[Once You Know The Romance Languages, Singing In Those Languages Is So Sexy And Sensual. I Do Have A Global Audience, So Why Not?]

Author: Gloria Estefan Quotes

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Stephen Cohen Quotes

"But critics of the war have no reason to regret their views."

Thayer David Quotes

"I think I have between twenty and thirty commercials playing at present."

Sol Stein Quotes

"In our not-yet-acknowledged secret garden lie the seeds of some of our best not-yet-written stories"

Seyi Ayoola Quotes

"Life is like the clouds we see everyday.The dark,white patches and its mixtures.These are what we see and experience everyday."

Shabrina Ws Quotes

"Tak ada yang lebih menakutkan, daripada kehilangan keberanian"

John Belushi Quotes

"Its all false pressure; you put the heat on yourself, you get it from the networks and record companies and movie studios. You put more pressure on yourself to make everything that much harder."

Michael Mosley Quotes

"As far as the Mad Men thing, I love Mad Men. Its one of my favorite shows; I think its an amazing series."

Hazel Scott Quotes

"Theres a time when you have to explain to your children why theyre born, and its a marvelous thing if you know the reason by then."

Sharon Maas Quotes

"He simply could not write a further word. Writers block, he thought. It happens to the most brilliant of writers."

Timothy Keller Quotes

"It (idolatry) means turning a good thing into an ultimate thing."

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"If the distinction is not held too rigidly nor pressed too far, it is interesting to think of Shakespeares chief works as either love dramas or power dramas, or a combination of the two. In his Histories, the poet handles the power problem primarily, the love interest being decidedly incidental. In the Comedies, it is the other way around, overwhelmingly in the lighter ones, distinctly in the graver ones, except in Troilus and Cressida--hardly comedy at all--where without full integration something like a balance is maintained. In the Tragedies both interests are important, but Othello is decidedly a love drama and Macbeth as clearly a power drama, while in Hamlet and King Lear the two interests often alternate rather than blend." - Author: Harold Clarke Goddard

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"I should understand the land, not as a commodity, an inert fact to be taken for granted, but as an ultimate value, enduring and alive, useful and beautiful and mysterious and formidable and comforting, beneficent and terribly demanding, worthy of the best of mans attention and care... [My father] insisted that I learn to do the hand labor that the land required, knowing--and saying again and again--that the ability to do such work is the source of a confidence and an independence of character that can come no other way, not by money, not by education." - Author: Wendell Berry

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"Its not information overload. Its filter failure." - Author: Clay Shirky

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"What Im very upset about is the attempt to dictate to museums what they show, and the statements made by politicians in Washington that have curtailed the freedom of the National Endowment for the Arts. The attention to those issues is deflected by the spin of my supposedly having trivialized the Holocaust." - Author: Hans Haacke

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"How desperate she had been for a storybook ending, and a life to which Gaia would always want to return; because her daughters departure was hurtling towards Kay like a meteorite, and she foresaw the loss of Gaia as a calamity that would shatter her world." - Author: J.K. Rowling

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"I have friends. I want more from you than that. Im a selfish guy, Jane. If I cant be your lover, if I cant have all of you, then I dont want anything." - Author: Rachel Gibson

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"Men-kind shared this world for but a blink, then, sadly, they became enlightened, found science and religion. The new world of men left little room for magic or the magical creatures of old. Earths first children were driven into the shadows by flame and cold iron, by mans insatiable need of conquest." - Author: Brom

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"When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So what the hell, leap." - Author: Cynthia Heimel

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"The first expert said he had attention deficit disorder. The second expert said the first was out of order. One said he was autistic, another that he was artistic. One said he had Tourettes syndrome. One said he had Aspergers syndrome. And one said the problem was that his parents had Munchausen syndrome. Still another said all he needed was a good old-fashioned spanking." - Author: Pseudonymous Bosch

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"Learning never stops till the very end of lifes existence from whoever and at whatever time or situations." - Author: Santosh Kalwar