[Once You Discover That You Can, Then You Must. And It's Not Easy. You Have To Take Direct Steps. You Really Have To Count Your Blessings And You Have To Make A Decided Effort To Not Get Seduced By The Blues.]

Author: Al Jarreau Quotes

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"An interesting contrast between the geology of the present day and that of half a century ago, is presented by the complete emancipation of the modern geologist from the controlling and perverting influence of theology, all-powerful at the earlier date. As the geologist of my young days wrote, he had one eye upon fact, and the other on Genesis; at present, he wisely keeps both eyes on fact, and ignores the pentateuchal mythology altogether. The publication of the Principles of Geology brought upon its illustrious author a period of social ostracism; the instruction given to our children is based upon those principles. Whewell had the courage to attack Lyells fundamental assumption (which surely is a dictate of common sense) that we ought to exhaust known causes before seeking for the explanation of geological phenomena in causes of which we have no experience."

Phil Silvers Quotes

"Stanley Kramer? Spencer Tracy? No one turns down being in a movie with them."

William Mapother Quotes

"Ive made a number of independent films that didnt receive theatrical distribution, that a lot of people havent heard of, and as a result, Ive conditioned myself to go into small independent films with the expectation that they will not, and therefore, I have to find my reward elsewhere."

Victoria Steele Logue Quotes

"But frost, like the crystallized dreams of autumn, began to coat the clearing with its sugar glaze."

Harryette Mullen Quotes

"I regret to say Imunable to reply to your unexpressed desires."

Claudio Bogantes Zamora Quotes

"Esta es una buena imagen suya que nos quedó muy grabada en la memoria: la imagen de alguien que nunca le tuvo miedo a la vida, y es por eso que le sacó tanto provecho; es por eso, que a mis ojos, su vida se coronó con tantos éxitos."

Susan Vaught Quotes

"Avoiding life, avoiding making any concrete plans for your life--thats just one way youre pretending you can keep bad things from happening to you again."

Shane Carruth Quotes

"All I know is that as an audience member, I am less and less inclined to go to the theater."

Steve Vernon Quotes

"My first jailbreak began when a coarse-toothed mechanics file crashed through the window of the Deeper Harbour PoliceStation at two in the morning. The file bounced three or four times before clattering to a halt among a scatter of shattered glass. The file spun a little and came to rest, like a compass needle pointing somewhere far off the edge of the map. Looking back from right here and right now I believe I would like to start this story right then—three days after I had just turned fourteen—spending my birthday in jail. - SINKING DEEPER"

Geoffrey Boycott Quotes

"He was a top man and a good professional. He was one of those who you know will never play a trick and you can ask him to do anything for you and he will. An unassuming man and a great loss to us all."

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"Ive had many failures in terms of technological... business... and even research failures. I really believe that entrepreneurship is about being able to face failure, manage failure and succeed after failing." - Author: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

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"My inspirations include the Beatles - love, love, love them - Elton John, Carole King, and Stevie Wonder." - Author: Gloria Estefan

Quotes About Not Judging

"(Sadie)"Im not judging you, Dylan. I love vampire movies. If I looked surprised it was only because its so different from your TV work, thats all."His shoulders relaxed a notch. "Sorry. Olly gives me a lot of shit for selling out. He doesnt get that no one is ever going to make his movie about two old men on a fishing trip. Or, even if they do, no one is every going to go see it." - Author: Sarah Mayberry

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"My high-school coach Tony Reginelli was kind of famous for Reggie-isms, kind of like Yogi-isms. He always said if you want to be a good quarterback, when sprinting left you want to be amphibious and throw left-handed. I told him, You mean ambidextrous, coach?" - Author: Peyton Manning

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"Nico then leaned into Katty, and kissed her. He kissed her with every ounce of Vampire strength, pressing his lips forward into hers, feeling her slight breath and her soft lips touch against his with the heat of a hot fire. He kissed her while holding her face close to his, his fingers spreading against the width of her delicate cheeks. Katty closed her eyes and took the kiss all in, feeling such a kiss make her feel so dizzy, so weak. So lightheaded. It was as if she was being kissed for the very first time. It was a kiss that took all her resistance away, all her fear, but gave her an existence that she never possibly knew. Within a few moments, Nico pulled away, unleashing the kiss from its endurance." - Author: Keira D. Skye

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"New Labour leader Ed Miliband announces plan to make this party slightly less unelectable by 2015. He added: I am Ed, the Almighty One.Defeated brother David Miliband overheard muttering: Now I know how Wayne Christ felt after little Jesus came along." - Author: Andy Zaltzman

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"He wasnt a carrier of commitment-phobia or other notable boy diseases and he used expensive moisturizer. Thats about all it takes to bang my gong." - Author: Diablo Cody

Quotes About One Word Responses

"The ‘healthy sign, for Barthes, is one which draws attention to its own arbitrariness—which does not try to palm itself off as ‘natural but which, in the very moment of conveying a meaning, communicates something of its own relative, artificial status as well. …Signs which pass themselves off as natural, which offer themselves as the only conceivable way of viewing the world, are by that token authoritarian and ideological. It is one of the functions of ideology to ‘naturalize social reality, to make it seem as innocent and unchangeable as Nature itself. Ideology seeks to convert culture into Nature, and the ‘natural sign is one of its weapons. Saluting a flag, or agreeing that Western democracy represents the true meaning of the word ‘freedom, become the most obvious, spontaneous responses in the world. Ideology, in this sense, is a kind of contemporary mythology, a realm which has purged itself of ambiguity and alternative possibility." - Author: Terry Eagleton

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"THE ABANDONED VALLEYCan you understand being alone so longyou would go out in the middle of the nightand put a bucket into the wellso you could feel something down theretug at the other end of the rope?" - Author: Jack Gilbert

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"But I want people to understand that pokers not all glamorous, its not all being on TV and making tons of money. Its a hard life. Its a lot of travel. Its a lot of weird hours." - Author: Chris Moneymaker