[ONE MORE CHNCE. Words That My Mother Heard, More Than Once. Words That Women Debate. Whether You CAN Forgive And Whether You SHOULD Trust. I Think Of All The Judgment From Society, Friends, And Family, The Overwhelming Consensus Seeming To Be That You Should Not Grant Someone Who Betrayed You A Second Chance. That You Should Do Everything You Can To Keep The Knife Out Of Your Back, And To Protect Your Heart And Pride. Cowards Give Second Chances. Fools Give Second Chances. And I Am No Coward, No Fool.]

Author: Emily Giffin Quotes

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"The thirst to know and understand, a large and liberal discontent."

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"Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality."

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"When Grandma read me:Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,Humpty Dumpty had a great fall . . .I neverknewthatHumptysfallwassomethingthatsomedaycomestousall."

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"The war had made some into libertines and some into serious, sober men."

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"A good story should provoke discussion, debate, argument...and the occasional bar fight."

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"When we lift our hands in praise and worship, we break spiritual jars of perfume over Jesus. The fragrance of our praise fills the whole earth and touches the heart of God."

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"Is there no easy way to taking this dress off you? Am I going to have to rip it off?"

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"Each of us has a call on our lives. This call says, ‘Its time to get your act together, then take it on the road. This call says, ‘Put on your traveling shoes so that you can be of use to others... so that you can wear your soul on the outside, light the way for others, and pass it on."

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"Because really, what do you have to lose? Your life? Thats no big deal, I promise you. When you find out you might die, youre finally allowed to live like you never have before. If you lose your life while living the shit out of it, then youve done the best you could, and you shouldnt worry about death. When youre dead, you cant screw up. But while youre here, all you have are a few things to call your own. You have your integrity, your family, and your hope for the future. These are important and you should keep them somewhere safe where youll remember them."

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"Bahwa cinta adlh prsoalan busaha u/ mncintai. Bahwa cinta bknlah gejolak hati yg dtg sendiri melihat paras ayu/janggut rapi. Bahwa sbgmana cinta kpd Allah yg tak serta merta mengisi hati kita. Karena cinta mmg hrs diupayakan. Karena cinta adlh kata kerja. Lakukanlah krja jiwa & raga u/ mencintainya. Kerjakan cinta yg ku-maksud agar kau temukan cinta yg kau-maksudkan. Karena cinta adlh kata kerja. Cinta-mata airnya adlh niat baik dr hati yg tulus. Alirannya adlh kerja yg terus menerus."

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