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Author: Graeme Murphy Quotes

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Jennetta Billhimer Quotes

"But when we make choices that are different than what our friends are doing, it might seem to them that we are questioning their choices - even if it has nothing to do with them.... And what is the sense in feeling guilty about making different choices than our mothers and the other women before us? Our mothers did the best they could with what they had available to them. Our choices, if different from theirs, are not a denouncement of theirs."

Suki Michelle Quotes

"Humankind invented clocks to define eternity just as humankind invented religion to define God."

William Warren Prescott Quotes

"The preaching of the gospel is not to persuade people to agree with me in my theological views. The preaching of the gospel so far as I am concerned, is to bring people into personal association with that person with whom I have fellowship."

Olivia Colman Quotes

"I had a lovely, feral, free childhood - out and then come back when youre hungry or it gets too dark. I feel slightly cruel that Im not offering my children the same."

Fynn Quotes

"A fact was the hard outer cover of meaning, and meaning was the soft living stuff inside a fact. Fact and meaning were the driving cogs of living. If the gear of fact drove the gear of meaning, then they revolved in opposite directions, but put the gear of fantasy between the two and they both revolved in the same direction. Fantasy was and is important; it leads to heaven knows where, but follow it and see. Sometimes it pays off."

Ohran Pamuk Quotes

"Id been living luminously between two eternities of darknness."

Joshua Morrow Quotes

"One of my true dreams is to do a sports talk radio show and take calls."

Wendy Webb Quotes

"Before I lost my father, I never understood the rituals surrounding funerals: the wake, the service itself, the reception afterward,the dinners prepared by well-meaning friends and delivered in plastic containers, even the popular habit of making poster boards filled with photos of the dear departed. But now I know why we do those things. Its busywork, all of it. I had so much to take care of, so many arrangements to make, so many people to inform, I didnt have a moment to be engulfed by the ocean of grief that was lapping at my heels. Instead, I waded through the shallows, performing task after task, grateful to have duties to propel me forward."

Ron Suskind Quotes

"If the breadth of perspectives is wide enough to represent the fullest range of views, consensus is unlikely. If consensus is swiftly achieved, it probably means too few voices have been heard."

Ashley Williams Quotes

"I did a TV movie with Tom Cavanaugh. He was the perfect partner, I learned so much from him. I would do anything with him again."

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Quotes About Not Yet Ready

"Often the adult book is not for you, not yet, or will only be for you when youre ready. But sometimes you will read it anyway, and you will take from it whatever you can. Then, perhaps, you will come back to it when youre older, and you will find the book has changed because you have changed as well, and the book is wiser, or more foolish, because you are wiser or more foolish than you were as a child." - Author: Neil Gaiman

Quotes About Sufrir

"Suelo decirme a mí mismo: Tu destino no tiene igual: comparados contigo, los demás hombres son felices; porque jamás mortal alguno se vio atormentado como tú. Entonces leo a cualquier poeta antiguo y me parece que es el libro mi propio corazón. ¡Qué! ¿Aún me queda tanto que sufrir? ¿Y antes que yo ha habido hombres tan desgraciados?" - Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Quotes About Kisses

"A man loses his sense of direction after four drinks; a woman loses hers after four kisses." - Author: H.L. Mencken

Quotes About Sket

"I have a very dear friend, a great painter, called me up very upset, the work wasnt going well… He asked me to come to his studio -- which I did -- I looked around at the work, dozens of sketches, drawings, large pictures, and I was very close to his work, intensely involved with his work, and he asked me, ‘Whats wrong? And I said, ‘Simple – its a loss of nerve." - Author: Morton Feldman

Quotes About Edgar Linton

"Ive no more business to marry Edgar Linton than I have to be in heaven and if the wicked man in there had not brought Heathcliff so low I shouldnt have thought of it. It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now so he shall never know how I love him and that not because hes handsome Nelly but because hes more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same and Lintons is as different as a moonbeam from lightning or frost from fire." - Author: Emily Brontë

Quotes About False Promises

"What are a few false promises among friends, angel?" "Theyre the difference between you and me … thats what they are." --Vernon Kraft meets Ajax in The Ragtime Coven, coming soon!" - Author: Bruce Jenvey

Quotes About Negative

"And finally the two of them plunged into the dark sea, a sea like a pack of wolves, and they dove around the boat trying to find young Reiters body, with no success, until they had to come up for air, and before they dove again, they asked the men on the boat whether the brat had surfaced. And then, under the weight of the negative response, they disappeared once more among the dark waves like forest beasts and one of the men who hadnt been in before joined them, and it was he who some fifteen feet down spotted the body of young Reiter floating like uprooted seaweed, upward, a brilliant white in the underwater space, and it was he who grabbed the body under the arms and brought him up, and also he who made the young Reiter vomit all the water he had swallowed." - Author: Roberto Bolaño

Quotes About Punk Princess

"She still felt like a punked-out, faux-leather-wearing, free-thinking Bratz doll in a sea of Pretty Princess of Preppyland Barbies." - Author: Sara Shepard

Quotes About Stories Ending

"True stories seldom have endings.I dont want a happy ending, I want more story." - Author: Frances Hardinge

Quotes About Sand Volleyball

"I went to a strict elementary school with nuns, and uniforms that Im pretty sure were made out of sandpaper. It was an academic, sports-oriented place. I liked to read, and wanted to act, and didnt try out for volleyball. I was weird. The other girls would dip my hair in ink and stuff." - Author: Zosia Mamet