[Parenting Has Nothing To Do With Perfection. Perfection Isn't Even The Goal, Not For Us, Not For Our Children. Learning Together To Live Well In An Imperfect World, Loving Each Other Despite Or Even Because Of Our Imperfections, And Growing As Humans While We Grow Our Little Humans, Those Are The Goals Of Gentle Parenting. So Don't Ask Yourself At The End Of The Day If You Did Everything Right. Ask Yourself What You Learned And How Well You Loved, Then Grow From Your Answer. That Is Perfect Parenting.]

Author: L.R. Knost Quotes

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"Were not exactly heavenly angels. More like prison inmates with wings."

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"We have all been expelled from the Garden, but the ones who suffer most in exile are those who are still permitted to dream of perfection."

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"I do stay busy. I like new challenges."

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"If saving the worlds not enough, then nothing else is, either."

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"We feel sorry for the poor people who died, one soldier said. But how are we to know who is a terrorist and who isnt? said another. They mingle with the people, with the civilians, and we cannot question each one of them individually. It is either them or ourselves. But in war who has time for pity? We see our men blown up in landmines. The flesh has to be scraped off the Claymores. They are shot by snipers. Reprisals and massacres take place - are these happenings not inevitable in a time of war? Killings will go on. The civilians will always suffer."

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"An occupying power has no right to make significant alterations in the character of the occupied society, to change the laws all around, without a strong security reason and so forth."

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"If a bloke gave you a hundred quid for a book you can bet your life its his way, but if all the poor and suffering people raise their hats to you for writing it - thats different; it makes it worthwhile then."

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"You must really know how powerful you are—so power-filled its absolutely mind-boggling. Just like X-men, we just need to understand our powers, as humans, to be able to create consciously. We need a "Xavier" to direct it, sculpt it, and shed us from the world of living on accident. Im no Xavier but I am here to guide you on living on purpose..."

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