[People Who Get Involved With The Success Of Something Have To Be Given At Least Some Share Of That Success.]

Author: Michael Ironside Quotes

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Pamela Cummins Quotes

"When you are feeling sad and lonely because you are single, remember that there are a lot of people stuck in bad relationships who wish they could be in your shoes."

Jessica Chastain Quotes

"Ive had to learn how to say no to offers."

Kevin Dutton Quotes

"Da wir heute jedoch in einer zunehmend säkularisierten Gesellschaft leben und das virtuelle Universum sich immer weiter ausdehnt, haben wir es mit einer völlig anderen Spezies zu tun: mit Popstars und Schauspielern sowie Medien- und Videospielmonguln, die statt Würde auszustrahlen, diese nun auf dem Altar der kreativen Schizophrenie opfern."

Joshua Hartzell Quotes

"Loneliness is something that finds us all when we think about it and when were by ourselves when we dont want to be. It creeps up when we desperately feel like we need someone special but cant seem to find anything more than a friend that wishes they could help. Sometimes a friend cannot be found when your willing to settle for one. Sometimes it passes quickly, and sometimes it sticks around to try to drive us to insanity. Its like a creature lying in wait to take us at our weakest moment, but only toying with us when we give up to it. In the end it always passes. There is always something to appreciate and someone to cheer us up. We adapt and overcome. Life is a gift with much more to it than a passing emotion. All around us are beautiful things to console us. Life is much more than one feeling. It is as great as we let it be."

Patty Murray Quotes

"Security is still the most important issue facing Washington state residents and millions of Americans - the security of having a job, of access to affordable health care, of a quality education, and of protecting our homeland and defending our nation."

Roy Keane Quotes

"I think players tend to get anxious if theyve not really done things properly - like eating, resting or training. If youre fully prepared youve got nothing to worry about - its just a game of football."

Ulrich Walter Quotes

"I think for being not unsympathetic that their appearance may also appear, so differently it, must; similarly as with animals, which meet us in very different forms, which look somehow harmonious however all. On exactly such forms I would stand."

Christopher McQuarrie Quotes

"While I was a voracious movie-goer as a boy, I never put writing and films together in my mind."

Marsha Blackburn Quotes

"Republicans are not going to play I-told-you-so, but it is pretty obvious that the tax reductions passed in 2003 helped Americans dig out of a recession and get back to work."

Joanna Trollope Quotes

"I am often criticised for being rather accessible."

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Quotes About Living Peacefully

"You better not be touched by love; you are living peacefully. But if you do, you better not be left by it. Because The Wounded in love is only shreds of heart scattered. Even if you manage to regain your heart, you will never be that peaceful person again. Such is the curse of love." - Author: Heenashree Khandelwal

Quotes About Quasimodo

"Im nothing but envious that youve been happily married for two years. Try hauling your cookies on a new blind date every Friday, only to have your, already extremely low, expectations dashed as you meet men who look like Quasimodo and have Homer Simpsons IQ." - Author: Jane Green

Quotes About Homem

"Os seres perfeitos engendram quanto muito um único filho, e os melhores, como tu, decidem simplesmente não procriar. É um desastre. E eu passo o tempo sonhando com um universo em que o homem não viesse ao mundo para viver entre estranhos, mas sim entre os seus irmãos." - Author: Milan Kundera

Quotes About Yana

"…Öylece durup, Handan‘a dönüşen Evgeniayı, Evgenia‘ya dönüşen Handanı ve bir anda ikisi birden olan Güzide‘yi izledim bir süre. İkisi beni bırakıp gitmiş olsa da, bu üç kadında aslında hep aynı kadını sevdiğimi düşündüm. Hangi kadını? İlk çocukluk arkadaşım, o çelimsiz liseli kızı mı, en güçlü dayanağım, can yoldaşım, cefakar karımı mı, yoksa yaşamın her şeye rağmen güzel olduğunu bana yeniden öğreten gün görmüş Evgeniayı mı? Belki hepsini birden, belki hepsini ayrı ayrı ama üçünde de hep aynı kadını." - Author: Ahmet Ümit

Quotes About Emergency Dispatchers

"We look at people on TV and treat them as heros in our society. I appreciate their work, but never in my life have I looked up to a actor or entertainer. I walk into a local emergency room, and see a young doctor who just spent 8 years in college, not including internship and residency, and it almost brings me to my knees" - Author: Ron Baratono

Quotes About Envenenadas

"...no mide las palabras y de vez en cuando se va de la lengua y deja caer palabras envenenadas que corren por las venas, como un cáncer maligno, hasta llegar al corazón y matarlo." - Author: Maite Carranza

Quotes About Soft Kisses

"He cupped my face between his hands, and when our lips touched, his skin felt soft and warm. It was the smallest,gentlest, most earth-shattering kiss in the long and glorious history of kisses, and it took my breath away." - Author: Antony John

Quotes About Buddies

"But how many young people truly comprehend the face of war until its staring them down? You cant patrol unfriendly villages without embracing paranoia. You cant watch your battle buddies blown to bits without jonesing for revenge. You cant take a blow to the helmet without learning to duck. And you cant put people in your crosshairs, celebrate dropping them to the ground, without catching a little bloodlust. Paranoia. Revenge. Bloodlust. These things turn boys into men. But what kind of men?" - Author: Ellen Hopkins

Quotes About Mononoke

"Im going to see Princess Mononoke tonight at the Ridge — and youre coming with me." - Author: Douglas Coupland

Quotes About Autos

"On the wall of this yard there was the wording, painted in high letters: Reliable Autos. We get you there."Get you where?" asked Fanwell. Chobie smiled. "Where you want to get. Thats where everybodys heading, after all. To where they want to get." - Author: Alexander McCall Smith