[Our Lack Of Community Is Intensely Painful. A TV Talk Show Is Not Community. A Couple Of Hours In A Church Pew Each Sabbath Is Not Community. A Multinational Corporation Is Neither A Human Nor A Community, And In The Sweatshops, Defiled Agribusiness Fields, Genetic Mutation Labs, Ecological Dead Zones, The Inhumanity Is Showing. Without Genuine Spiritual Community, Life Becomes A Struggle So Lonely And Grim That Even Hillary Clinton Has Admitted "it Takes A Village".]

Author: David James Duncan Quotes

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Countee Cullen Quotes

"I was reared in the conservative atmosphere of a Methodist parsonage."

Paul Coelho Quotes

"Denn alle Menschen haben immer genaue Vorstellungen davon, wie wir unser Leben am besten zu leben haben. Doch nie wissen sie selber, wie sie ihr eigenes Leben am besten anpacken sollen."

Ryan Hurst Quotes

"Bikers, in general, have just been so attractive to people. Photographers would follow them because theres this weird warrior gravitas that comes with it. The bikes are loud, they have tattoos, they have artwork that they all wear on their jackets."

Scott Dixon Quotes

"Im sure there will be business ventures and things down the road, but I definitely dont want to be a team owner."

DJ Taylor Quotes

"Spring had come finally and after much hesitation, to Lincolns Inn Fields and there were daffodils out upon the green grass and gilly-flowers blooming in the window-boxes of the ground floor sets. This being Lincolns Inn, where an air of general severity prevails, they did so with an unconscionable meekness, as if they feared that some legal eminence- Mr Crabbe perhaps- would descend in wrath from his chambers and present them with a writ for unlicensed blossoming or occupying too great a proportion of space."

Don Vittorio C Villasin Quotes

"Ang mga sagot ngayoy baon-baon mo na sa kung saan ka man papunta. Sa paglisan mo ngayon, hindi ka na talaga babalik. Babalik ka man sa aking isip, nakaapak pa rin ako sa lupa kung saan bawat buhos ng ulan ay magsisimula akong mangarap muli. Ako na lang, mag-isa."

Julian Barnes Quotes

"I would have to go back into my past and deal with Adrian. My philosopher friend, who gazed on life and decided that any responsible, thinking individual should have the right to reject this gift that had never been asked for - and whose noble gesture re-emphasised with each passing decade the compromise and littleness that most lives consist of. Most lives: my life."

Dennis Rodman Quotes

"They didnt have a problem with me being wild and crazy when it came time to fill the arenas."

Gregory David Roberts Quotes

"The voice, Afghan matchmakers say, is more than half of love."

Angel Phetheni Quotes

"Honey is not always sweet. So is life"

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"Max.God, but she was stubborn. And tough. And closed in. Closed off. Except whenshe was holding Angel, or ruffling the Gasmans hair, or pushing somethingcloser to Iggys hand so he could find it easily without knowing anyone hadhelped him. Or when she was trying to untangle Nudges mane of hair.Or-sometimes-when she was looking at Fang.He shifted on the hard ground, a half-dozen flashes of memory cyclingthrough his brain. Max looking at him and laughing. Max leaping off a cliff,snapping out her wings, flying off, so incredibly powerful and graceful thatit took his breath away.Max punching someones lights out, her face like stone.Max kissing that weiner Sam on Annes front porch.Gritting his teeth, Fang rolled onto his side.Max kissing him on the beach, after Ari had kicked Fangs butt.Just now, her mouth soft under his.He wished she were here, if not next to him, then somewhere in the cave, sohe could hear her breathing.It was going to be hard to sleep without that tonight." - Author: James Patterson

Quotes About Missing Your Soulmate

"I started making some proper decisions, getting things in order. Its kind of like cleaning up your house. I was looking for direction for what God wanted me to do - and thats when I got a call about The Passion." - Author: Scott Stapp

Quotes About Wanting To Get Lost

"All our misery comes from wanting at all costs to go on being Tom, Dick, or Harry, year in, year out. This body of ours, this disguise put on my common jumping molecules, is in constant revolt against the abominable farce of having to endure. Our molecules, the dears, want to get lost in the universe as fast as they can! It makes them miserable to be nothing but "us," the jerks of infinity. Wed burst if we had the courage, day after day we come very close to it. The atomic torture we love so is locked up inside us by our pride." - Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline

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"Bishop was all done with the witty converstaion. "Will you swear?"And Myrnin said, shockingly, "I will." And he proceeded to, a string of swearwords that made Claire blink. He ended with, "--frothy fool-born apple-john! Cheater of vandals and defiler of dead dogs!" and did another twirl and bow. He looked up with a red, red grin that was more like a leer. "Is that what you meant, my lord?" - Author: Rachel Caine

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"The year you spent " - Author: Chuck Klosterman

Quotes About Agribusiness

"Corn is at the core of modern agribusiness, the most important food crop in North America. In no other crop are the values of modern commercial agribusiness as thoroughly embedded. There is nothing we can do that is ultimately subversive - there is no act of gardening that is so profound a rebellion, there is no act of eating that is so potent a blow for food quality and food system sanity - as to take back the corn crop in our own backyards, and grow, breed, eat, and save seed of corn based upon an entirely different set of values." - Author: Carol Deppe

Quotes About Falsehood

"It should be pointed out that certain correlative concepts retain their meaning, and possibly their foremost significance, if they are referred exclusively to man. One might, for example, speak of an unforgettable life or moment even if all men had forgotten it. If the nature of such a life or moment required that it be unforgotten, that predicate would not imply a falsehood but merely a claim not fulfilled by men, and probably also refer to a realm in which it is fulfilled: Gods remembrance." - Author: Walter Benjamin

Quotes About Husbands Who Dont Care

"Heads of warring nations could learn a lot about how to achieve lasting peace by watching dogs and cats who live in the same house." - Author: Blaize Clement

Quotes About Cup Of Tea

"The tea ceremony requires years of training and practice ... yet the whole of this art, as to its detail, signifies no more than the making and serving of a cup of tea. The supremely important matter is that the act be performed in the most perfect, most polite, most graceful, most charming manner possible." - Author: Lafcadio Hearn

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"I couldnt stop myself from exploding, but I could at least learn to contain the fallout." - Author: Maggie Stiefvater