[People Who Get Involved With The Success Of Something Have To Be Given At Least Some Share Of That Success.]

Author: Michael Ironside Quotes

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Clara Bow Quotes

"Even now I cant trust life. It did too many awful things to me as a kid."

Camillo Di Cavour Quotes

"The man who trusts men will make fewer mistakes than he who distrusts them."

Nicola Peltz Quotes

"I saw Paranormal Activity on Halloween with all my friends. It scared me, but it was so much fun."

Isaac Solomon Quotes

"Tragedy often gives birth to courage, it offers man a platform to change what will be."Eli Storm, Emanuel Stone And The Phoenix Shadow"

Pamela Aares Quotes

"This kiss was different from the first one under the olive tree. That one had been unplanned, she was pretty sure. This kiss had intention and hunger branded all over it. It was like one of those kisses you read about in fairy tales—but Alana had never imagined that such a kiss could cause bone-trembling shivers as well as bliss. Shed never considered the downside of the awakening kiss, of how the princess felt when the hero tore through the thorns or scaled the tower and speared heat and sex and life-changing energy into the princesss world."

Anna Hammond Quotes

"I feel that many of the problems our society is plagued with come from having access to information that is too sacred, too sensitive to be transcribed, catalogued, analyzed, decoded and even used."

Ciaran Hinds Quotes

"You get to an age when you lose people close to you."

Osiri Wisdom Quotes

"Wisdom is indispensable in the fulfillment of purpose"."

Ashlyn Kane Quotes

"On the left is Jimmy, our drummer. You can just see him under all the hair. Jimmy‟s a great guy. Dumber than a sack of hammers, but damn, he can count."

Queen Rania Of Jordan Quotes

"Social media are a catalyst for the advancement of everyones rights. Its where were reminded that were all human and all equal. Its where people can find and fight for a cause, global or local, popular or specialized, even when there are hundreds of miles between them."

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Quotes About Serving Others

"Christianity enhanced the notion of political and social accountability by providing a new model: that of servant leadership. In ancient Greece and Rome no one would have dreamed of considering political leaders anyones servants. The job of the leader was to lead. But Christ invented the notion that the way to lead is by serving the needs of others, especially those who are the most needy." - Author: Dinesh DSouza

Quotes About Snobbism

"For fear is a primary source of evil. And when the question "Who am I?" recurs and is unanswered, then fear and frustration project a negative attitude. The bewildered soul can answer only: "Since I do not understand Who I am, I only know what I am not." The corollary of this emotional incertitude is snobbism, intolerance and racial hate. The xenophobic individual can only reject and destroy, as the xenophobic nation inevitably makes war." - Author: Carson McCullers

Quotes About If You Really Love Someone

"In life, there are those relationships where you really love someone, but theyre just not right for you and theres a little bittersweet feel to it." - Author: Jennifer Morrison

Quotes About Americanism

"True Americanism is practical idealism. Its aims, instead of being materialistic and mechanical, are idealistic to the point of being Utopian. In this way, the U.S. can provide and express ideals that strike a chord in humans everywhere - a declaration of independence on behalf of all the peoples of the world." - Author: Maurice Saatchi

Quotes About Hobbe

"Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine and valleys of frustration and failure." - Author: Bill Watterson

Quotes About Future Self

"The key to making healthy decisions is to respect your future self. Honor him or her. Treat him or her like you would treat a friend or a loved one. A Stanford study showed that those who saw a photo of their future self made smarter financial decisions." - Author: A. J. Jacobs

Quotes About Undress

"Naked intelligence officer (nā-kəd in-te-lə-jən(t)s ä-fə-sər)1 : an intelligence officer in a state of undress <Hey, look at that naked intelligence officer>2 : an intelligence officer whose cover has been compromised3 : an intelligence officer, in reality fully clothed, disguised as a naked person for operational purposes4 : [Secret]" - Author: John Alejandro King

Quotes About Society Changing You

"Society is a machine of machines, a system that runs on precondition, customs, rules and laws that are either expressed openly or maintained in the closet, one, like the one in the United States that is constantly changing to accommodate some variations of the machinated selves and its affections as in race, gender, sexual orientations etc which are also mostly preconditions of the machine. Again, I ask. Who are you?" - Author: Dew Platt

Quotes About Ritualised

"The term genre eventually becomes pejorative because youre referring to something thats so codified and ritualised that it ceases to have the power and meaning it had when it first started." - Author: Christopher Nolan

Quotes About Traditionalism

"While traditionalism can thwart the planners and molders of industry, education, and society in general, fatalism can so stultify a people that passive resignation becomes the approved norm, and acceptance of undesirable conditions becomes the way of life." - Author: Jack E. Weller