[Patience Is The Deep Acceptance That Things Should Be Exactly As They Are. Most Times That's Easier Said Than Done." - L. R. W. Lee]

Author: L.R.W. Lee Quotes

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Ville Valo Quotes

"So basically, I think music at its best can be everything. It can be totally stupid and very intellectual and emotional at the same time. I dont think all those things shut each other out."

Peter V Brett Quotes

"You are my daughter. I would love you if you put out the sun."

Mizu Sahara Quotes

"It isnt that I didnt question why I spent all my days waiting"

Alice Braga Quotes

"I wanna work; I love so much making films; I hope I can do one after the other. Being on set is what makes me happy, so... The more I can, the better."

Kevin Sinnott Quotes

"I never said I liked coffee better than sex. I said Id had it more."

B Cameron Lee Quotes

"All my friends are in my books."

Liza M Wiemer Quotes

"The ultimate measure of a person is not her mistakes or accomplishments, but what she does with them."

Camilla Luddington Quotes

"Its not like I have the most perfect body in the world. Im a normal girl."

Sadie Gray Quotes

"Lets just stand still. Maybe whoever it is wont notice us. Its dark out anyway." Both boys knew it could just be someone from the local village but their hearts were starting to beat faster anyways. Who wound be out at this time of night? Suddenly, out from the darkness came a voice. "Ill get you you mangy little...." There was the sound of something flying through the air and then a plunk as it landed somewhere nearby. Lionel winced. The voice was female."

Jesse Lee Bennett Quotes

"Books are the compasses and telescopes and sextants and charts which other men have prepared to help us navigate the dangerous seas of human life."

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"Via the conduit of a wild dog pack, she has now made the ultimate Gift to her fellow Creatures, and has become part of Gods great dance of proteins." - Author: Margaret Atwood

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"My brethren, when God first began to love you, He gave you all that He ever meant to give you in the lump, and eternity of time is that in which He is retailing of it out." - Author: Thomas Goodwin

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"Tell me about our legal issues. And use small words. I dont like to think at this hour of the morning. It hurts."~Leo to Merripen" - Author: Lisa Kleypas

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"Family photo albums are so powerful in that they make kids feel valued, cherished and respected." - Author: Nancy ODell

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"I saw Richard Linklaters film Slacker for my twenty-first birthday. That was the moment when it all seemed possible. This guy gave me hope." - Author: Kevin Smith

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"The only clear expression of intellectual dissent from hydraulic despotism occurred in the southern half of the coastal lands of the eastern Mediterranean, called variously Canaan, Palestine, Israel, Judah, and today, Israel again. Here and in a satellite Jewish colony in Iraq, between 800 and 500 B.C., visionaries ("the Prophets") -- namely Amos, Ezekiel, Isaiah (at least two different writers writing under this name), and Jeremiah -- wrote elegant poems calling for social justice in the world and a freer, more open and humanitarian society." - Author: Norman F. Cantor

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"Silas talks about San Francisco, so avidly that I think hes trying to fill the air with words before it can be consumed with awkward silences. I dont know why I feel those silences lurking all around us, but every time Silas and I make eye contact, I can sense them there, waiting to slip in and make me blush. I try to avoid his eyes, stealing glances at his arched brows and bow-shaped lips whenever hes looking away." - Author: Jackson Pearce

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"Shut up, you fat water buffalo, rolling in the mud of other peoples lives, is what she wanted to say. But she bit her tongue and reminded herself of how Mrs. Mahmoud had held her hand through Abduls birth, which made her think that if she had found strength enough to push him out, she could hold her meanest comments in. At this moment, it seemed harder." - Author: Amy Waldman