[One Man's Nonsense Is Another Man's Sense.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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Kal Penn Quotes

"Cable news is more titillating to talk about whos up and whos down and all that nonsense as opposed to whats actually done."

Cal Thomas Quotes

"People who relieve others of their money with guns are called robbers. It does not alter the immorality of the act when the income transfer is carried out by government."

Peter Kazmaier Quotes

"Our early success, blessing that it was, made us complacent and we werent sufficiently afraid of what came next. Sometimes having a little fear early saves one from experiencing a big fear later on. [Al Gleeson in THE HALCYON DISLOCATION]"

Thomas Carper Quotes

"Clean air is a basic right. The responsibility to ensure that falls to Congress and the president."

Marcus Samuelsson Quotes

"I am many different things, and that is why I am so proud to be American."

Charles Shaughnessy Quotes

"Soaps are great. You learn to work very fast - some say superficially, but thats not really true. You do some very serious character work. Ive never had any feelings about a stigma attached to it, and nowadays there seems to be less snobbery about what you do. More and more big names are doing TV and commercials and voiceovers."

Martin Heidegger Quotes

"To make of "the truth" a goddess amounts to turning the mere notion of something, namely the concept of the essence of truth, into a "personality."

Karen Witemeyer Quotes

"He unlaced his arms and took a step forward. "You hurt?""Not badly." She tried to smile, but her lips only curved on one side. "My main problem is that Im stuck to a cactus."(...)"Howd you manage to get tangled up with a cactus?" J.T. crouched beside her and started extricating her from the prickly plant."Well, believe it or not, I was on my way to apologize to you when a prairie-dog hole jumped up and grabbed my shoe heel."

Billy Sherwood Quotes

"You know, I am just a musician and I have no idea these days what good and bad is in terms of labels."

Jody Day Quotes

"Wisdom is precious because of the price we pay for it."

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Quotes About Shodo

"In Japan, a number of time-honored everyday activities (such as making tea, arranging flowers, and writing) have traditionally been deeply examined by their proponents. Students study how to make tea, perform martial arts, or write with a brush in the most skillful way possible to express themselves with maximum efficiency and minimum strain. Through this efficient, adroit, and creative performance, they arrive at art. But if they continue to delve even more deeply into their art, they discover principles that are truly universal, principles relating to life itself. Then, the art of brush writing becomes shodo—the "Way of the brush"—while the art of arranging flowers is elevated to the status of kado—the "Way of flowers." Through these Ways or Do forms, the Japanese have sought to realize the Way of living itself. They have approached the universal through the particular." - Author: H.E. Davey

Quotes About Being Single And Happy

"Be proud of being a woman; proud of everything that comes in the package - including the mood swings of pms, the frustration of periods, the labour pains, everything. Along with the pms comes deeper understanding of yourself, your weaknesses and chance to improve upon, along with periods comes on the other side the ability to conceive and labour pains culminate in something lot wonderful.Celebrate womanhood every single day! We are special, a God-made package filled so much with love, caring, understanding and patience that I am sure even He must have felt proud after having created.Spread love. Happy Womens Day." - Author: Arti Honrao

Quotes About Recognizing Beauty

"...A mother is the one who fills your heart in the first place. She teaches you the nature of happiness: what is the right amount, what is too much, and the kind that makes you want more of what is bad for you. A mother helps her baby flex her first feelings of pleasure. She teaches her when to later exercise restraint, or to take squealing joy in recognizing the fluttering leaves of the gingko tree, to sense a quieter but more profound satisfaction in chancing upon an everlasting pine. A mother enables you to realize that there are different levels of beauty and therein lie the sources of pleasure, some of which are popular and ordinary, and thus of brief value, and others of which are difficult and rare, and hence worth pursuing." - Author: Amy Tan

Quotes About Picture Beards

"I think that audio and video over the internet in the sense of teleconferencing and telephone calls. Maybe well actually have picture phone through your work station." - Author: Jon Postel

Quotes About Spice

"...the solitude was intoxicating. On my first night there I lay on my back on the sticky carpet for hours, in the murky orange pool of city glow coming through the window, smelling heady curry spices spiraling across the corridor and listening to two guys outside yelling at each other in Russian and someone practicing stormy flamboyant violin somewhere, and slowly realizing that there was not a single person in the world who could see me or ask me what I was doing or tell me to do anything else, and I felt as if at any moment the bedsit might detach itself from the buildings like a luminous soap bubble and drift off into the night, bobbing gently above the rooftops and the river and the stars." - Author: Tana French

Quotes About Blowing Bubbles

"One of my own stray childhood fears had been to wonder what a whale might feel like had it been born and bred in captivity, then released into the wild-into its ancestral sea-its limited world instantly blowing up when cast into the unknowable depths, seeing strange fish and tasting new waters, not even having a concept of depth, not knowing the language of any whale pods it might meet. It was my fear of a world that would expand suddenly, violently, and without rules or laws: bubbles and seaweed and storms and frightening volumes of dark blue that never end" - Author: Douglas Coupland

Quotes About Flashing Lights

"Holding a large object aloft, she went after him, and the fellow ran. Then something struck the back of Ruperts head. The world went black with flashing lights. The ground opened up under his feet, and down he went." - Author: Loretta Chase

Quotes About Fighting Odds

"She came by..... I couldnt help but look...only to look and she smiled back!Wheeew, she blown me away,to realize i made her my goal from the hands of the man he have at present....A family of her own i never want to destroy laid on the line.... a story was made, a secret was solemnly shared by two...Oh i loved her and she loved me too.... most of the time she got scared, i got scared too..for fighting aginst the odds and she stayed back...i stood up to break....flew just to fall....only to realize a love i have no control of and no one can......i am not to bid goodbye ...I cant ...only to keep a love unrequited like mine." - Author: Bob Villarosa

Quotes About Self Mastery

"The mastery of nature is vainly believed to be an adequate substitute for self mastery." - Author: Reinhold Niebuhr

Quotes About Jerks At Work

"Something occurred to me, and I sat up to face him. "Earlier, I asked you if you brought the guitar everywhere," I said, "and you got kind of wierd. Why? Its not like youre one of those jerks who always has a guitar but cant actually play it." "Dont you know?" "No." He grinned. "Everyone knows that the whole point of learning guitar is to impress girls. You cant just say, sorry, Id love to show off, but I forgot my guitar at home, can you?" Now it was my turn to laugh. "I guess not." "So now you know my secret," he said. "Did it work?" I pretended to think about it. "Yeah, it worked." - Author: Alicia Thompson