[Philip Revealed His Carefully Cloaked Emotions When He Wrote To His Mother-in-law, "Cherish Lilibet? I Wonder If That Word Is Enough To Express What Is In Me." He Declared That His New Wife Was "the Only 'thing' In This World Which Is Absolutely Real To Me, And My Ambition Is To Weld The Two Of Us Into A New Combined Existence That Will Not Only Be Able To Withstand The Shocks Directed At Us But Will Also Have A Positive Existence For The Good]

Author: Sally Bedell Smith Quotes

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Brad Boney Quotes

"Ancient Chinese proverb," he said, heading toward the kitchen."He who butt-fucks all night wakes up with sore asshole."

John Nichols Quotes

"Sooner or later Cleofes is gonna get it."

Kenneth Robert Livingstone Quotes

"If you are running a city you must focus on day-to-day problems."

Carole King Quotes

"The downside of videos is that it will put my vision in front of other people, so they might not get the chance to create their own."

Gary Louis Quotes

"Making our worst decisions in life, can destroy us, but God is trying to Rebuild us"

Brian Rock Quotes

"I wonder if a fishsOne and only wish isThat other fish will never say,"This fish is sure delicious!"

Manisha Sahu Quotes

"Life is an invisible thing but it has much importance because when it comes to an end, everything related to you depart you even your loved ones call you a body instead of your name."

Will Chabot Quotes

"NASA spent millions of dollars inventing the ball-point pen so they could write in space. The Russians took a pencil."

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Quotes

"what is rational is real and what is real is rational"

AW Tozer Quotes

"It is now common practice in most evangelical churches to offer the people, especially the young people, a maximum of entertainment and a minimum of serious instruction. It is scarcely possible in most places to get anyone to attend a meeting where the only attraction is God. One can only conclude that Gods professed children are bored with Him, for they must be wooed to meeting with a stick of striped candy in the form of religious movies, games and refreshments."

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"You mannerless...get away from me," she muttered, and he laughed softly."What a quick temper you have. Is Daniel aware of it?""yes..no..he-oh,leave me alone!""After I dance with you-or did I mistake those longing stares you kept sending me from the middle of the dance floor?""Leave,or Im going to make a scene!""Go ahead.Itll mean nothing to me, since my reputations already far gone...but yours..well, after your behavior tonight,it wont take much more to finish yours off.Now set down your punch,Cinda, and take my arm." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

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"I was just as in love with her in our eleventh year as I was in the first. Every anniversary was a victory, a middle finger to everyone who thought we wouldnt last. Abby tamed me, marriage settled me down, and when I became a father, my entire outlook changed." - Author: Jamie McGuire

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"Success doesnt necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution. A great strategy alone wont win a game or a battle; the win comes from basic blocking and tackling." - Author: Naveen Jain

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"Dipping into the archive is always an interesting, if sometimes unsettling, proposition. It often begins with anxiety, with the fear that the thing you want wont surface. But ultimately the process is a little like tapping into the unconscious, and can bring with it the ambivalent gratification of rediscovering forgotten selves.Rather than making new pictures why cant I just recycle some of these old ones? Claim "found" photographs from among my boxes? And have this gesture signify "resistance to further production/consumption"? (96)" - Author: Moyra Davey

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"Between the dark, heavily laden treetops of the spreading chestnut trees could be seen the dark blue of the sky, full of stars, all solemn and golden, which extended their radiance unconcernedly into the distance. That was the nature of the stars. and the trees bore their buds and blossoms and scars for everyone to see, and whether it signified pleasure or pain, they accepted the strong will to live. flies that lived only for a day swarmed toward their death. every life had its radiance and beauty. i had insight into it all for a moment, understood it and found it good, and also found my life and sorrows good." - Author: Hermann Hesse

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"If the graves of the thousands of victims who have fallen in the terrible wars of the two races had been placed in line the philanthropist might travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Lakes to the Gulf, and be constantly in sight of green mounds." - Author: Nelson A. Miles

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"Im nothing, not a single thing. The only particle I had, the only tiny thing raising me up, is that I was Ed Slatertons girlfriend, loved by you for like ten secs, and who cares, so what, and not anymore so how embarrassing for me." - Author: Daniel Handler

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"Youre American, yes?" Daniela said."Yes.""New York?""Oregon.""Dónde?" Where?"Its a state on the West Coast.""Near Los Angeles?" Brigitte asked."North of there. Just south of Canada."All three sighed, "Ah.""Youre from the ends of the earth," Amalia said, a teasing smile on her lips."Not quite that far!""Almost!" Brigitte said." - Author: Lisa Cach

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"! discovered photography completely by chance. My wife is an architect; when we were young and living in Paris, she bought a camera to take pictures of buildings. For the first time, I looked through a lens - and photography immediately started to invade my life." - Author: Sebastiao Salgado

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"I think love can come fairly easily and grow - but really liking the core essence of someone is a much harder thing to bottle. If you have both, youre in pretty good shape." - Author: Eric Bana