[Our Two Peoples Are Sworn Enemies," He Whispered. "You Would Not Do It.""Call Me Your Enemy No More," Jan Bade Him, Drawing Nearer. "I Grow Weary Of Our Being Enemies. The Scars Your Talons Left Upon My Back This Autumn Past Are Old Scars Now, Long Healed. Time To Heal This Ancient Rift Between Our Peoples As Well.]

Author: Meredith Ann Pierce Quotes

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"I am one of the 11.5% of New Yorkers who remain traumatized by the events of September 11."

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"The way we do things is to begin."

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"While I do commend the Administration on its commitment and focus on high school reform, I believe that we must focus on graduation as the key accountability measure."

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"Me, we.Muhammad ali"

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"one can even kill a cow in self defence...."

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"What I have said is that I think the federal government and we as a society have come too far in trying to separate good organizations that perform good functions for people just based on the fact one has a religious association and one doesnt."

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"I like to cook, but mostly Greek. When I am confused or tired, I think about what I can cook. It takes you away from everything, as you are thinking only of your dish."

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