[Pitchers Did Me A Favor When They Knocked Me Down. It Made Me More Determined. I Wouldn't Let That Pitcher Get Me Out. They Say You Can't Hit If You're On Your Back, But I Didn't Hit On My Back. I Got Up.]

Author: Frank Robinson Quotes

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"If one has no sense of humor, one is in trouble."

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"There are no good men in this game."

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"My first name - I have no middle name - was chosen by my father, as he told me, on that solitary walk in the forested hills. He selected it from a verse of the seventh chapter of Isaiah; there was no Immanuel among our ancestors known to him."

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"We are so appreciative of the men and women in uniform who are protecting us, whether in Afghanistan or Iraq or on ships around the world. For our security, they are taking the offensive to the terrorists overseas."

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"It was frightening because it was the first time I had gotten a sense of how serious the problem was. It became clear from his notes that he felt the president himself was involved."

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"See you on the astral"

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"Moralitatea batjocorită se repară mai greu decât uzinele învechite."

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"Lets drop the war.Its very hard. Theres no place to drop it."

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