[One Day I Discovered That One Could Get The Barrier To Internal Rotation In Ethane Approximately Right Using This Method. This Was The Beginning Of My Work On Organic Molecules.]

Author: Roald Hoffmann Quotes

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Jess Winfield Quotes

"Shakespeare, in some sense, helped create the modern man, didnt he, his influence is that pervasive. He held the mirror up to nature, but he also created that mirror: so the image he created is the very one we hold ourselves up to."

S Bear Bergman Quotes

"So please, for the love of gender- go bloom. Or water someone else while they do."

Sigmar Polke Quotes

"There has to be an element of risk-taking for me in my work."

Emma Juslin Quotes

"Isä ja äiti tekevät lapsia maailmaan josta eivät enää saa käsitystä ja jota eivät pysty ymmärtämään, heillä ei ole tarpeeksi järkeä tyytyäkseen toisiinsa, ainoaan mitä heillä on, rakkauteen jota kerran oli, olen varma että sitä joskus oli."

Obert Skye Quotes

"Listen, Clover said. Dont worry about not being able to come back, Ive lived both places, and trust me, you wont be getting the short end of the stick if you end up in Foo. I mean, candy alone..."

John Osborne Quotes

"To be as vehement as he is is to be almost non-committal."

Gerald Massey Quotes

"Not by appointment do we meet delight Or joy; they heed not our expectancy; But round some corner of the streets of life they of a sudden greet us with a smile."

Wayne Rooney Quotes

"I love football, Ive never really taken an interest in anything else."

Ian McMillan Quotes

" Id Better Not--A man leaned over to a man in a pubAnd said in a voice‘I used to be thirty seven but now Im fifty one.And thats how the years go.In handfuls.Like somebody is almost at the end of a bag of crispsAnd they tip the bag upAnd its as though theyre drinking crisps.Thats how the years go."

William Hope Hodgson Quotes

"There had stood a great house in the centre of the gardens, where now was left only that fragment of ruin. This house had been empty for a great while; years before his—the ancient mans—birth. It was a place shunned by the people of the village, as it had been shunned by their fathers before them. There were many things said about it, and all were of evil. No one ever went near it, either by day or night. In the village it was a synonym of all that is unholy and dreadful."

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"Having been unpopular in high school is not just cause for book publications." - Author: Frances Ann Lebowitz

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"International lending banks need to focus on areas where private investment doesnt go, such as infrastructure projects, education and poverty relief." - Author: Joseph Stiglitz

Quotes About Medicus

"A greater subject fitteth Faustus wit: Bid Economy10 farewell, and11 Galen come, Seeing, Ubi desinit philosophus, ibi incipit medicus: Be a physician, Faustus; heap up gold, And be eternizd for some wondrous cure: Summum bonum medicinae sanitas, The end of physic is our bodys health." - Author: Christopher Marlowe

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"Therefore there was no doubt in Salas mind that Sok then was a rival for Anousaks affection, and what better way to get rid of any possible rivals than through execution! Not only would this be a test of Anousaks unfailing loyalty to the party, Sala sedately thought, but also of his love towards me." - Author: Andrew James Pritchard

Quotes About Hamlet And Ophelia

"If I have to do battle with you a thousand times to prove my point, Ill do it.The queen unwisely asked, But to prove what point, my dear Hamlet?That I loved Ophelia! Fifty thousand brothers, with all the love they can summon, would not equal my love for here. Ophelia, Ophelia." - Author: John Marsden

Quotes About Great Superheroes

"We love WWII because the cause was so obviously just, because you cant be a good person and say you wouldnt fight against an evil like that. It was so black and white on our side, and on our side so few died. (Our side meaning the lantern-jawed John Wayne Greatest Generation constantly canonized soldiers who strode in late to the graveyard that was Europe. Compared to Jewish, Russian, Roma, and other casualties, our losses were minimal.) We felt so strong. In some ways I think were always trying to recapture that feeling of being a country of superheroes. With every war we invoke that one, we hope it will be that good. -from her blog" - Author: Catherynne M. Valente

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"The guys in Kiss use some make up too so at first it was exiting. Ive almost stopped using make-up nowadays." - Author: Ville Valo

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"I wrote my graduate thesis at New York University on hard-boiled fiction from the 1930s and 1940s, so, for about two years, I read nothing but Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, James Cain and Chester Himes. I developed such a love for this kind of writing." - Author: Megan Abbott

Quotes About Dragging Your Feet

"Because that was the problem, really, wasnt it, with being human? You couldnt just be, couldnt just live and exist without dragging your feet through the mud. You had to communicate, congregate, collaborate, cohabiate. You had to corroborate. Copulate. You had to co-this, co-that, co—bloody-everything, and if you werent co-operating you were operating with the co, which was a declaration less of independence than of relativity. You could only really exist in relation to others." - Author: Deborah Copaken Kogan

Quotes About Girl Xbox

"You need a boyfriend." Well sure, who doesnt need a boyfriend? But ealistically, those exotic creatures are hard to come by. At least a quality one. I go to an all- girls school, and meaning no disrespect to my sapphic sisters, but I have no interest in nding a romantic companion there. The rare boy creatures I do meet who arent either related to me or who arent gay are usually too at ached to their Xboxes to notice me, or their idea of how a teenage girl should look and act comes directly from the pages of Maxim magazine or from the tarty look of a video game character." - Author: Rachel Cohn