[Our First Kiss Was There On The Bridge In The Woods. How Do You Describe A First Kiss? It Is Like Trying To Hold Water In Your Hands. There Is An Ancient Chinese Proverb That Compares Kissing To Drinking Salted Water. "You Drink, And Your Thirst Increases," It Says. Time, I'm Sure, Passed By, But We Remained Unavailable For Comment.]

Author: Kirstie Collins Brote Quotes

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Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

"Boxing is always serious."

Mel Bossa Quotes

"OReilly, happiness does eventually come, it just needs a lot of foreplay, thats all."And what better lover could happiness find?"

Martin Henry Fischer Quotes

"Half of the modern drugs could well be thrown out of the window, except that the birds might eat them."

Matthias B Krause Quotes

"Jetzt habe ich es kapiert: Es geht nicht um Fortschritt. Es geht nicht um eine Erfahrung. Nein. Es geht in jedem einzelnen Moment einfach nur darum, in genau diesem Moment das Richtige zu tun."

Christopher Dodd Quotes

"Firefighters are indispensable foot soldiers here at home."

Stephan Quotes

"Awesome ends with me; but Ugly starts with u..."

Alan M Dershowitz Quotes

"I learned at that time, for an absolute certainty, that I did not believe in an intervening God, since I did not spend one second praying or trying to make a deal with God."

Mary DeTurris Poust Quotes

"We are always hungry and never satisfied because we dont trust and wont risk. Can we reach a place where we are satisfied with just enough? You are enough. You have enough. Do not worry about tomorrow. God will provide in our lives just as God provides in the Eucharist."

Sandra Rodriguez Barron Quotes

"This is the one who will find us. Hes the one who will lead them all back to me someday. Hes the explorer. El curioso."

Ian Hutton Quotes

"That has never been the question.The question has never been to see,how to turn good luck into misfortune,but how to let good luck be."

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Quotes About Wanting Alone Time

"[O]ne has to have endured a few decades before wanting, let alone needing, to embark on the project of recovering lost life. And I think it may be possible to review the chronicles of wasted time. William Morris wrote in The Dream of John Ball that men fight for things and then lose the battle, only to win it again in a shape and form that they had not expected, and then be compelled again to defend it under another name. We are all of us very good at self-persuasion and I strive to be alert to its traps, but a version of what Hegel called the cunning of history is a parallel commentary that I fight to keep alive in my mind." - Author: Christopher Hitchens

Quotes About Anime Art

"Is the beauty of the Whole really enhanced by our agony? And is the Whole really beautiful? And what is beauty? Throughout all his existence man has been striving to hear the music of the spheres, and has seemed to himself once and again to catch some phrase of it, or even a hint of the whole form of it. Yet he can never be sure that he has truly heard it, nor even that there is any such perfect music at all to be heard. Inevitably so, for if it exists, it is not for him in his littleness. But one thing is certain. Man himself, at the very least, is music, a brave theme that makes music also of its vast accompaniment, its matrix of storms and stars. Man himself in his degree is eternally a beauty in the eternal form of things. It is very good to have been man. And so we may go forward together with laughter in our hearts, and peace, thankful for the past, and for our own courage. For we shall make after all a fair conclusion to this brief music that is man." - Author: Olaf Stapledon

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"My sons the most precious thing to me; hes changed me from being selfish to selfless." - Author: Ricardo Antonio Chavira

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"When the poet Paul Valery once asked Albert Einstein if he kept a notebook to record his ideas, Einstein looked at him with mild but genuine surprise. "Oh, thats not necessary," he replied . "Its so seldom I have one." - Author: Bill Bryson

Quotes About Chain Links

"I have so often been asked the question: "But how did you come to think of The Scarlet Pimpernel?" And my answer has always been: "It was Gods will that I should." And to you moderns, who perhaps do not believe as I do, I will say, "In the chain of my life, there were so many links, all of which tended towards bringing me to the fulfillment of my destiny." - Author: Emmuska Orczy

Quotes About Quimera

"Él, que ya tenía edad para no andar corriendo detrás de quimeras, lo que le dolía, como les sucede siempre a los ingenuos, era eso mismo, su ingenuidad." - Author: José Saramago

Quotes About Living With Dyslexia

"I dont like to generalize but Ive had nothing but bad experiences with Mexican food in Europe." - Author: Ezra Koenig

Quotes About Universal Love

"Love, in the universal sense, is unconditional acceptance. In the individual sense, the one-on-one sense, try this: we can say we love each other if my life is better because youre in it and your life is better because Im in it. The intensity of the love is weighted by how much better." - Author: Chris Crutcher

Quotes About Polarized

"But nirvana is a radical transformation of how it feels to be alive: it feels as if everything were myself, or as if everything---including "my" thoughts and actions---were happening of itself. There are still efforts, choices, and decisions, but not the sense that "I make them"; they arise of themselves in relation to circumstances. This is therefore to feel life, not as an encounter between subject and object, but as a polarized field where the contest of opposites has become the play of opposites." - Author: Alan Wilson Watts

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"You thought since we were the ones left over wed magically become a couple? How storybook--three sets of perfectly matched couples, right? Like that ever happens. This isnt some romance novel." - Author: Alice Clayton