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Author: Rachel Perry Quotes

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Catherine Crowe Quotes

"The silence of a convent at night is the silence of the grave. Too far removed from the busy world without for external sounds to penetrate the thick walls, whilst within no slamming door, nor wandering foot, nor sacrilegious voice breaks in upon the stillness, the slightest noise strikes upon the ear with a fearful distinctness. ("The Monks Story")"

Elena Lavrentyeva Quotes

"Пользованию воздухом и светом много мешает дурная русская привычка нашего среднего и высшего класса - превращать ночь в день и обратно. Все цивилизованные народы живут иначе. Даже в таких беспутных городах, как Ницца, в 10, много в 11 часов, огни в увеселительных заведениях погашены, и весь город спит; у нас же, совестно сказать с 10 только начинается вечер!А. Безчинский "Путеводитель по Крыму"

Heather Nelson Quotes

"Never submit we are all equals"

Seyoung Kim Quotes

"We shouldve been different breeds. There can only be one lion in a small cage. Its not important if the other lion is sleeping or crouching in the corner. The only important thing is that...its a lion."

J Milton Hayes Quotes

"It is no use describing a house; the reader will fix the scene in some spot he knows himself."

Frank Herbert Quotes

"It was another of the essential ingredients that she felt her son needed: people with a goal. Such people would be easy to imbue with fervor and fanaticism. They could be wielded like a sword to win back Pauls place for him."

Mitch McConnell Quotes

"To put a trillion dollars in context, if you spend a million dollars every day since Jesus was born, you still wouldnt have spent a trillion."

Andy Goldsworthy Quotes

"As with all my work, whether its a leaf on a rock or ice on a rock, Im trying to get beneath the surface appearance of things. Working the surface of a stone is an attempt to understand the internal energy of the stone."

Kohta Hirano Quotes

"The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame."

Kate Elliott Quotes

"...because when beauty awes you, you must halt and try to catch your breath and your staggered heart."

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Quotes About Warm Hands

"A great empire cannot bring freedom by its own decay to those corners in it where a subject people are prevented from discussing the fundamentals of life. The people feel like children turned adrift to fend for themselves when the imperial routine breaks down; and they wander to and fro, given up to instinctive fears and antagonisms and exaltation until reason dares to take control. I had come to Yugoslavia to see what history meant in flesh and blood. I learned now that it might follow, because an empire passed, that a world full of strong men and women and rich food and heady wine might nevertheless seem like a shadow-show: that a man of every excellence might sit by a fire warming his hands in the vain hope of casting out a chill that lived not in the flesh." - Author: Rebecca West

Quotes About Nix

"MacRieve: You cant drop a line like that without unpacking it.Nix: Just did. You-Lame.MacRieve: Its MacRieve!" - Author: Kresley Cole

Quotes About Men

"Its really scary when you have a moment of temporary sanity." - Author: Nelson DeMille

Quotes About Cowardice And Love

"Every fall into love involves the triumph of hope over self-knowledge. We fall in love hoping we wont find in another what we know is in ourselves, all the cowardice, weakness, laziness, dishonesty, compromise, and stupidity. We throw a cordon of love around the chosen one and decide that everything within it will somehow be free of our faults. We locate inside another a perfection that eludes us within ourselves, and through our union with the beloved hope to maintain (against the evidence of all self-knowledge) a precarious faith in our species." - Author: Alain de Botton

Quotes About Iphone

"Everyone wants an iPhone, but it would be impossible to design an iPhone in China because its not a product; its an understanding of human nature." - Author: Ai Weiwei

Quotes About Contention

"But curb thou the high spirit in thy breast, for gentle ways are best, and keep aloof from sharp contentions." - Author: Homer

Quotes About Puffy

"One Christmas at the very beginning of your twenties when your mother gives you a warm coat that she saved for months to buy, dont look at her skeptically after she tells you she thought the coat was perfect for you. Dont hold it up and say its longer than you like your coats to be and too puffy and possibly even too warm. Your mother will be dead by spring. That coat will be the last gift she gave you. You will regret the small thing you didnt say for the rest of your life.Say thank you." - Author: Cheryl Strayed

Quotes About Pythagoras

"Philosophers and psychiatrists should explain why it is that we mathematicians are in the habit of systematically erasing our footsteps. Scientists have always looked askance at this strange habit of mathematicians, which has changed little from Pythagoras to our day." - Author: Gian Carlo Rota

Quotes About Empty Words

"Murphy watched me thoughtfully for several empty seconds. Then she said, very gently, "Youre a good man, Harry."I swallowed and bowed my head, made humble by the tone of her voice and the expression on her face, more than the words themselves.Not always rational," she said, smiling. "But youre the best kind of crazy." - Author: Jim Butcher

Quotes About Stage Design

"For me, I am still very happy to be able to do stage design as its an opportunity to express the extreme." - Author: Christian Lacroix