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Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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Jennifer Close Quotes

"I think I miss Ben," she told Lauren one night. "No, you dont," Lauren said. "But sometimes, I really think I do." Lauren sighed. "Isabella, you miss the essence of a boy. Thats all."

John Britton Quotes

"You are the person that I should have had out there.....right out in front for eveyone to see. To be able to say to the world; Look at who it is that I love! Look how wonderful she is. To be proud of who it is that I am with. That person was you. In my self-absorbed and selfish ways, I didnt celebrate or regard you in the way I should have. I will always have regrets about that and those are the types of thoughts and feelings that have haunted me as I have sat alone in my quiet."

Elena Greene Quotes

"You still love me? After all I have done?" she asked, her voice breaking."It doesnt matter. Nothing that has happened matters. I am here now, and I love you."

Norman Wisdom Quotes

"Ive got one idea I want to do for a film and you know I just enjoy myself doing bits and pieces."

Kathleen Jamie Quotes

"We know we are a species obsessed with itself and its own past and origins. We know we are capable of removing from the sanctuary of the earth shards and fragments, and gently placing them in museums. Great museums in great cities—the hallmarks of civilisation."

Gary Dourdan Quotes

"Ive never liked categories; Ive never liked boxes; Ive always tried to be unconventional as much as I possibly could."

Vincent Gallo Quotes

"I heard my mother talking badly of me to people who were talking badly of me in her salon. Thats probably the thing that Im most sensitive of in all my friendships and my relationships. I just... I just cant take that. Im comfortable with enemies, but I cant take it from friends."

Terry Goodkind Quotes

"...Wizards Fifth Rule: Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie."

Tracie Miles Quotes

"Choose God, his word, prayer, and spiritual vitamins. As you fight the battle with these tools, you will also be simultaneously choosing your victory."

Sharon Page Quotes

"We cant make love out here. Its freezing!" Maryanne cried.A boyishly beseeching look lit up his eyes. "We would heat up quickly.""Its fine for you," she protested. "You only need one part of your body, and youll be sliding that into warmth."

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Quotes About Imperfecto

"¿Sabes, por casualidad, si existió alguna vez una fe en un dios… imperfecto?(...) Es el único dios en el que yo podría creer, un dios cuya pasión no es una redención, un dios que no salva nada, que no sirve para nada: un dios que simplemente es." - Author: Stanisław Lem

Quotes About Wild Side

"If only every member of the family could have grown as straight and strong as Ann Garritys beech tree. But as fate and genetics would have it, both sides of Fred and Alice Springsteens lineage came with a shadow history of fractured souls. The drinkers and the failures, the wild-eyed, the ones who crumbled inside of themselves until they vanished altogether. These were the relatives who lived in rooms you didnt enter. Their stories were the ones that mustnt be told. They inspired the silence that both secreted and concentrated the poison in the family blood. Doug could already sense the venom creeping within himself." - Author: Peter Ames Carlin

Quotes About Zheng He

"Chinese naval activity, for instance, was aborted after Zheng Hes last voyage, probably as a result of" - Author: Felipe Fernández Armesto

Quotes About Challenges And Hardships

"A gem, like you, is made beautiful by being polished. Its not an easy undertaking, but a stone that exists undisturbed among others just is...but the most beautiful stand out because they face being alone, endure hardships and learn from what challenges them. Suffering purifies and makes beautiful, but only if the gem can shine." - Author: Donna Lynn Hope

Quotes About The Second Commandment

"The Bible is right: A deluge of images does encourage idolatry. Look at the cults of personality in America today. Look at Hollywood. Look at Washington. Id like to see the next presidential race be run according to Second Commandment principles. No commercials. A radio-only debate. We need an ugly president. I know were missing out on some potential Abe Lincolns because theyd look gawky and gangly on TV." - Author: A.J. Jacobs

Quotes About Rainbows And Angels

"I felt like there should have been rainbows and rose petals in their wake or something.Ugh.That was catty.Jenna deserved rainbows and rose petals, I reminded myself as I flopped back on my bed, Dads book bumping painfully against my sternum. After everything shed been through, Jenna had earned an eternity of nothing but good stuff. So why did seeing her with Vix make me want to brain myself with Demonologies: A History? I looked at the nightstand again and sighed. Then I opened the heavy book and tried to make myself read.For the next few hours I made a valiant attempt to get through Chapter One.For a book that was supposedly about fallen angels running around and creating havoc with their super-awesome dark "magycks," it was awfully boring, and all the weird spellings definitely didnt help." - Author: Rachel Hawkins

Quotes About Roller Skates

"Eating a plain bagel with no cream cheese is like eating the inner tube of a bicycle tire, and Id rather ride my roller skates to work." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Water Flows

"Water flows because its willing." - Author: Marty Rubin

Quotes About Journal Writing

"Journaling is the single most effective tool you may ever find for deeper intimacy with Father God and Jesus. It is a heart-to-heart method of communication with God. For you see, it is Gods desire to intimately commune with you and to have you intimately commune with Him. Journaling facilitates this heart-to-heart communion—it is simply listening to each others heart and writing it down.Journaling helps you hear Gods voice. God is speaking to you most of the time. Often you do not differentiate His voice from your own thoughts and therefore do not realize you are actually hearing Gods voice. If you can learn to clearly discern His voice speaking within you, you have found the font of intimacy—the heart of God speaking to you." - Author: Linda Boone

Quotes About Tayla

"Youre been out a few hours. E and I have been taking turns staying with you. Taylas here. And Gem. Luc. Kynan. Reaver. Our other brother, but hes in chains. Hes also a total dick. Youll like him." (Shade telling Wraith)" - Author: Larissa Ione