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Author: Linus Torvalds Quotes

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Craig Jones Quotes

"Maloney looked around my room and nodded like he approved of the extravagance surrounding him: the inch-thick carpet with its diamond designs, the half moon flock of the wallpaper, and the antique furniture, polished to a museum quality shine. The two goons he brought with him flanked the door, equally impressed, I could tell by their dropped jaws and roving, wanton eyes. One of them set a briefcase on the floor beside him. Finally Maloneys eyes found me, and his expression turned from amazement to shock."I didnt expect you to be--""A Vampire?" I asked, feeling the touch of a smile form on my lips."

Dale Dauten Quotes

"Its called a pen. Its like a printer, hooked straight to my brain."

Henry Kravis Quotes

"I love the ability to work with very good managers, and to provide the right incentives for them, and truly become a partner with that management, and make that management take a long view."

Russell Wilson Quotes

"I believed that I could go to the Super Bowl and win multiple Super Bowls and do all of those things. I believe in that every day."

Muse En Lystrala Quotes

"I am who I need to be at this precise moment; this is my journey."

Martine McCutcheon Quotes

"Im a Taurean, so Im very passionate and determined and materialistic. Down the years, Ive spent a lot of money and saved a bit of money and had a lot of fun."

Tig Notaro Quotes

"As a kid, I loved Paula Poundstone and Richard Pryor. But my mother was a huge influence on my comedy."

Wolfgang Petersen Quotes

"We like Batman - we understand him, we suffer with him. On the other hand, we want to be Superman. But theyre conflicting philosophies. Lets bring them together in one movie and see how we, as an audience, wrestle with our inner demons."

Bruce Paltrow Quotes

"Its a prizefight. Get off the stool, take your beating, go back to your corner, rest, and take a beating again. Believe in your own talent. Marry well."

Terence Paul Winter Quotes

"This is not one of your fictions where people bleed ink."

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Quotes About Austen

"In Jane Austen it was the critical faculty that would not be quieted; and that faculty in her, played on men and women." - Author: Mary Lascelles

Quotes About Heartbreak Tripod

"When trees burn, they leave the smell of heartbreak in the air." - Author: Jodi Thomas

Quotes About Barely

"By the Angel, this place is barely better than a penny gaff," Gideon said. "Gabriel, dont look at anything unless I tell you its all right." - Author: Cassandra Clare

Quotes About Sas

"Loan me your lace of yellow, sisterLend me your fine kid glovesTonight is the bridal ball, sisterTonight Ill meet my lovePresent me a sash of blue, sisterGift me a ribbon of whiteMy love awaits me below, sisterI am a bride tonight" - Author: Shannon Hale

Quotes About Staying Fierce

"Theres only one hopeful chord in this cacophony, and its this girl Im following. I know I could tell her to get a cab—I have a feeling she can more than afford it—but I like the idea of leaving with her and staying with her. She says good-bye to the club manager as we reach the door and are released onto the street. The sidewalk is full of smokers, talking or posing their way to ash. I get the nod from a couple of people I vaguely know. Ordinarily if I left with two hot girls, thered also be some looks of admiration. Maybe its because of the clear anger between Norah and Caroline, or maybe its because they all think Im gay—whatever the case, I get no more congratulations than a cabdriver does for picking up a fare." - Author: David Levithan

Quotes About Idiot Guys

"Youre awfully confident for someone the size of a flea bite."Robin almost laughed at the insult Kael muttered.Michaela did laugh. "I know, but Ive got a few tricks up my sleeve if someone decides to get frisky." She made some idiotic motions with her hands and feet that Robin assumed were supposed to be some form of martial arts but looked more like a squirrel having seizures. "Take that, bad guys!"Robin couldnt stop himself from patting her on the head. "Youre cute."She wagged her finger in the air. "And lethal. Dont forget lethal." She waved toward the elevator. "And here we are." - Author: Dana Marie Bell

Quotes About Mexican Culture

"When you were talking about the caste system, I was thinking about how Mexicans still have to come to terms with this in our own culture. We spoke earlier about the castas paintings that were made during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Mexico. The Spanish, establishing a form of racial apartheid, delineate the fifty-three categories of racial mixtures between Africans, Indians, and the Spanish. And they have names, like tiente en el aire, which means stain in the air; and salta otras, which means jump back; or mulatto, a word that comes from mula, the unnatural mating between the horse and the donkey. "Sambo" is now a racial epithet in the US, but it was first used as one of the fifty-three racial categories in the castas paintings." - Author: Amalia Mesa Bains

Quotes About Motorcycle Accidents

"I followed a girl I met in Japan to Los Angeles and ended up working in a motorcycle store. I quit the job one night, went to a party in the Hollywood Hills and ended up yelling at a bunch of people. Someone saw me yelling and asked me to be in a play. The first night, there was an agent in the audience who took me on and sent me out for jobs." - Author: Norman Reedus

Quotes About Being Vaccinated

"I was perplexed by the failure of teachers at school to address what seemed the most urgent matter of all: the bewildering, stomach-churning insecurity of being alive. The standard subjects of history, geography, mathematics, and English seemed perversely designed to ignore the questions that really mattered. As soon as I had some inkling of what philosophy meant, I was puzzled as to why we were not taught it. And my skepticism about religion only grew as I failed to see what the vicars and priests I encountered gained from their faith. They struck me either as insincere, pious, and aloof or just bumblingly good-natured. (p. 10)" - Author: Stephen Batchelor

Quotes About Nervous Love

"Forgive me, madam," he said lightly, amused, "but waiting to make love to you again is straining my nerves." She scoffed but she was quite shaken; he could see it in her expression, in the way she nervously toyed with the buttons on her pelisse."How awfully presumptuous of you to think Id let you.""You will," he insisted soothingly.She gaped at him."Please continue," he urged. "Im aching to hear the rest.""Youre as arrogant as usual.""You missed it, though.""I absolutely did not," she asserted.He grinned. "You missed my arrogance almost as much as I missed your impudence, little one.""Thats absurd.""I love you, Caroline," he softly, quickly replied, catching her off guard with such tenderness. "Move on before I decide Im finished with this conversation, rip off your clothes, and show you how much." - Author: Adele Ashworth