[People Can Save The World By The Way They Think And By The Way They Behave And What They Hold To Be Important.]

Author: Cyndi Lauper Quotes

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Billy Mays Quotes

"Before you throw it away, let Mighty Mendit save the day."

Brent Curtis Quotes

"Faith looks back and draws courage; hope looks ahead and keeps desire alive."

Janny Wurts Quotes

"The miracle left him dumbfounded, that his heart had not yet shirked its weary task of pumping his bored blood through his brain."

Ariel Levy Quotes

"There are some women who are probably genuinely aroused by the idea of being photographed naked. But I think we can safely assume that many more women appear in Playboy for the simple reason that they are paid to. Which is fine. But because I was paid to is not the same thing as Im taking control of my sexuality."

Cameron Stracher Quotes

"I tried to smile but feared I would cry. I always wondered what it was like to be shot.Now youve lived to tell the tale."

Don Cupitt Quotes

"We should be empty of clutching, empty of self, empty of all the old ideas of substance. We should be ‘lost in the objectivity of world-love, as I have elsewhere put it; or, perhaps better, we should let ourselves be only an empty space filled with brightness. Life lived like that is ‘eternal life."

Andrew Marvell Quotes

"My vegetable love will growVaster than empires, and more slow."

Cherrye S Vasquez Quotes

"Love is the key to diversity"

Philosophical Library Quotes

"Let destiny change you,but never change your destiny,for what God has given you is the best"

Sophie Perinot Quotes

"The best writings, like the best men, tell the truth."

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Quotes About Destroying The Earth

"War was the ultimate chaos, a pounding, soul-destroying snarl, ending in blown-apart men lying unburied on the cold earth. There was nothing more cosmically chaotic than war." - Author: Paullina Simons

Quotes About Changes

"Its a wonderful paradox: only when you have a changeless sense of who you are, can real changes take place. It is the ground of your absolute value and everything that is truly worthwhile." - Author: Ilchi Lee

Quotes About Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

"A cloudy day or a little sunshine have as great an influence on many constitutions as the most recent blessings or misfortunes." - Author: Joseph Addison

Quotes About Convert

"You can never make a city as clean as the nature itself. To do this, you must completely demolish the city and convert it into the pure nature." - Author: Mehmet Murat ildan

Quotes About Anniversaries

"Okay, so on anniversaries, I need to give her something. An incentive."Simon almost walked into a tree. "What?""An incentive. Like in third grade, when Mrs. Nestor gave me a cookie every day that I didnt read during class and promised me a candy bar if I didnt read all week.""You never got that candy bar.""Because it wasnt worth listening to her yammer about stuff I already knew. But this anniversary gift thing, is like that, right? An incentive for Chloe to keep going out with me."He sighed. "No . . . Its just a gift.""To thank her for going out with me?" - Author: Kelley Armstrong

Quotes About Failure Einstein

"I am encouraged as I look at some of those who have listened to their "different drum": Einstein was hopeless at school math and commented wryly on his inadequacy in human relations. Winston Churchill was an abysmal failure in his early school years. Byron, that revolutionary student, had to compensate for a club foot; Demosthenes for a stutter; and Homer was blind. Socrates couldnt manage his wife, and infuriated his countrymen. And what about Jesus, if we need an ultimate example of failure with ones peers? Or an ultimate example of love?" - Author: Madeleine LEngle

Quotes About Immaculate Conception

"Take sex, for instance.What do you want me to do with it?Try to be serious for a moment. Take the sex life of our father.[...]Even after a couple of brandies he felt extremely reluctant to discuss sex and his father. Its something Id rather not think about, he said. We all come into existence as a result of a momentary embrace by our parents which find impossible to imagine. [...] We all assume were the result of our own particular immaculate conception." - Author: John Mortimer

Quotes About Eea

"Perspectiva unei catedre la reîntoarcere nu mă încîntă deloc:am uitat că sunt de meserie profesor şi apoi n-aş putea sămai pun suflet într-o carieră anostă şi stupidă. Va fi pentrumine o hotărîre dramatică să reîncep o viaţă care n-a intratnici în calculul şi nici în iluziile mele. De aceea, nu ştiu cînd ovoi reîncepe." - Author: Emil Cioran

Quotes About Arguing

"I am not arguing with you - I am telling you." - Author: James Whistler

Quotes About Voile

"Peut-être pouvons-nous même reconnaître les signes presque imperceptibles qui annoncent quun monde vient de disparaître, non pas le sifflement des obus par-dessus les plaines éventrées du Nord, mais le déclenchement dun obturateur, qui trouble à peine la lumière vibrante de lété, la main fine et abîmée dune jeune femme qui referme tout doucement, au milieu de la nuit, une porte sur ce qui naurait pas dû être sa vie, ou la voile carrée dun navire croisant sur les eaux bleues de la Méditerranée, au large dHippone, portant depuis Rome la nouvelle inconcevable que des hommes existent encore, mais que leur monde nest plus." - Author: Jérôme Ferrari