[Our Annual January Get-together Was A Long-running Tradition, Going Back To The First Year Of Our Marriage. The Truth, Even Though He Denies This, Is That The First Party Was An Attempt By James To Prove To His Friends That I Wasn't As Bad A Choice Of A Mate As I Seemed. Richmond And Ramsey—and Others, Most Likely—had Warned James That A Big-mouthed, Hot-tempered Woman Like Me Could Never Be Properly Tamed. But James Was Determined To Show Them That I Could, On Occasion, Be As Domestic And Wifely As Any Other Woman. I Suspect He's Still Trying To Convince Them.]

Author: Edward Kelsey Moore Quotes

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"I never told a victim story about my imprisonment. Instead, I told a transformation story - about how prison changed my outlook, about how I saw that communication, truth, and trust are at the heart of power."

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"‎He decided quite suddenly, having kept fairly good record on the calendar, that tomorrow was Christmas Eve, and zombies be damned. The Christmas lights were going up."

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"Love sustains us in our challenges, in our search for truth, in our quest for happiness."

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"We dont come to Canada for our health. We can think of other ways of enjoying ourselves."

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"Whoever interrupts the conversation of others to make a display of his fund of knowledge, makes notorious his own stock of ignorance."

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"I notice that students, particularly for gay students, its too easy to write about my last trick or something. Its not very interesting to the reader."

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"Underneath this little stoneLies Robert Earl of Huntington;No other archer was so good -And people called him Robin Hood.Such outlaws as he and his menWill England never see again."

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"If were going to be smart, we cant be stupid…!"

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"Is this Jimmy Redstone?" the male voice at the other end of the line inquired. I couldnt identify the voice. I didnt recognize the number and the used car salesman tone didnt do anything to reduce my annoyance at being interrupted during breakfast. "Who the hell you think would be answering his phone?" I snarled."

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"when the life gives you lemon, simply sell them and buy something sweet like chocolate"

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"I know who I am and can deal with the use of Indian mascots... But I know it can be demeaning to a group of people. Maybe it would be all right if they were truly honoring the people and are giving due respect to the people they are representing." - Author: Leonard Little

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"At the Theatre: To the Lady Behind MeDear Madam, you have seen this play;I never saw it till today.You know the details of the plot,But, let me tell you, I do not.The author seeks to keep from meThe murderers identity,And you are not a friend of hisIf you keep shouting who it is.The actors in their funny wayHave several funny things to say,But they do not amuse me moreIf you have said them just before;The merit of the drama lies,I understand, in some surprise;But the surprise must now be smallSince you have just foretold it all.The lady you have brought with youIs, I infer, a half-wit too,But I can understand the pieceWithout assistance from your niece.In short, foul woman, it would suitMe just as well if you were mute;In fact, to make my meaning plain,I trust you will not speak again.And—may I add one human touch?—Dont breathe upon my neck so much." - Author: A.P. Herbert

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"Elections only happen in two ways," Reyna said. "Either the legion raises someone on a shield after a major success on the battlefield-and we havent had any major battles-or we hold a ballot on the evening of June 24, at the Feast of Fortuna. Thats in five days."Percy frowned. "You have a feast for tuna?" - Author: Rick Riordan

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"The only thing--I tell you this straight from the heart--that disgusts me in Salzburg is that one cant have any proper social intercourse with those people--and that music does not have a better reputation...For I assure you, without travel, at least for people from the arts and sciences, one is a miserable creature!...A man of mediocre talents always remains mediocre, may he travel or not--but a man of superior talents, which I cannot deny myself to have without being blasphemous, becomes--bad, if he always stays in the same place. If the archbishop would trust me, I would soon make his music famous; that is surely true." - Author: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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"We installed something Dean called "the persistence drill," which tested their stamina: they had to make consecutive full-court layups for two straight minutes—and if they missed, start over. On the defensive end, they had to make seven straight defensive stops before they could get off the floor." - Author: Pat Summitt

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"Who are you, Martin Eden? he demanded of himself in the looking- glass, that night when he got back to his room. He gazed at himself long and curiously. Who are you? What are you? Where do you belong? You belong by rights to girls like Lizzie Connolly. You belong with the legions of toil, with all that is low, and vulgar, and unbeautiful. You belong with the oxen and the drudges, in dirty surroundings among smells and stenches. There are the stale vegetables now. Those potatoes are rotting. Smell them, damn you, smell them. And yet you dare to open the books, to listen to beautiful music, to learn to love beautiful paintings, to speak good English, to think thoughts that none of your own kind thinks, to tear yourself away from the oxen and the Lizzie Connollys and to love a pale spirit of a woman who is a million miles beyond you and who lives in the stars! Who are you? and what are you? damn you! And are you going to make good?" - Author: Jack London

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"Youll know if youre a famous composer if 20 years from now your name appears on a pull-down menu in Band in a Box, alongside Hans Zimmer." - Author: Cliff Martinez

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