[Our Dreams Are Little Stories Or Puzzles That We Must Solve To Be Free, Sebastian Said. He Was Reading Out Loud From Wilson's Notebook. My Dream Is Me Offering Me A Solution To The Conundrum Of My Life. My Dream Is Me Offering Me Something That I Need And My Responsibility To Myself Is To Try To Understand What It Means. Our Dreams Are A Thin Curtain Between Survival And Extinction.]

Author: Miriam Toews Quotes

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Jean Cocteau Quotes

"I am burning myself up and will always do so."

Emily Saliers Quotes

"So what is love then is it dictated or chosen (handed down and made by hand)Does it sing like the hymns of a thousand yearsOr is it just pop emotion (handed down and made by hand)And if it ever was there and it leftDoes it mean it was never trueAnd to exist it must eludeIs that why I think these things of you?"

Aloe Blacc Quotes

"Americas biggest export is media and I think thats a positive thing."

Anna Jean Ouellette Quotes

"Why would you waste a second of your life, when thats one less second you get to live?"

Kerrie OConnor Quotes

"Then Dad started going on about the complex geological formations in this part of the coast until Mum told him to shut up. But she was smiling when she said it. Lucy liked that."

Simon J Townley Quotes

"Its a mind, it works by metaphor."

Lisa Tuttle Quotes

"It was the feel of it, the love of it, not the thought: it was instinct and reflex and knowing the wind, and Maris was the wind."

Steven Amsterdam Quotes

"Nursing demands vigilance about people. The sights and smells that a patient offers, their movements and their offhand comments all contribute crucial information to understanding what they need. Training and experience heighten ones ability to see what needs to be seen."

M Yeats Quotes

"Just do it. Now."

Neha Tariq Quotes

"If you care too much about a person you will loose your importance in his life"

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"Me. A bad boy. For eating boiled peanuts in the graveyard. Go figure." - Author: Nicholas Sparks

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"In the end, it seems to me that forgiveness may be the only realistic antidote we are offered in love, to combat the inescapable disappointments of intimacy. We humans come into this world—as Aristophanes so beautifully explained—feeling as though we have been sawed in half, desperate to find somebody who will recognize us and repair us. (Or re-pair us.) Desire is the severed umbilicus that is always with us, always bleeding and wanting and longing for flawless union." - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

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"The inventions and the great discoveries have opened up whole continents to reciprocal communication and interchange, provided we are willing." - Author: Alva Myrdal

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"When we talk today about receptiveness to stories, we tend to contrast that attitude to one governed by reason - we talk about freeing ourselves from the shackles of the rational mind and that sort of thing - but no belief was more central to Lewiss mind than the belief that it is eminently, fully rational to be responsive to the enchanting power of stories." - Author: Alan Jacobs

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"I would advocate that chocolate be covered by health insurance, but that is admittedly a very French public policy perspective." - Author: Mireille Guiliano

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"Eusebius strongly challenges believers of all times on their approach to the events of history and of the Church in particular. He also challenges us: what is our attitude with regard to the Churchs experiences? Is it the attitude of those who are interested in it merely out of curiosity, or even in search of something sensational or shocking at all costs? Or is it an attitude full of love and open to the mystery of those who know - through faith - that they can trace in the history of the Church those signs of Gods love and the great works of salvation wrought by him?" - Author: Pope Benedict XVI

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"She had so much love to give - she had always felt that - and now there was somebody to whom she could give this love, and that, she knew, was good; for that is what redeems us, that is what makes our pain and sorrow bearable - this giving of love to others, this sharing of the heart." - Author: Alexander McCall Smith

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"He rode out in the dark long before daylight and he rode the sun up and he rode it down again. In the oncoming years a terrible drought struck west Texas. He moved on. There was no work in that country anywhere. Pasture gates stood open and sand drifted in the roads and after a few years it was rare to see stock of any kind and he rode on. Days of the world. Years of the world. Till he was old." - Author: Cormac McCarthy

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"A final word. Curious. Many years of reading many books has led me to a somewhat bizarre literary critical theory, namely that all significant texts are distinguished by the preponderance of a single word. In Alices adventures in Wonderland that word is ‘curious (In The Brothers Karamazov its ‘ecstasy, but that neednt concern us here.) The word ‘curious appears so frequently in Carrolls text that it becomes a kind of tocsin awakening us from our reverie. But it isnt the strangeness of Alices Wonderland that it reminds us of-its the bizarre incomprehensibility of our own." - Author: Will Self