[Nonetheless, To The Extent That Terrorists Have Come Into Our Country Or Suspected Or Known Terrorists Have Entered Our Country Across A Border, It's Been Across The Canadian Border. There Are Real Issues There.]

Author: Janet Napolitano Quotes

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Valter Hugo Mae Quotes

"olhe, hoje é possível reviver o fascismo, quer saber. é possível na perfeição. basta ser-se trabalhador dependente. é o suficiente para perceber o que é comer e calar, e por vezes nem comer, só calar. vá espirar esses patrões por aí fora. conte pelos dedos os que têm no peito um coração a florescer de amor pelo proletariado. que porra de conversa comunista. mas não é possível deixar de ter conversas comunistas enquanto não se largar a merda das ideias do capitalismo de circo que está montado. um capitalismo de especulação no qual o trabalho não corresponde a riqueza e já nem a mérito, apenas a um fardo do qual há quem não se consiga livrar."

N Scott Momaday Quotes

"He used both hands when he made the bear. Imagine a bear proceeding from the hands of God."

Charles Augustin De Coulomb Quotes

"Moreover, the sciences are monuments devoted to the public good; each citizen owes to them a tribute proportional to his talents. While the great men, carried to the summit of the edifice, draw and put up the higher floors, the ordinary artists scattered in the lower floors, or hidden in the obscurity of the foundations, must only seek to improve what cleverer hands have created."

Anita Diament Quotes

"My six handbooks to Jewish life and lifecycle events mostly followed the trajectory of my adult Jewish life."

John G Schmitz Quotes

"Never go to war unless your willing to win."

Charlie Human Quotes

"And me? Well, I dont aspire to be king. Thats just like being a highly paid pawn. Im a bishop, a vizier. Im always behind the scenes pulling the strings."

Charles Hanson Towne Quotes

"Around the corner I have a friend,In this great city that has no end,Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,And before I know it, a year is gone.And I never see my old friends face,For life is a swift and terrible race,He knows I like him just as well,As in the days when I rang his bell.And he rang mine but we were younger then,And now we are busy, tired men.Tired of playing a foolish game,Tired of trying to make a name."Tomorrow" I say! "I will call on JimJust to show that Im thinking of him",But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,And distance between us grows and grows.Around the corner, yet miles away,"Heres a telegram sir," "Jim died today."And thats what we get and deserve in the end.Around the corner, a vanished friend."

Charles De Montesquieu Quotes

"C est le tyran qui m outrage, et non pas celui qui exerce la tyrannie"

Timothy Thomas Fortune Quotes

"We are African in origin and American in birth."

Julien Green Quotes

"The greatest explorer on this earth never takes voyages as long as those of the man who descends to the depth of his heart."

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Quotes About Fallacious

"Philosophy is an unusually ingenious attempt to think fallaciously." - Author: Bertrand Russell

Quotes About Brought

"All TV can do is capture the spirit of a book because the medium is so utterly different. But Im very grateful for the readers that Masterpiece Theatre has undoubtedly brought me." - Author: Joanna Trollope

Quotes About Fremir

"Tão rente a ti eu mal enxergo... apenas sinto o fremir das nossas freqüências, se sobrepondo." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About Dads Teaching Daughters

"Thats what teaching is, the art of explanation: presenting the right information in the right order in a memorable way." - Author: Taylor Mali

Quotes About Self Less Ness

"Words, so much more readily remembered, gradually replace our past with their own. Our birth pangs become pages. Our battles, our triumphs, our trophies, our stubbed toes, will survive only in their descriptions; because it is the gravestone we visit, when we visit, not the grave. It is against the stone we stand our plastic flowers. Who wishes to bid good morrow to a box of rot and bones? We say a name, and only a faint simulacrum of its object forms itself (if any at all does)- forms itself in that grayless gray area of consciousness where we put imaginary maps and once heard music; where we hunt for lost articles and diagram desire." - Author: William H. Gass

Quotes About Business Success

"I have always understood that money made in the patent medicine business is a practical bar to social success." - Author: George Presbury Rowell

Quotes About Adopted Child

"At first, I was shocked that Diane could even suggest this family reunion [on television], and then I realized this is just the way of the world, or at least the way of fin de siecle America. Not only would the next revolution be televised, but so would every other little stupid thing. It was already happening: Television reunions between adopted children and their birth parents..." - Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel

Quotes About Nothing Else Matters

"Nothing else in the whole wide world matters as much as avenging your sister." - Author: Jason Jack Miller

Quotes About Headedness

"Frailty begot frailty. Nothing caused lightheadedness so surely as day after day of stifling confinement." - Author: Kate Morton

Quotes About Elementary Science

"At schools, the children who are too stupid or lazy to learn languages, mathematics and elementary science can be set to doing the things that children used to do in their spare time. Let them, for example, make mud pies and call it modelling. But all the time there must be no faintest hint that they are inferior to the children who are at work. Whatever nonsense they are engaged in must have—I believe the English already use the phrase—"parity of esteem." An even more drastic scheme is not impossible. Children who are fit to proceed to a higher class may be artificially kept back, because the others would get a trauma—Beelzebub, what a useful word!—by being left behind. The bright pupil thus remains democratically fettered to his own age group throughout his school career, and a boy who would be capable of tackling Aeschylus or Dante sits listening to his coevals attempts to spell out A Cat Sat On A Mat." - Author: C.S. Lewis