[Part Of Her Wanted To Comfort Him, To Tell Him Everything Was Going To Be Okay. But The Rest Of Her Just Wanted To Throw Him To The Ground And Rip Those Jeans Off Him. Funny How She Could Be So Jealous Of A Pair Of Pants. They Covered The Sinfully Male Body She Longed To Explore.]

Author: Rosalie Lario Quotes

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"She had seen what it cost him and her heart quickened with compassion. For that alone, she might have loved him almost."

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"Dont think needlessly, think wisely, and your thoughts will emit positive vibes through out you, and the Universe."

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"Crying is really bad for your vocal cords."

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"If you could do Moving Too Fast and Nobody Needs To Know really, really well, you kind of knew you would make it someday, somehow!"

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"Pero recordé que no estamos aquí porque nos guste, sino para aprender cosas, lo mismo que no se va a la escuela porque sea divertido, sino para ilustrarse; y ¿qué es la vida en la tierra sino una escuela?"

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"All good intellects have repeated, since Bacons time, that there can be no real knowledge but that which is based on observed facts. This is incontestable, in our present advanced stage; but, if we look back to the primitive stage of human knowledge, we shall see that it must have been otherwise then. If it is true that every theory must be based upon observed facts, it is equally true that facts cannot be observed without the guidance of some theory. Without such guidance, our facts would be desultory and fruitless; we could not retain them: for the most part we could not even perceive them."

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"If I let my self care, all I feel is pain."

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"Lumea trebuie s-o pătrunzi cu mintea, nu să o baţi cu picioarele! Prostul poate să meargă şi-n cap, că tot nu-i intră nimic în el... Doar mărăcini..."

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"Feast or famine. My plate is suddenly full."

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"The nation voted us to power to see unity and communal harmony, not for any division or communality."

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"Oh, no," Hope said. "Im not. No, I dont believe in all that, but its - well, its two things. One is my job, you know? In China? So Im all for that side of it, the war and so on; we really have to, you know, defeat those people. And the other is, uh, my husband. Hes from the Highlands and hes half native, as he puts it, and I dont know if you know what the people up there are like, but I swear if he even thought I was going to vote any other way hed walk out on me." - Author: Ken MacLeod

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"Blue, green, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous; that ocean is not silent." - Author: H. P. Lovecraft

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"When it comes to individual destiny, there is no power grater in the universe than the conviction of the human soul to make a choice." - Author: James Dashner

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"A mans body is like a circus. You can swing off his trapeze arms, lay your head on thighs like fresh-blown balloons while his cock performs tricks, soft to hard, a burst like a cannon if you treat him right." - Author: Bojan Veljanov

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"A critical element in nearly all effective social movements is leadership. For it is through smart, persistent, and authoritative leaders that a movement generates the appropriate concepts and language that captures the frustration, anger, or fear of the groups members and places responsibility where it is warranted." - Author: David E. Wilkins

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"Militarism has been by far the commonest cause of the breakdown of civilizations. The single art of war makes progress at the expense of all the arts of peace." - Author: Arnold Joseph Toynbee

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"There, on the soft sand, a few feet away from our elders, we would sprawl all morning, in a petrified paroxysm of desire, and take advantage of every blessed quirk in space and time to touch each other: her hand, half-hidden in the sand, would creep toward me, its slender brown fingers sleepwalking nearer and nearer; then, her opalescent knee would start on a long cautious journey; sometimes a chance rampart built by younger children granted us sufficient concealment to graze each others salty lips; these incomplete contacts drove our healthy and inexperienced young bodies to such a state of exasperation that not even the cold blue water, under which we still clawed at each other, could bring relief." - Author: Vladimir Nabokov

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"There is no more defiant denial of one mans ability to possess one woman exclusively than the prostitute who refuses to redeemed." - Author: Gail Sheehy

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"Edward glanced at me, then back at Olaf. "The Greeks believed that once there were no male and female, that all souls were one. Then the souls were torn apart, male and female. The Greeks thought that when you found the other half of your soul, your soul mate, that it would be your perfect lover. But I think if you find your other half, you would be too much alike to be lovers, but you would still be soul mates." - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton