[Our Life Is A Series Of Moments. Let Them All Go. Moments. All Gathering Towards This One.]

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Paul Marsden Quotes

"Business is all about solving peoples problems - at a profit."

Christian Marclay Quotes

"You start with an idea but then so many things can happen."

Pierre Auguste Renoir Quotes

"When Ive painted a womans bottom so that I want to touch it, then [the painting] is finished."

Shmuel HaNagid Quotes

"You Whod be Wise" from "Ben Mishle" written sometime between 1013 and 1050 C.E.You whod be wiseshould inquire into the nature of justice and evilfrom your teachers,seekers like yourself, and the studentswho question your answer."

Wisdom Kavi Quotes

"You are blessed today not because God loves you most but, God just want to bless someone through you. so just be careful you might probably be holding onto someones blessings. Remember you are just servant/messenger of God."

Augusto Lunel Quotes

"Soy lo único que me queda de tí"

Gustav Fechner Quotes

"Man lives on earth not once, but three times: the first stage of his life is his continual sleep; the second, sleeping and waking by turns; the third, waking forever."

Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Quotes

"Saudi Arabia has also changed. People today are connecting with each other all across the world through small gadgets and television. Its a different society."

Diana Hunter Quotes

"a man who uses a woman for his own sexual gratification, but belittles her into thinking she is no good in bed, is not a dominant personality, but a submissive one."

Karen E Quinones Miller Quotes

"I honestly cant believe how people can think they can do dirt and not get dirty. And for those slinging mud ...take a look at your hands."

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Quotes About Anand

"I admit,I was afraidto love.Not just love,but to love her.For she was a stunningmystery. She carried thingsdeep inside her that no onehas yet to understand,and I,I was afraid to fail,like the others.She was the oceanand i was just a boywho loved the wavesbut was completelyterrified toswim." - Author: Christopher Poindexter

Quotes About Chocolate Mousse

"For the next few minutes, there was a thorough rehashing of the courses (That meat was delicious. The sauce was perfect. And ooh that chocolate mousse.) This was a social nicety that seemed more prevalent the higher you climbed the social ladder and the less your hostess cooked." - Author: Amor Towles

Quotes About Working

"One thing I noticed working in the Bronx is that leaders come in the craziest places. They dont always show up at community board meetings. Sometimes its just the guys on the corner that the boys on the block respect." - Author: Majora Carter

Quotes About U S Constitution

"What the Founding Fathers created in the Constitution is the most magnificent government on the face of the Earth, and the reason is this: because it was intended to preserve the American society and the American spirit, not to transform it or destroy it." - Author: Mark Levin

Quotes About Pancake Tuesday

"In the midst of a bitter dispute, the husband or wife picks up a ringing telephone and is suddenly all smiles: "Oh, hi. Yes, it would be great to have lunch. No problem, Tuesday would be fine. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that you didnt get the job. You must feel so disappointed," and so on." - Author: John M. Gottman

Quotes About Billionaires

"As a former lifelong Republican, it pains me to tell you that todays Republicans - and their standard-bearers, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan - just arent up to the task. Theyre beholden to my way or the highway bullies, indebted to billionaires who bankroll ads and allergic to the very idea of compromise." - Author: Charlie Crist

Quotes About Wallace

"Presidents dont make new friends. Thats why theyve got to keep their old ones." Adm. Fitzwallace" - Author: Aaron Sorkin

Quotes About Handling Anger

"Monday, June 9: People think they know you. They think they know how youre handling a situation. But the truth is no one knows. No one knows what happens after you leave them, when youre lying in bed or sitting over your breakfast alone and all you want to do is cry or scream. They dont know whats going on inside your head--the mind-numbing cocktail of anger and sadness and guilt. This isnt their fault. They just dont know. And so they pretend and they say youre doing great when youre really not. And this makes everyone feel better. Everybody but you." - Author: William H. Woodwell Jr.

Quotes About Singing Badly

"Trust me Miki. Nothing cures heartache faster than a bunch of girls singing pop songs badly at the top of thier lungs." - Author: Mark Crilley

Quotes About Complicaciones

"Cuando somos jóvenes somos una jungla de complicaciones. Nos simplificamos a medida que envejecemos." - Author: Graham Greene