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Author: Alastair MacNeill Quotes

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Maira Zafred Marinho Mesel Quotes

"if it was time that made me lost what we were, then i hate time..."

Morgan Brittany Quotes

"I thought I would keep the first name Susan and change the last name but I picked up this book and as I opened it the lead character in it was called Morgan Brittany."

Amy Grant Quotes

"I write about everything, but I just - how faith filters through all that and colors your opinion of other people and life and all that."

Brian Thompson Quotes

"I feel a horror for exaggerated love or friendship. Its just too well demonstrated to me that when the moment comes that one asks something, or has need of something, the responce is not worth a biscuit."

Theo De Raadt Quotes

"In some industry markets, high quality can be tied to making more money, but I am sure by now all of us know the computer industry is not like that."

Walter Smith Quotes

"Our works decay and disappear but God gentlest works stay looking down on the ruins we toil to rear."

Robert Morrissette Quotes

"A credit card allows you transcend time. For it allows you to put off until tomorrow what you bought today, while you are still paying what you bought yesterday."

Antonio Alatorre Quotes

"Puedo deleitarme con el paladeo de las partes que han constituido un momento."

Sophie Okonedo Quotes

"I never watch anything I do. I really would rather just not know at all how I come across."

Jennifer Megan Varnadore Quotes

"In books, often the bad guys have a story too, and sometimes it is just as tragic as the heros."

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Quotes About Iliad War

"Everywhere in Homers saga of the rage of Achilles and the battles before Troy we are made conscious at one and the same time of wars ugly brutality and what Yeats called its "terrible beauty." The Iliad accepts violence as a permanent factor in human life and accepts it without sentimentality, for it is just as sentimental to pretend that war does not have its monstrous ugliness as it is to deny that it has its own strange and fatal beauty, a power, which can call out in men resources of endurance, courage and self-sacrifice that peacetime, to our sorrow and loss, can rarely command." - Author: Bernard Knox

Quotes About Signed

"There was a line from The Lady in the Lake I could have quoted him: "Police business is a hell of a problem. Its a good deal like politics. It asks for the highest type of men, and theres nothing in it to attract the highest type of men."When Jake recognized that he had failed to live up to his responsibility to uphold that law, he had resigned. He had had the honor and the courage to step away. Not every man had that in him; I thought probably very few men did." - Author: Josh Lanyon

Quotes About Weekend

"No one is worth wasting a gorgeous weekend over." - Author: Susane Colasanti

Quotes About My Outfit

"Ive never worried about anything in my life a fraction of the way I worry about my daughter. Its much more than hoping people like the play youre in, or that your outfit doesnt look bad. Its the real deal." - Author: Michael Shannon

Quotes About Upcoming Challenges

"My suspicion is that, like me, most of you reading these pages are drawn to extremes. Moderation bores you. You seek challenges and adventures that dwell on the outer edges. The path of least resistance is not a route often traveled." - Author: Dean Karnazes

Quotes About Fearing Nothing

"Face it: as much as youd like to be, youre not perfect. Mistakes will be made in both your freelance career and life. Instead of fearing mistakes, remind yourself that theres plenty to learn from them. If nothing else, youll learn that a mistake doesnt mean the end of the world. In fact, it might be the beginning of a new one." - Author: Michael Law

Quotes About Love Like A Garden

"We all, like Frodo, carry a Quest, a Task: our daily duties. They come to us, not from us. We are free only to accept or refuse our task- and, implicitly, our Taskmaster. None of us is a free creator or designer of his own life. "None of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself" (Rom 14:7). Either God, or fate, or meaningless chance has laid upon each of us a Task, a Quest, which we would not have chosen for ourselves. We are all Hobbits who love our Shire, or security, our creature comforts, whether these are pipeweed, mushrooms, five meals a day, and local gossip, or Starbucks coffees, recreational sex, and politics. But something, some authority not named in The Lord of the Rings (but named in the Silmarillion), has decreed that a Quest should interrupt this delightful Epicurean garden and send us on an odyssey. We are plucked out of our Hobbit holes and plunked down onto a Road." - Author: Peter Kreeft

Quotes About Feeling Blamed

"Id been feeling like this for a while, the continual looking back, the stuckness of it all. I blamed it on the coming New Year, only four and a half months away, when the clocks would read zero and we would start again, could start again, but I knew we wouldnt. Nothing would. The world would be the same, just a little bit worse." - Author: Sarah Winman

Quotes About Television Violence

"New Rule: The White House doesnt have to release the dead Bin Laden photos, but dont pretend we cant take it. Weve seen pictures of Britney Spearss vagina getting out of a car. Television has desensitizes us to violence, and porn has desensitized us to people getting shot in the eye." - Author: Bill Maher

Quotes About A Kind Heart

"Once upon a time, a fisherman went out to sea. He caught many fish and threw them all into a large bucket on his boat. The fish were not yet dead, so the man decided to ease their suffering by killing them swiftly. While he worked, the cold air made his eyes water. One of the wounded fish saw this and said to the other: "What a kind heart this fisherman has- see how he cries for us." The other fish replied: "Ignore his tears and watch what he is doing with his hands." - Author: Randa Abdel Fattah