[Occasionally Someone Or Other Got Donked On The Head By Cupid's Arrow, And Laughed, Saying It's 'a Definite Sign', That 'it Had To Mean Something'. One Guy Grabbed His Girlfriend And Lifted Her Up So That She Was Hit On The Head By The Arrow, And Then Said, 'There, Now You've Got No Choice But To Fall In Love With Me', And She Laughed As He Put Her Back Down On The Ground And Kissed Her Mouth.]

Author: Gabrielle Williams Quotes

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Jonathan Ball Quotes

"My sincere thanks to friends and family, especially my mother, father, brother, and Mandy, who continue to love and support me despite my obsessions."

Geri Halliwell Quotes

"I like doing accents. One of my friends works in hotel reservations and Ill ring her up and complain about the suite. Sometimes I get her."

Penelope Douglas Quotes

"She gave me a sad smile and did what good friends do—gave me a second slice of cake."

Paul Collier Quotes

"The aid agencies are not run by fools. they are full of intelligent people severely constrained by what public opinion permits."

Danny Kaye Quotes

"Draw a circle, not a heart, around the one you love because a heart can break but a circle goes on forever."

Oliver Neubert Quotes

"When I grow up, maybe I will bethe first one to circle the sea.Or maybe I will just spend all my daydoing everything my way.Maybe I will be in a world of my ownI just hope not alone.I just know that whatever I doI will never, ever forget about you."

Daniel Akaka Quotes

"New drugs and surgical techniques offer promise in the fight against cancer, Alzheimers, tuberculosis, AIDS, and a host of other life-threatening diseases. Animal research has been, and continues to be, fundamental to advancements in medicine."

Adelbert Von Chamissoo Quotes

"Wie verändert blickt sie mich jetzt an, diese vergangene Zeit!"

Eva Mendes Quotes

"I might act like its an accident but the opposite is true. Im incredibly calculated when it comes to my career."

Mark Mason Quotes

"This is the worst thing about waiting for someone. You have to look good all the time because they could turn up at any minute and see you before youve seen them"

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"Obviously, the Sixties was a time when everyone wanted to experiment, and then everything became very formulated and corporate, so artists tended to get pushed into a kind of pattern. Now, I think that has continued with the emergence of televised talent shows like X Factor." - Author: Steve Winwood

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"I read that when cats are cuddling and kneading you, and you think its cute, theyre really just checking your vitals for weak spots." - Author: Kandyse McClure

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"I have the mind to do so many fields, careers, jobs, and hobbies; but I have the heart to do few fields of work, careers, jobs, and hobbies" - Author: Temitope Owosela

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"True love was beyond the bars, but a facsimile of it came with no suffering at all." - Author: D. Morgenstern

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"Education is a choice. We dont become educated by watching television, and we dont learn a whole lot having similar conversations with the same, safe people day after day. Our education comes from pushing up against boundaries, from taking risks that may seem at first to be overwhelming, and by persevering past the first disappointments or shortfalls until we reach a point at which actual learning takes place. Determination and perseverance are absolutely vital to developing a true education--rarely, if ever, do we learn the most valuable lessons in the first few steps of the journey." - Author: Tom Walsh

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"Stop your bitching, Nick. You should try being an immortal demon whos lived since the dawn of time having to sit through this crap when English is not my native tongue, and if you think youre fluent in it, buddy, I actually know what a gerund is." - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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"I could tell from Annas face that she had already told him about dancing in Saint Petersburg and that the memory weighed on her heavily. What monstrous things, our pasts, especially when they have been lovely. She had told a secret and now had the sadness of wondering how much deeper she might dig in order to keep the first secret fed." - Author: Colum McCann

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"Strolling, keeping step, his stout polished well-made boots setting themselves down firmly beside her thin-soled black suede, they put off as long as they could the end of their moment together, and kept up as well as they could their small talk that flew back and forth over little grooves worn in the thin upper suface of the brain, things you could say and hear clink reassuringly at once without disturbing the radiance which played and darted about the simple and lovely miracle of being two persons named Adam and Miranda, twenty-four years old each, alive and on earth at the same moment: Are you in the mood for dancing, Miranda? and Im always in the mood for dancing, Adam! but there were things in the way, the day that ended with dancing was a long way to go." - Author: Katherine Anne Porter

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"We installed something Dean called "the persistence drill," which tested their stamina: they had to make consecutive full-court layups for two straight minutes—and if they missed, start over. On the defensive end, they had to make seven straight defensive stops before they could get off the floor." - Author: Pat Summitt

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"Thats it! Victorias Secret and I are through!" - Author: Jillian Dodd