[Oh, Issyk-Kul, My Issyk-Kul--my Unfinished Song! Why Did I Have To Remember That Day When I Came Here With Asel And Stopped On The Same Rise, Right Above The Water? Everything Was The Same. The Blue-and-white Waves Ran Up The Yellow Shore Holding Hands. The Sun Was Setting Behind The Mountains, And At The Far End Of The Lake The Water Was Tinged With Pink. The Swans Wheeled Over The Water With Excited, Exultant Cries. They Soared Up And Dropped Down On Outspread Wings That Seemed To Hum. They Whipped Up The Water And Started Wide, Foaming Circles. Everything Was The Same, Only There Was No Asel With Me. Where Are You, My Slender Poplar In A Red Kerchief, Where Are You Now?]

Author: Chingiz Aitmatov Quotes

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"I love how you can shoot a movie in a month or two or three of four, and its this encapsulated story that you box up and ship out into the world, and what it is, is what it is."

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