[Partings Are The Beginnings Of New Meetings.Beginnings Happen Because There Are Endings.]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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John Steakley Quotes

"Can no one imagine an incompetent Legend?"

Matthew Rohrer Quotes

"Im charming andhandsome. They take my pen.I buy the poem from the gardenof bees for one euro. A touchon the arm. A mystery word.The sky has two faces.For reasons unaccountablemy hand trembles.In Roman times if they werehorrified of bees they kept it secret"

Ieyasu Tokugawa Quotes

"Forbearance is the root of quietness and assurance forever."

Deborah McKinlay Quotes

"Guilt is a feeble emotion. It surrenders too easily"

Linda De Coff Quotes

"Soon we shall discover that the temple of all humanity is nothing less that the Temple of the Living God!" ~ Chapter One, "The Awakening" ~ Discovering the Bliss of your True Divine Reality"

William George Armstrong Quotes

"However high we climb in the pursuit of knowledge we shall still see heights above us, and the more we extend our view, the more conscious we shall be of the immensity which lies beyond."

Pieter Swaenepoel Quotes

"manic depression is the result of the sum of repetitiveness in life and expecting a different result."

Laurie Penny Quotes

"This, however, is OKCupid, the vast, weird pink-and-blue toned jungle of the id masquerading as a dating site, where rare birds of modern romance flutter amongst the night-terrors of human loneliness and despair and the suspicious skin irritants of late-night hook-uppery."

Zac Efron Quotes

"A girl can tell I like her when I blush or start telling bad jokes."

Howell James Quotes

"Choose thy friends like thy books, few but choice"

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Quotes About Monogamy

"I think I held on for so long because I kept hearing that the alternative, monogamy, was oppressive." - Author: Fabian Romero

Quotes About Irenaeus

"The most authoritative accounts of a historical Jesus come from the four canonical Gospels of the Bible. Note that these Gospels did not come into the Bible as original and authoritative from the authors themselves, but rather from the influence of early church fathers, especially the most influential of them all: Irenaeus of Lyon who lived in the middle of the second century. Many heretical gospels existed by that time, but Irenaeus considered only some of them for mystical reasons. He claimed only four in number; according to Romer, like the four zones of the world, the four winds, the four divisions of mans estate, and the four forms of the first living creatures-- the lion of Mark, the calf of Luke, the man of Matthew, the eagle of John." - Author: Frank Butcher

Quotes About Songs And Friendship

"Literature is love. I think it went like this: drawings in the cave, sounds in the cave, songs in the cave, songs about us. Later, stories about us. Part of what we always did was have sex and fight about it and break each others hearts. I guess theres other kinds of love too. Great friendships. Working together. But poetry and novels are lists of our devotions. We love the feel of making the marks as the feelings are rising and falling. Living in literature and love is the best thing there is. Youre always home." - Author: Eileen Myles

Quotes About Alcohol

"You are dehydrated," I said. "The result of alcohol taken in excess. But that is the only way to take it. It is the only way to do a man any good." - Author: Robert Penn Warren

Quotes About Grantaire

"Long live the Republic! Im one of them."Grantaire had risen. The immense gleam of the whole combat which he had missed, and in which he had had no part, appeared in the brilliant glance of the transfigured drunken man.He repeated: "Long live the Republic!" crossed the room with a firm stride and placed himself in front of the guns beside Enjolras."Finish both of us at one blow," said he.And turning gently to Enjolras, he said to him:"Do you permit it?"Enjolras pressed his hand with a smile.This smile was not ended when the report resounded." - Author: Victor Hugo

Quotes About Arcadia

"Well, I have to say its mighty nice of them Daimons to clean up after themselves when you kill them. Its much better than slaying an Arcadian. (He held his hands up to them.) Look, Ma, no mess. (Fang)Does Fang have an off switch? (Talon)(Looking a bit apologetic, Vane shook his head no.)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Jun

"Oh, I love you, June, I really do. Its just that you sounded so...twat-ish just then." - Author: Red Tash

Quotes About Technology Being Bad

"It must make you feel nice and young to say that being a man means nothing and being a woman means nothing and what matters is being a...person. How about being a spider, Gwyn. Lets imagine youre a spider. Youre a spider, and youve just had your first serious date. Youre limping away from that now, and youre looking over your shoulder, and theres your girlfriend, eating one of your legs like a chicken drumstick. What would you say? I know. Youd say: I find I never think in terms of male spiders or in terms of female spiders. I find I always think in terms of...spiders" - Author: Martin Amis

Quotes About Red Sox Fans

"Red Sox fans have been pushed to the brink over the years, but thats how faith grows stronger." - Author: Julianna Baggott

Quotes About Surgery Fear

"surgery can help to remove a damaged organ but only meditation and quiet time can remove emotions like anger and fear to calm and soothe a disturbed mind" - Author: Teresa Spelman