[On War And Conquest: In The Realm Of Human Affairs One Also Needs A Pretext. It Is Important To Give It The Rank Of A Universal Imperative Or Of A Divine Commandment. The Range Of Choices Is Not Great; Either It Is That We Must Defend Ourselves, Or That We Have An Obligation To Help Others, Or That We Are Fulfilling Heaven's Will. The Optimal Pretext Would Link All Three Of The Motives.]

Author: Ryszard Kapuściński Quotes

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"But if there was ever a time for us to go to extremes for our God, it is now. The truth of the gospel is being diluted, dumbed down, and trampled upon by the very ones entrusted to keep it sacred and whole. It may seem unnecessary to get on your knees for multiple hours each and every day, but, may I remind you that unless someone rises up and says, Lord, Im willing to travail, there are lives, promises, and spiritual realities that will not be born into our day and age. Effectual, fervent prayer is how God changes this world and bestows upon it the beauty, grace and power that He purchased at the cross."

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