[People Who Truly Love Us Can Be Divided Into Two Categories: Those Who Understand Us, And Those Who Forgive Us Our Worst Sins. Rarely Do You Find Someone Capable Of Both.]

Author: Jonathan Carroll Quotes

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Edward Furlong Quotes

"Im so embarrassed by that album. I dont even own it myself."

John Perry Barlow Quotes

"Im still strongly opposed to antismoking laws, strongly opposed to any law that regulates personal behavior."

Roland Barthes Quotes

"Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with desire."

Georges Bizet Quotes

"Religion is a means of exploitation employed by the strong against the weak; religion is a cloak of ambition, injustice and vice."

Rebecca Romijn Quotes

"Ive become really good at turning down the boring, pretty girl roles, the trophy wife, supermodel, beautiful girlfriend roles. I mean, playing somebody whos perfect holds no allure for me, whatsoever. Its just boring."

Avery Brooks Quotes

"What I am is a thinking, feeling human being compelled by history."

Tere Liye Quotes

"..., terkadang dalam banyak keterbatasan, kita harus bersabar menunggu rencana terbaik datang, sambil terus melakukan apa yang bisa dilakukan."

Laura Kalpakian Quotes

"Nuclear didnt describe families. How could it? Dry physics was not equal to that task. In the twentieth century we needed a biological metaphor, Darwinian in scope, to suggest the gnash and crash of carnivorous life in the family gene pool. But for the 21st century, the new century, I think the metaphors must be chemical. Molecular. In the molecular family people are connected without being bound. They spindle themselves around shared experiences and affections rather than splashing in the shared gene pool."

Alec Wilkinson Quotes

"Someone responding to intuition, to chance and fortune, often cant explain himself well."

Georgia Whybird Quotes

"Talent does not just appear. Talent comes from within yourself, it already has to be there. Talent is like matter...you cant make it appear or dissapear but you can bend it to your will."

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Quotes About Innovative Thinking

"I intuitively did well when I was leading the whole team, but once we got past 25 people, you cant do that. And so I made a series of classic mistakes in hiring. And not building a good middle management structure. And not recruiting a board that could help me build the company. Big mistakes in picking a successor, big mistakes in having an undisciplined product strategy—I was much more interested in having distinctive, innovative products and thinking about what would make sense for a product line for our business overall—and big mistakes in expanding too fast and not having discipline about what we were doing. So I give myself a C or C– on all that stuff." - Author: Jessica Livingston

Quotes About Right Time And Place

"You were born to lead as mothers and fathers because nowhere is righteous leadership more crucial than in the family. You were born to lead as priesthood and auxiliary leaders, as heads of communities, companies, and even nations. You were born to lead as men and women willing to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places because thats what a true leader does." - Author: Sheri L. Dew

Quotes About The Future Of Our World

"I know the world seems terrifying right now and the future seems bleak. Just remember human beings have always managed to find the greatest strength within themselves during the darkest hours. When faced with the worst horrors the world has to offer, a person either cracks and succumbs to ugliness, or they salvage the inner core of who they are and fight to right wrongs. Never Let hatred, fear, and ignorance get the best of you. Keep bettering yourself so you can make the world around you better, for nothing can improve without the brightest, bravest, kindest, and most imaginative individuals rising above the chaos." - Author: Cat Winters

Quotes About Titus Andronicus

"A Titus Andronicus catalog of threats beat at the door. They haunt my nightmares still." - Author: David Mitchell

Quotes About Gradation

"but as he plodded along a vague and almost hallucinatory pall hazed over his mind; he found himself at one point, with no notion of how it could be, a step from an almost certain fatal cliffside fall—falling humiliatingly and helplessly, he thought; on and on, with no one even to witness it. Here there existed no one to record his or anyone elses degradation, and any courage or pride which might manifest itself here at the end would go unmarked: the dead stones, the dust-stricken weeds dry and dying, perceived nothing, recollected nothing, about him or themselves." - Author: Philip K. Dick

Quotes About Opened Eyes

"If shed had any doubts he was a real deal country boy, they disappeared when he unabashedly stripped down to nothing—the sun had kissed his arms to mid-bicep, although his torso wasnt without a faint tan. Shed thought lazily that maybe he had a pond. Shed like to go skinny dipping with him. Leap onto his back and wrap her legs around his lean hips. Hold on to his broad shoulders and press her naked breasts into his back and drift into the cool water together.As he opened his button-fly jeans, revealing snug briefs underneath, shed whispered for him to stop. He was hard and sinewy in all the right places, with shadows and valleys she wanted to explore with her mouth and hands and eyes, but her touch first went to the line where dark faded to light on his arm, neatly following the curve of his muscles. "Nice farmers tan." - Author: Zoe York

Quotes About Being A Believer In God

"If God is love (1 John 4:7) but intended Christs atoning death to be the propitiation for only certain people so only they have any chance of being saved, then love has no intelligible meaning when referring to God. All Christians agree that God is love. But believers in limited atonement must interpret Gods love as somehow compatible with God unconditionally selecting some people to eternal torment in hell when He could save them (because election to salvation and thus salvation itself is unconditional)." - Author: Roger E. Olson

Quotes About Good

"Why do all the hot girls want the jocks and the good boys? We losers are the ones that need you." - Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick

Quotes About Kasih

"Baru-baru ini seorang OKD (Organisasi Keamanan Desa) memukul tukang becak. Kita kasihan pada OKD yang penakut itu. Mereka, untuk menutupi kekecilan-nya (cuma OKD) berlagak seperti jendral. Sebenarnya mereka adalah seorang yang penakut. Orang yang berani karena bersenjata adalah pengecut.Catatan Seorang Demonstran - Sabtu, 12 Desember 1959" - Author: Soe Hok Gie

Quotes About Loved

"I knew then, in that small moment, that all my life I would be the kind of woman that inspired weakness in men. It was like my future stretched out in front of me and I could see it, a future of men turning to me for comfort, not passion. Men trusting me more than I wanted to be trusted. Men turning into boys, maybe even babies, in my arms. I would be the kind of woman who loved men into lesser, not finer, selves." - Author: Nanci Kincaid