[Pela Experiência única Que Propicia, O Amor é Eterno, Nunca Vai Deixar De Existir. Como O Livro, Que Nenhuma Versão Digital Pode Substituir. Nada Se Equipara Ao Prazer Do Livro Nas Mãos, Do Dedo Prendendo A Página Ou Deslizando Sobre A Frase Escrita No Papel. O Livro A Gente Dá E Recebe. Às Vezes Com Uma Dedicatória Inesquecível Que Faz Dele Um Exemplar Especial, único.]

Author: Betty Milan Quotes

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Fiona Paul Quotes

"Falco wagged her journal in front of her. "This is yours, I presume." A slow smile spread across his face. "Lets find out exactly what youve been doing, shall we?""Give it back!" Cass reached for the journal, but Falco easily dodged her. He opened the leather-bound book to a random page and cleared his throat. Clutching a hand to his chest, he pretended to read aloud in a high-pitched voice. "Oh, how I love the way his fingers explore my soft flesh. The way his eyes see into my very soul."This time, Cass managed to snatch the book out of his hands. "That is not what it says.""I guess that means you wont be keeping me warm tonight?"

Amalia Azizah Quotes

"I know it isnt right to put the blame easily on anyone. But, wont you feel sad if you know that those people are the reasons of your misery? Those people whom you never expected to be like this. But still, i hope that someday i will say "thanks to you i didnt get there so i can be as great and successful as i am right now"

Larry Kramer Quotes

"Gay life in 1970 was very bleak, compartmentalized. You didnt take it to work. You had to really lead a double life. There were bars, but you sort of snuck in and snuck out. Activism and gay pride simply didnt exist. I dont even think the word gay was in existence."

Chad Harbach Quotes

"...a soul isnt something a person is born with but something that must be built, by effort and error, study and love."

Kenneth Schwarz Quotes

"If breaking a habit has been hard for you to do, hard for you even to face, then a helping hand is in order."

Dick Wolf Quotes

"There are other options out there, after all, like read a book, go on the Internet, rent a movie."

Doug Pedersen Quotes

"Chances multiply when you take them."

John Phillips Quotes

"Its been a great adventure, everything I hoped for. But its time to go home. I miss my family. I miss the Earth."

PJ Parker Quotes

"I have created something and let it loose upon the world. Whether it was my right to do so or not, I cannot say. At times I am filled with love for my creation. At others I am filled with regret and horror. But it is done. It has been created."

Barbara Cutie Cooper Quotes

"Dear Abby has had her day, now its my turn!"

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Quotes About Further

"I dont think the process was successful and should be inspected closer. I am not afraid to say I am not familiar with the entire process, so before commenting further I would have to study the process more in depth." - Author: Vincent Frank

Quotes About Life Kushandwizdom

"Everything I pick up seems to lure me away. Everything I do in my daily life begins to feel like striking wet matches. The need to travel is a mysterious force. A desire to go runs through me equally with an intense desire to stay at home. An equal and opposite thermodynamic principle. When I travel, I think of home and what it means. At home Im dreaming of catching trains at night in the gray light of Old Europe, or pushing open shutters to see Florence awaken. The balance just slightly tips in the direction of the airport." - Author: Frances Mayes

Quotes About Not Being A Party Girl

"Every girl need to party the U.S.A thats what being a girl is all about." - Author: Miley Cyrus

Quotes About African Beauty

"Hollywood needs to recognise all shades of African American beauty." - Author: Gabrielle Union

Quotes About Planning Life

"By exiling human judgment in the last few decades, modern law changed role from useful tool to brainless tyrant. This legal regime will never be up to the job, any more than the Soviet system of central planning was, because ti cant think. The comedy of laws sterile logic--large POISON signs warning against common sand, spending twenty-two years on pesticide review and deciding next to nothing, allowing fifty-year-old white men to sue for discrimination--is all too reminiscent of the old jokes we used to hear about life in the Eastern bloc. Judgement is to law as water is to crops. It should not be surprising that law has become brittle, and society along with it." - Author: Philip K. Howard

Quotes About Punctuality In Business

"Punctuality is one of the cardinal business virtues: always insist on it in your subordinates." - Author: Don Marquis

Quotes About Barney Love

"I hear. Nobody thinks so. But I do. Sometimes people whisper. Sometimes they yell. Sometimes they say mean things. I see more than the TV. Its my friend. I dont have any others, like the kids on Barney do. Why are people afraid of me? I dont want to hurt them. I taste only the sweet air, whooshed through tubes to help me breathe. If Im lucky a bit of flavor comes with the wind or skin or clothes I smell. I wish my mouth would let me tell Mama I love her. Let me tell Daddy I ms him. Let me tell Shane how good I feel when I see him happy with Alex. I like when I swim because when I float, I am free. I like when I sleep because I dance when I dream. I hear, I see, I taste, I smell, I feel, I dream." - Author: Ellen Hopkins

Quotes About Disease In Macbeth

"If it came to a magic genie, I would ask him for two extra wishes. One would be that no one would have to live with the muscular dystrophy disease or any disease. And the second one would be world peace, that we just stop fighting, talk about things, and we could live in harmony once again, like God intended us to do." - Author: Mattie Stepanek

Quotes About The Colonisation Of Australia

"Id really like to visit India and South America. I think India will be a great mix of sightseeing and relaxing, and Ive got a feeling it will also be good for ones soul and spirit. And Id love to go backpacking around South America at some point. I did that in Australia when I was younger, and the camaraderie was great fun." - Author: Emilia Fox

Quotes About Smiling In The Face Of Adversity

"His face was a gaze of primal obtuseness." - Author: James T. Farrell