[Once In A While, Life Gives You A Chance To Measure Your Worth. Sometimes You're Called Upon To Make A Split-second Decision To Do The Right Thing, Defining Which Way Your Life Will Go. These Are The Decisions That Make You Who You Are.]

Author: Perry Moore Quotes

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RJ Scott Quotes

"I saw you flirting and sharing with those girls out there, and Im telling you now, I dont share. No one else gets to see this. No one else gets to touch it. No one else gets to taste it. Just me."

Gretchen Reynolds Quotes

"There was no girls cross-country team at our high school, since cross-country courses were two or three miles long, and, at that distance, a girls uterus could fall out."

Perry Chen Quotes

"Kickstarter has been such a heads-down thing."

George Anson Quotes

"Thus was this expedition finished...after having, by its event, strongly evinced this important truth; that though prudence, intrepidity and perseverence united are not exempted from the blows of adverse fortune, yet in a long series of transactions they usually rise superior to its power, and in the end rarely fail of proving successful.Voyage Around The World, 1751"

Leah Rae Miller Quotes

"This is Louisiana, we dont have basements because of the water level."

AH Amin Quotes

"Good and evil has no passport; it speaks in different tongues, wears many skins, and exists everywhere, even in the same person"

Richard Chevenix Trench Quotes

"... for you will never, I trust, disconnect what you may yourselves be learning from the hope and prospect of being enabled thereby to teach others more effectually. If you do, and your studies in this way become a selfish thing, if you are content to leave them barren of all profit to others, of this you may be sure, that in the end they will prove not less barren of profit to yourselves. In one noble line Chaucer has characterized the true scholar:- "And gladly would he learn and gladly teach." Resolve that in the spirit of this line you will work and live."

Bill Bryson Quotes

"In three minutes, 98 percent of all the matter there is or will ever be has been produced. We have a universe"

Annette Bening Quotes

"Right now, I love the fact that I have so many opportunities, but I know this privileged position cannot last. That doesnt mean that Ill stop working. I picture myself as an old actress doing cameos in films with people saying: Isnt that that Bening woman?"

Barbara Kipfer Quotes

"Everything we do tells something about us."

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Quotes About Adam

"Poema à boca fechada Não direi: Que o silêncio me sufoca e amordaça. Calado estou, calado ficarei, Pois que a língua que falo é de outra raça. Palavras consumidas se acumulam, Se represam, cisterna de águas mortas, Ácidas mágoas em limos transformadas, Vaza de fundo em que há raízes tortas. Não direi: Que nem sequer o esforço de as dizer merecem, Palavras que não digam quanto sei Neste retiro em que me não conhecem. Nem só lodos se arrastam, nem só lamas, Nem só animais bóiam, mortos, medos, Túrgidos frutos em cachos se entrelaçam No negro poço de onde sobem dedos. Só direi, Crispadamente recolhido e mudo, Que quem se cala quando me calei Não poderá morrer sem dizer tudo." - Author: José Saramago

Quotes About Included

"We must change life, the poet [Rimbaud] had written, and so the Situationists set out to transform everyday life in the modern world through a comprehensive program that included above all else the construction of situations -- defined in 1958 as moments of life concretely and deliberately constructed by the collective organization of a unitary ambiance and a play of events -- but that also necessary entailed the supersession of philosophy, the realization of art, the abolition of politics, and the fall of the spectacle-commodity economy." - Author: Tom McDonough

Quotes About Missiles

"It is most gratifying," it said, "that your enthusiasm for our planet continues unabated, and so we would like to assure you that the guided missiles currently converging with your ship are part of a special service we extend to all of our most enthusiastic clients, and the fully armed nuclear warheads are of course merely a courtesy detail. We look forward to your custom in future lives ... thank you." - Author: Douglas Adams

Quotes About Consume

"You cant eat beauty, it doesnt feed you...beauty was not a thing that I could acquire or consume, it was something that I just had to be. You cant rely on how you look to sustain you. What actually sustains us, what is fundamentally beautiful, is compassion--for yourself and for those around you. That kind of beauty inflames the heart and enchants the soul." - Author: Lupita Nyong o

Quotes About Taxidermist

"Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist." - Author: Camille Paglia

Quotes About Indicio

"—¿No opina usted que el uso de guardaespaldas es indicio de que hay algo podrido en el gobierno?" - Author: Jorge Ibargüengoitia

Quotes About Famous Trusts

"Poor human reason, when it trusts in itself, substitutes the strangest absurdities for the highest divine concepts." - Author: John Chrysostom

Quotes About Dedication To School

"All students enter law school with a certain amount of idealism and desire to serve the public, but after three years of brutal competition we care for nothing but the right job with the right firm where we can make partner in seven years and earn big bucks." - Author: John Grisham

Quotes About Turkish Army

"Ataturk sent several Turkish staff officers to Afghanistan, helped them build their own army." - Author: Bulent Ecevit

Quotes About Cream Rising To The Top

"To bestow on your fellow men is a Godlike attribute--So indeed it is and as such not one fit for mortality;--the giver, like Adam and Prometheus, must pay the penalty of rising above his nature by being the martyr of his own excellence." - Author: Mary Shelley