[[on Martin Freeman Playing Bilbo Baggins] It Was Great. I Got To Hang Out With Him, And I Kept A Straight Face For A Bit And Then I Started Giggling Because I Know Martin, I Don't Know Bilbo. For Martin To Be Sitting There Playing Bilbo Is Amazing. He's Going To Be Amazing, He's Going To Be Fantastic In This Film.]

Author: Benedict Cumberbatch Quotes

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Thomas Lynch Quotes

"If I were assigned poems I suppose Id write more of them but it is entirely voluntary and for the most part ignored in the market sense of the word so the language to me is most intimate, most important, most sublime and most satisfying when it gets done."

Mike Murdock Quotes

"You will only be remembered for two things: the problems you solve or the ones you create."

Cindy Sheehan Quotes

"The war in Iraq will end, our troops will come home, Bush will be impeached and he will be brought to justice."

Dorothy Osborne Quotes

"But tis a sad thing that all ones happiness is only that the world does not know you are miserable."

John Passarella Quotes

"Doyle: "What is it now, then?"Cordelia: "Isnt java supposed to be a coffee?"Doyle: "Ready to abandon the the Web project?"Cordelia: "No way. We have a chance here to make contact with the millions of people out there who are glued to their computers."Doyle: "All those millions, shunning human contact. Ill never understand it. Call me old-fashioned, if you like, but I want to interface with a face, not a hunk of plastic and glass."Cordelia: "Climb out of the Dark Ages, Munchkin man."Doyle: "Its leprechaun, and either way, I dont appreciate the insult."

Yolanda A Reid Quotes

"Ghosts are not what I remember of my childhood; but somehow they infuse memories of myself as a child, the little girl in a storybook, with ghosts hovering around her."

Lisa Shearin Quotes

"Michael was still an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, coated in yum. Only now the enigma was a little less mysterious; I was a few clues closer to solving the riddle - but damn, that man would always be coated in yum."

Friedrich Von Schlegel Quotes

"An aphorism ought to be entirely isolated from the surrounding world like a little work of art and complete in itself like a hedgehog."

Robert Cecil Quotes

"A wise man looks upon men as he does on horses; all their comparisons of title, wealth, and place, he consider but as harness."

Hector Carsewell Macpherson Quotes

"Carlyles genius was many-sided. He touched and ennobled the national life at all points. He lifted a whole generation of young men out of the stagnating atmosphere of materialism and dead orthodoxy into the region of the ideal. With the Master of Balliol, we believe that no English writer has done more to elevate and purify our ideas of life and to make us conscious that the things of the spirit are real, and that in the last resort there is no other reality."

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"I have kept a steady focus on restoring public faith in our state government since taking office July 1. Now it is time to make even bigger and bolder gains through legislative action." - Author: Jodi Rell

Quotes About Occupational Therapy

"Consider the whole thing as occupational therapy. Power as cottage industry for the mad. The shepherd is slave to the sheep. A gardener is in thrall to his carrots. Only a lunatic would want to be president. These lunatics are created deliberately by those who wish to be presided over. Youve seen it a thousand times. We create a leader by locating one in the crowd who is standing up. This may well be because there are no chairs or because his knees are fused by arthritis. It doesnt matter. We designate this victim as a stand-up guy by the simple expedient of sitting down around him." - Author: Katherine Dunn

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"I make love efficiently. Why involve two people, when the same outcome can be done by one?" - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Famous Neatness

"CUSTOMER (to their friend): God, the Famous Five titles realy were crap, werent they? Five Go Camping. Five Go Off in a Caravan.... If it was Five Go Down To a Crack House it might be a bit more exciting." - Author: Jen Campbell

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"Every day when I get on the floor I give it my all and play because you never know what tomorrow holds." - Author: Russell Westbrook

Quotes About Kissing Her Hand

"You like doing that, dont you?Yes, I like kissing you.No, she said, lifting me off my feet. Carrying me around. Pulling me down to kiss you whenever you get the urge. She turned to him with a mock glare. I think it goes hand in hand with the telling me what to do stuff.He didnt let go of her hand as he lifted his to run the back of one knuckle down her cheek. You like it, too." - Author: Bella Andre

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"Há quem constrói os degraus e quem sobe os degraus e quem salta os patamares." - Author: Filipe Russo

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"Without much accuracy, with strangely little love at all, your family will decide for you exactly who you are, and theyll keep nudging, coaxing, poking you until youve changed into that very simple shape." - Author: Allan Gurganus

Quotes About Orphan Care

"She had seen the almost-human Orona, who was orphaned and alone in the world, a woman whom Cain had plucked off the streets and fallen in love with. What she didnt see was the undead creature Cain barely knew, the foolish human girl who fell in love with the caretaker of the seas. She hadnt seen me stand up against a hurricane or keep a cave from crushing two lovers to death. She hadnt seen me throw myself over the ones who would have turned to ashes when the volcano erupted, or made water appear from the sands to the dying in the desert. She did not know I was both savior and destroyer to so many souls." - Author: Jennifer Silverwood

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"Saliva has testosterone and estrogen. When you kiss, youre having a chemical experience." - Author: Helen Fisher