[People Are Made Up Of Flaws.]

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Kelli Giddish Quotes

"I went down for a week with the Houston Marshals. I didnt know that they hated paperwork as much as I hated it. They loathe it, man. They want to be in their cars catching the bad guys. They dont want to be filling out paperwork about the bad guys, you know, and the ones theyve caught."

Gladys Hunt Quotes

"Books are like people: fascinating, inspiring, thought-provoking, some laugh, some meditate, others ache with old age, but still have wisdom: some are disease-ridden, some deceitful; but others are a delight to behold, and many travel to foreign lands; some cry, some teach, others are lots of fun, they are excellent companions and all have individuality - Books are friends. What person has too many friends?"

Diane Wakoski Quotes

"Because, in fact, women, feminists, do read my poetry, and they read it often with the power of their political interpretation. I dont care; thats what poetry is supposed to do."

Mathieu Kerekou Quotes

"I would like to solemnly reaffirm, that poverty is not a fatality."

Paul Krugman Quotes

"These are tough times for state governments. Huge deficits loom almost everywhere, from California to New York, from New Jersey to Texas.Wait—Texas? Wasnt Texas supposed to be thriving even as the rest of America suffered? Didnt its governor declare, during his re-election campaign, that we have billions in surplus? Yes, it was, and yes, he did. But reality has now intruded, in the form of a deficit expected to run as high as $25 billion over the next two years.And that reality has implications for the nation as a whole. For Texas is where the modern conservative theory of budgeting—the belief that you should never raise taxes under any circumstances, that you can always balance the budget by cutting wasteful spending—has been implemented most completely. If the theory cant make it there, it cant make it anywhere."

Alison Quotes

"Its Batteries! I just know it!"

Courtney Milan Quotes

"Im not broken, he repeated. Although at the moment . . . This was what came of violating the sentimentality quota. Everything he kept bottled inside him came out. He shut his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. At the moment, he muttered numbly, I may be coming a bit unraveled."

Pierre Simon Laplace Quotes

"What we know is not much. What we do not know is immense."

Shane Black Quotes

"You have to keep surprising your audience."

Chinese Quote Quotes

"crisis is both danger and opportunity."

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Quotes About Rubem

"I broke with the academic style because I decided that life is very short, very mysterious, and I didnt have the time to waste with academics. I would only say things in the most honesty manner. If people like it, fine. If not, I cant help that. Today I couldnt write academically even if I wanted to! (Rubem Alves, p. 188)" - Author: Mev Puleo

Quotes About Patent

"The software patent problem is not limited to Mono. Software patents affect everyone writing software today." - Author: Miguel de Icaza

Quotes About Going Back In Time To Change Things

"When you decide that you are going to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, sometime during your seemingly infinite journey the weathervane will just change direction and the new winds of positive change will blow at your back instead of into your face and things will just get easier and you will start to see progress right out of the blue.When that day happens you will know that it is just a matter of time.And time is what I have." - Author: John A. Passaro

Quotes About Plant Roots

"But I suppose our childhoods are seeds inside of us that plant roots forever, even when were certain their life cycles have long since been extinguished. How long will it take for my own roots to loosen their grip?" - Author: Allison Winn Scotch

Quotes About Lying To Those You Love

"We pass and leave you lying. No need for rhetoric, for funeral music, for melancholy bugle-calls. No need for tears now, no need for regret.We took our risk with you; you died and we live. We take your noble gift, salute for the last time those lines of pitiable crosses, those solitary mounds, those unknown graves, and turn to live our lives out as we may.Which of us were fortunate--who can tell? For you there is silence and cold twilight drooping in awful desolation over those motionless lands. For us sunlight and the sound of womens voices, song and hope and laughter, despair, gaiety, love--life.Lost terrible silent comrades, we, who might have died, salute you." - Author: Richard Aldington

Quotes About Damage

"Memes can replicate with impressive virulence while leaving swaths of collateral damage—patent medicines and psychic surgery, astrology and satanism, racist myths, superstitions, and (a special case) computer viruses. In a way, these are the most interesting—the memes that thrive to their hosts detriment, such as the idea that suicide bombers will find their reward in heaven." - Author: James Gleick

Quotes About Current

"However much an ideologue tries to bury [Lenin] beneath a proof by historical analysis, there is always this one man standing their on the plain of History and of our lives, in the eternal current situation. He goes on talking, calmly or passionately. He goes on talking about something simple: his revolutionary practice, the practice of class struggle, about what makes it possible to act on history...not to demonstrate that revolutions are inevitable, but to make them in our unique present." - Author: Louis Althusser

Quotes About Cats And Love

"I could live there all alone, she thought, slowing the car to look down the winding garden path to the small blue front door with, perfectly, a white cat on the step. No one would ever find me there, either, behind all those roses, and just to make sure I would plant oleanders by the road. I will light a fire in the cool evenings and toast apples at my own hearth. I will raise white cats and sew white curtains for the windows and sometimes come out of my door to go to the store to buy cinnamon and tea and thread. People will come to me to have their fortunes told, and I will brew love potions for sad maidens; I will have a robin..." - Author: Shirley Jackson

Quotes About Jade

"Livias nickname for him was Green Eyes, as his were spectacular—the clearest jade and almost glowing." - Author: Debra Anastasia

Quotes About Nothings

"I wasnt readyFor you.I understood nothingSeemingly except my feelingsYou were whirling In your lifeI was keepingEverything in my head"To Marina" - Author: Kenneth Koch