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Author: Alastair MacNeill Quotes

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Louis Philippe Quotes

"If the least thing goes wrong with a saddle, or clothes, or a boot, you cannot find a soul to make repairs, and the other day a cobbler answered us, Yes, thats right, Im a shoemaker, and sometimes I work, but Im not in the mood right now."

Ori Hofmekler Quotes

"Nonetheless, we experience a sense of freedom when we feel that we have the ability to make choices and satisfy our primal instincts."

Tino Sehgal Quotes

"My father had to flee from what is today Pakistan when he was a child, and he became a manager at IBM, and any item of consumption he would acquire was a direct measurement of his success in life. But that same equation wasnt going to work for me - I was quite clear about that in my early teens."

Cathy Rindner Tempelsman Quotes

"Anytime you have a difficult encounter with your child, there is a good chance that at least one of these factors is bringing out the worst in him or her: transitions, time pressure, competition for your attention, conflicting objectives."

Admon Israel Quotes

"when the moon leaves the earth thats the day im gonna leave you"

Bruno Latour Quotes

"The only shibboleth the West has is science. It is the premise of modernity and it defines itself as a rationality capable of, indeed requiring separation from politics, religion and really, society. Modernisation is to work towards this."

Shannon McDermott Quotes

"When have I rebelled?""When have you ever obeyed?"

Yao Ming Quotes

"Everybody is improving but I am improving slowly, which seemingly widens our distance."

Ibrahim Aslan Quotes

"Dont talk about love, But speak out of love cause most of the liars are only perfect of talking about nothing but passion & dont talk about justice, But speak out of justice cause most of the oppressors are only perfect of talking about nothing but rightness."

Rifki Hidayatullah Quotes

"Tugasku Hanya Mengatakan yang sebenarnya,Mau percaya atau tidak itu pilihan anda,yang jelas, saya sudah melakukan kewajiban saya untuk mengatakan apa yang harus aku katakan."

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Quotes About Unloved

"In this world, we must love the liars or go unloved" - Author: Sherman Alexie

Quotes About Pores

"...Is it just another pore expanding? God, I already have pores the size of pudding cups, thats the last thing I need, another pore...to fill in with spackle." - Author: Laurie Notaro

Quotes About Going To Work Funny

"Every set has their own personalities and their own quirks. Its funny comparing starring in a show to going in and doing recurring work - theres already a rhythm thats been established, and people know each other so well. Its like being a guest in someone elses home." - Author: Sara Rue

Quotes About Lore

"But I figure youre never too old to learn. Thats when you become old, when you stop being fascinated by things, when you stop wanting to learn and explore ..." - Author: Alexandra Potter

Quotes About Long

"When I wake, the sun is just climbing above the clouds, beginning its daily journey. A never-ending journey, one that will continue long after humanity is extinct. For ages it has shone its light over wars and miseries, piercing through the deepest darkness, and yet never able to penetrate the human heart and fill it with its light." - Author: Henry Martin

Quotes About Rewarding Work

"Fresh out of college, you tend to join a company because its a job. But, you tend to stay because it becomes a career; you start to feel at home. In the beginning of your career, youre focused on you: I like this place because Im doing rewarding work; they take good care of me; the people are nice; theres runway for me, etc." - Author: Ursula Burns

Quotes About Hanson Music

"Theres always a spattering of people who see Hanson who were influenced by classic 60s and 70s rock and roll. In a lot of ways, were sort of the anatomy of a 70s rock band if you examine what we do: white guys who grew up listening to soul music from the 50s and 60s." - Author: Taylor Hanson

Quotes About Desfazer

"Fofocas se propagam como a peste negra, não importa a época ou local. Sempre acompanhada de uma boa dose de veneno — e não muita preocupação com a verdade —, espalhar um boato mentiroso é tão fácil quanto respirar. Mas desfazer essa má impressão é difícil." - Author: Iris Figueiredo

Quotes About Organizations Success

"Organizations are successful because of good implementation,not good business plans." - Author: Guy Kawasaki

Quotes About Meeting Friends

"As for human contact, Id lost all appetite for it. Mankind has, as you may have noticed, become very inventive about devising new ways for people to avoid talking to each other and Id been taking full advantage of the most recent ones. I would always send a text message rather than speak to someone on the phone. Rather than meeting with any of my friends, I would post cheerful, ironically worded status updates on Facebook, to show them all what a busy life I was leading. And presumably people had been enjoying them, because Id got more than seventy friends on Facebook now, most of them complete strangers. But actual, face-to-face, lets-meet-for-a-coffee-and-catch-up sort of contact? I seemed to have forgotten what that was all about." - Author: Jonathan Coe