[Outside, With Labor Day Having Come And Gone, Summer Is Fighting A Dying Battle Against The Fall Air. The Leaves Are Hanging Perilously On The Trees, Knowing Full Well They're Going To Make The Plunge, Clinging On As If They Stand A Chance Not To. The Garbage Smell That Has Wafted Around Us For The Better Part Of August Is Dissipating, Ushered Out With The Humidity, And In Its Place A Briskness Is Filtering In, Like Something You'd Smell From A Bottle Of Tide.]

Author: Allison Winn Scotch Quotes

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"Everybody has to look after their own economy and follow the rules."

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"I always say that you should remake flops, not hits."

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"Man cannot change a single law of nature, but can put himself into such relations to natural laws that he can profit by them"..."

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"[The] persevering steadiness of my mother, her belief in seeing things through, and her great ability to love and learn, listen and change, helped keep me alive through all the years of pain and nightmare that were to come. She could not have known how difficult it would be to deal with madness; had no preparation for what to do with madness--none of us did--but consistent with her ability to love, and her native will, she handled it with empathy and intelligence. It never occurred to her to give up."

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"The tales of pure terror, of course, are completely naturalistic in their content, and must stand or fall by their merit alone. But what about the supernatural stories? Can we, the children of a scientific age, give any credence to these medleys of devils, ghosts, and other psychical invasions? There is only one answer: we can and do. We are dealing with stories, not with scientific dissertations. And if, as stories, they have the ring of truth, well believe them, as stories, implicitly.("Introduction")"

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"The corners of Brees mouth were tilted up into a huge grin. It was her Ive just seen a super duper hot guy grin.Hot?" Raine asked, already knowing the answer.Bree nodded. "Hell to the yeah!"Like, Alex Pettyfer hot?"Dude, he puts Alex Pettyfer to shame!"

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"My mum loves cats so I took her to see the lion cubs which at about a year old are actually quite big. She wasnt scared at all and went straight over and kissed one on the mouth! She thought they were just like her pets at home."

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"In a society in which equality is a fact, not merely a word, words of racial or sexual assault and humiliation will be nonsense syllables."

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"Anything that I read, I read because Im interested in it."

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"God is shaking me."

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