[Our Greatest Challenge Today...is To Couple Conviction With Doubt. By Conviction, I Mean Some Pragmatically Developed Faith, Trust, Or Centeredness; And By Doubt I Mean Openness To The Ongoing Changeability, Mystery, And Fallibility Of The Conviction.]

Author: Kirk J. Schneider Quotes

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Jennifer Armintrout Quotes

"What?" I whined, and tried to push his hands away.He cursed and gripped me tighter. "Wake up!" he yelled. When I didnt, he slapped my cheek.My eyes flew open and I sputtered in shock. "What? Just let me go back to sleep!""I cant! Youve lost a lot of blood. If you go to sleep, youll die."

Jon Voight Quotes

"Its grown into a personal relationship, yeah. Im crazy about Jerry. I think hes a unique character."

M Clarke Quotes

"I dont ever pray, but Im praying now. If God could just give me you, Ill never ask for anything else. Please come back to me. Weve only just begun. We can get through this. Were not broken…this can be fixed. Ill fix it for us."

Tone Loc Quotes

"I mean Ill be retired from rap, so what Ill be doin in rap will be for fun."

Lily Nicksay Quotes

"I sailed around Europe and lived with the Karen tribe in Thailand for a month."

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"You just sort of let them go for a while, but it was time to have something done to my teeth. Im glad. Its going to be good. Tom Cruise has braces now, too. Im right in style."

Justin Jordan Quotes

"The key to the Hercules Method is to focus your mind, body and spirit towards one goal. By bringing all three into alignment, the physical enthusiast can bring all of them under conscious control. Such control is the key to change."

John Ellis Quotes

"Your dispatch is received, and if genuine, which its extraordinary character leads me to doubt, I have to say in reply that I regard the levy of troops made by the administration for the purpose of subjugating the states of the South, as in violation of the Constitution, and as a gross usurpation of power. I can be no party to this wicked violation of the laws of the country, and to this war upon the liberties of a free people. You can get no troops from North Carolina."

Sandra Shamas Quotes

"Finding peace and happiness is a journey you need to take, there is no quick fix"

Sadey Quinn Quotes

"Here," I said, shoving the board into his hands. He started laughing."WHAT are you laughing at?!" I demanded irritably."Well, its just that… thats going to hurt a bit, my dear. Go on, bend over. Ill demonstrate."

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"If you can swing it, getting arrested is the high point of the Fourth of July. Also, the reading of the Declaration of Independence is exciting. (Yes, the Declaration was written two years after Essex is officially set. No, this doesnt stop us.) […] Essex stayed open late that night, for the holiday. Our patriotism cannot be constrained by an eight-hour workday." - Author: Leila Sales

Quotes About Makers

"We reap what we sow. We are the makers of our own fate.The wind is blowing; those vessels whose sails are unfurledcatch it, and go forward on their way, but those which havetheir sails furled do not catch the wind. Is that the fault ofthe wind?....... We make our own destiny." - Author: Swami Vivekananda

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"Oh, dont lie, Harry," she said impatiently. "Ron and Ginny say youve been hiding from everyone since you got back from St. Mungos.""They do, do they?" said Harry, glaring at Ron and Ginny. Ron looked down at his feet but Ginny seemed quite unabashed."Well, you have!" she said. "And you wont look at any of us!""Its you lot who wont look at me!" said Harry angrily."Maybe youre taking it in turns to look and keep missing each other," suggested Hermione, the corners of her mouth twitching." - Author: J.K. Rowling

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"In the industry, you do need some ethics - if one film does well, then thousands get work and money comes back to the industry. I guess the bottomline is, if there are two versions, then the better one will click." - Author: Ajay Devgan

Quotes About 71

"The most disappointing thing this week is that Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan, because he was the intellectual leader of the Republican Party. Because Paul Ryan decided to join Mitt Romneys ticket, he is completely reversed himself on some of the issues he has been very strong on, like the $716 billion in savings that are in two of his budgets." - Author: Stephanie Cutter

Quotes About Seizing Opportunity

"Libraries really are the gates to the future. So it is unfortunate that, round the world, we observe local authorities seizing the opportunity to close libraries as an easy way to save money, without realising that they are stealing from the future to pay for today. They are closing the gates that should be open." - Author: Neil Gaiman

Quotes About Demon Possession

"Let me get back to the fact that the universe speaks to us constantly. And this little puppy barks loudly. Guard this with your life because in the right hands, it is your life and your death. Youve bled in this book, and it is the most personal of possessions youll ever have. A master wizard, witch, upper-level demon, or any number of other entities can use it to control or destroy you. In fact, guard every possession you have. Every stray hair. Every particle of skin and clothing. Let no one near anything you have ever owned or will own. Youre special, kid. In ways you cant conceive, and you will have to guard your back every second you want to keep breathing." – Death "Arent you just Mary Sunshine?" – Nick" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Visual Culture

"I really want to do a book on the history of the no-wave music scene in New York, how it extended out and formed lots of other things. It was such a great visual culture." - Author: Thurston Moore

Quotes About Mr Bennet

"Mr Bennet sat taciturn, staring at his magazine and waiting for the invention of television." - Author: William Codpiece Thwackery

Quotes About How You Want To Be With Him

"We have talked about Suzy and about her last days, but its as if our lives stopped then and there. If I say anything to him about feeling lonesome, he goes outside and does some little chore. I cant tell if he is secretly blaming me, or himself, or just too full of pain to talk. That was the one thing we could always do together. I wish for the old days. I wish for the struggling days and the days of Geronimo, and the days of birthing Charlie with no one but Jack to help me. How happy and in love we were then. I want to be in love again, but all I feel is darkness and shadows. Everything is changed and different" - Author: Nancy E. Turner