[None Of Us Need Ever Fear That We Don't Have An Active Imagination, Because Imagination Is Mostly A Willingness To Entertain A Strange Idea Now And Then.]

Author: Bert Dodson Quotes

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Belinda G Buchanan Quotes

"Happiness was an evasive emotion that could not be fabricated, duplicated, or happened upon. It was something that was only handed out to a select few, but just like his mother, Ethan realized that he was never meant to have it."

Anubhav Mishra Quotes

"I love this constant motion between Solitude and Loneliness . On one end its the desire and achievement of being alone ( glorious) on the other its the utter despair and pain of being alone.."

SX Rosenstock Quotes

"If you cant fuck me while I read, fuck off."

Lorna Byrne Quotes

"Your guardian angel never, ever stops communicating with you. I feel that at times they should be frustrated with us but they seem to have endless patience and they never ever give up on us."

Tom Selleck Quotes

"I think a lot of Magnum was me."

Jack Anderson Quotes

"The insurance industry communicates through codes and check-off boxes. If theres no check-off box for you, you dont exist."

Allan Rufus Quotes

"Note to Self – Thoughts design my energy!MythoughtsWILLdesign the energythat movesme!"

Elon Musk Quotes

"As you heat the planet up, its just like boiling a pot."

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Quotes

"I want justice to be so pervasive that it will be taken for granted, just as injustice is taken for granted today."

Paul Turk Quotes

"God may sometimes laugh at our plans. But if they are based on a Heavenly and eternal perspective, He will always support us. On His timetable, not ours."

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Quotes About Being Compatible In Relationships

"I have always used emotion as a writing tool. That goes back to me being on the stage." - Author: Anne McCaffrey

Quotes About Self Preservation

"The feudal concept of self-preservation is poisoned at the core by the virulent assumption of master and man, of potentate and slave, of external and internal suppression of the life urge of the only one - of its faith in human sacrifice as a means of salvation." - Author: Louis Sullivan

Quotes About Goal And Success

"My goal has always been not to look forward to the next thing, but to relish and celebrate the successes I have at the moment. Whether its landing a part in a student film or having a good day in acting class, I never discredit anything." - Author: Dianna Agron

Quotes About Literary Terms

"Its about the dream of second chances," he says finally. He hasnt raised his eyes from the paper on his desk and I feel him looking at me without looking when he uses his grandfathers words. "The narrator doesnt respect the beauty of life and the world around her, so it crushes her into the ground and once shes dead, she realizes everything she took for granted and didnt see right in front of her while she was alive. Shes begging for another chance to live again so she can appreciate it this time.""And does she get that chance?" she asks Josh while I desperately focus on the poster of literary terms on the wall and wait for absolution. When it comes, I barely hear it."She does." - Author: Katja Millay

Quotes About Hair Extensions

"Hair extensions and wigs are not the same thing. Wigs are for old ladies and drag queens. Extensions are for women who want longer hair. To be safe, never bring it up if you think a woman is wearing either. No good comes of it." - Author: Jennifer Coolidge

Quotes About Rose Buds

"The movements of some more little red birds in the garden, like animated rosebuds, appeared unbearably jittery and thievish. It was as though the creatures were attached by sensitive wires to his nerves." - Author: Malcolm Lowry

Quotes About Diesel Fuel

"Suburbia is not going to run on biodiesel. The easy-motoring tourist industry is not going to run on biodiesel, wind power and solar fuel." - Author: James Howard Kunstler

Quotes About Altmann

"Certainly, the wealth of the rich is a consequence of the poverty of the poor. (Lori Altmann, p. 85)" - Author: Mev Puleo

Quotes About Economic Class

"[T]he economic class struggle is a struggle against inessanlty intensified exploitation: not only against the brutal material form of exploitation, capitalisms tendency to reduce wages, and against the class techniques for increasing productivity... but also around the question of the technical-social division of labor that prevails om enterprises, and against bourgeois ideology and repression." - Author: Louis Althusser

Quotes About Wise Man

"The calling that has been thrust upon you is likewise as demanding and daunting. I understand how you feel, believe me. But we need you, Eena. I would say Im sorry, but…….honestly Id have no other woman take your place. You are exactly what we need. And, yes, it does call for a great deal of sacrifice, but you dont have to bear these burdens alone. We are all here to help you. And believe me there isnt one of us who wouldnt give our last breath to defend yours so that you might go on to heal Harrowbeth. Dont block us out anymore. Dont think that you have to stand alone. Please wake up and know that I understand. And I promise I wont say, ‘I told you so." The room fell quiet. Eena didnt stir. Derian could see how her breathing continued smoothly in and out just as before. "I promise Ill give you some chocolate if you wake up." It was a last-ditch effort. "Ive got plenty of it, and I dont care for the stuff." - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich