[Patience Never Wants Wonder To Enter The House: Because Wonder Is A Wretched Guest. It Uses All Of You But Is Not Careful With What Is Most Fragile Or Irreplaceable. If It Breaks You, It Shrugs And Moves On. Without Asking, Wonder Often Brings Along Dubious Friends: Doubt, Jealousy, Greed. Together They Take Over; Rearrange The Furniture In Every One Of Your Rooms For Their Own Comfort. They Speak Odd Languages But Make No Attempt To Translate For You. They Cook Strange Meals In Your Heart That Leave Odd Tastes And Smells. When They Finally Go Are You Happy Or Miserable? Patience Is Always Left Holding The Broom.]

Author: Jonathan Carroll Quotes

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"With or without God, good decisions can be made; But only with God will great decisions be made."

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"The one ring road around the airfield is paved, but heavily rutted and potholed. Every few days a street-sweeper makes its way around, polishing the rutted surface with brushes and water."

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"Then he lets go and walks down the path, without another word. He doesnt look back. But I watch him go. I watch him all the way home."

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"Marco could not have known about the mystical effect of a full moon on cats and books left on their own in the library. Not until he saw the lines breathe, the words unveiled."

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"The future was something I had resolutely ignored. If didnt put my full attention to the day at hand, I was afraid that the impenetrable dark on the horizon would engulf me"

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"What, Where and how to get the knowledge is the knowledge itself."

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"I understand its my role to realize peoples dreams."

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"Marvelous! Very exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I cant wait to read more." (About the book Dominique Ick Lessont and the Dragon Knight)"

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"By chance we met, by choice we become friend"

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"Every day Id say I look different. Sometimes I look really formal, sometimes I love the classic Stella McCartney, Chloe Sevigny and Gwyneth Paltrow thing. Other days I like being rock star and wearing leather jackets and studs. I love wearing Burberry - its the perfect combination of formal and punky."

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"Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three." - Author: Stanley Wolpert

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"Becoming the beloved is pulling the truth revealed to me from above down into the ordinariness of what I am, in fact, thinking of, talking about and doing from hour to hour." - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen

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"The casino played a song of its own—slot machines dinging, chips clacking as the dealer passed them out to the players at the tables, and the chatter of people throwing down money with the hope of hitting it big. It was like a carnival for adults. A person could get lost for days in a place like this." - Author: Michelle Madow

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