski Quotes

"for he had acquired, as time went on, the firm conviction that any thought, even the most audacious, that any fiction, even the most insane, can one day materialize and see its fulfillment in space and time."

Evelyn De Morgan Quotes

"Art is eternal, but life is short."

Laure Eve Quotes

"She ran from the shame, slammed his door behind her and ran, away from the pain and the moment when he had been so close to her mouth he could have kissed her, the thought that made her feel like her heart would burst."

Helle Thorning Schmidt Quotes

"We are not jumping on the austerity bandwagon. A healthy economy is by far the most important thing for Social Democrats."

Wes Borland Quotes

"Were gonna totally sell out and try to dominate the world."

Hissa AlBoot AlShehhi Quotes

"Sit there and look pretty."

Norman Angell Quotes

"Every nation sincerely desires peace; and all nations pursue courses which if persisted in, must make peace impossible."

Carolyn Haines Quotes

"Loving the unattainable was safe. That love could never be tested by day-to-day reality."

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Quotes About Holy Water

"Haskell to QuinlinYou need anything, Quin, absolutely anything, you call me and Ill be there. Remember, friends help you move. Good friends help you move a body. Best friends bring their own shovel. You say the word, and Ill be there with a spanking new shovel. Or holy water and an exorcism ritual. Whatever works." - Author: I.D. Locke

Quotes About Vicious Circles

"Afghanistan is more than the graveyard of empires. Its the mother of vicious circles." - Author: Maureen Dowd

Quotes About Being Strong

"Being Latina for me is also being a strong woman." - Author: Natalie Martinez

Quotes About Tiny Waist

"In you the earth… Littlerose,roselet,at times,tiny and naked,it seemsas though you would fitin one of my hands,as though Ill clasp you like thisand carry you to my mouth,butsuddenlymy feet touch your feet and my mouth your lips:you have grown,your shoulders rise like two hills,your breasts wander over my breast,my arm scarcely manages to encircle the thinnew-moon line of your waist:in love you loosened yourself like sea water:I can scarcely measure the skys most spacious eyesand I lean down to your mouth to kiss the earth." - Author: Pablo Neruda

Quotes About Polite

"Wow," I say, politely, but I dont feel it. Im like a sociopath when it comes to expensive cars. I feel no emotion." - Author: Jon Ronson

Quotes About Orthodox Christianity

"Among the tastemakers and power brokers and intellectual agenda setters of late-twentieth-century America, orthodox Christianity was completely déclassé." - Author: Ross Douthat

Quotes About No Braces

"This barricade is made neither of paving stones, nor of timbers, nor of iron; it is made of two mounds, a mound of ideas and a mound of sorrows. Here misery encounters the ideal. Here the day embraces the night, and says: I will die with you and you will be born again with me." - Author: Victor Hugo

Quotes About Best Friend Birthday

"Besides that, Sebastian liked books —all kinds. He loved fiction, non-fiction, big picture art books, the smell, the feel, and the potential to sit down with a book, become lost within it and only surface hours later when you needed to pee. Books were the bestest of best friends —and they never bitched if you forgot their birthdays or decided not to call them for a month." - Author: Amy Lane

Quotes About Lacking Passion

"Normal: lacking in taste, compassion, understanding, kindness, and ordinary human decency." - Author: Frank Portman

Quotes About Ranting And Raving

"If I were on the field, Id want the manager sticking up for me. Sometimes players are dead wrong, ranting and raving, but you stick up for them. They appreciate that." - Author: Bobby Cox