[Postoji Jezik, Mislim Da Se Zove Meskalero, U Kojem Se Glagoli Nikad Ne Menjaju Po Vremenima. U Tom Jeziku Ne Postoji Ni Proslo Ni Buduce Vreme. Razmisljam... Ako Bismo Naucili Taj Jezik, Mogli Bismo Da Zivimo Duze...]

Author: Milan Oklopdžić Quotes

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Algernon Blackwood Quotes

"You know," he went on almost under his breath, "every man who thinks for himself and feels vividly finds he lives in a world of his own, apart, and believes that one day hell come across, either in a book or in a person, the Priest who shall make it clear to him."

Audacia Ray Quotes

"I am coming. I cant be coming. Im fighting it, and thats making it worse. I am trying to fake not having an orgasm. I wonder if he can tell…I feel a little sick to my stomach when I realize exactly what sensation has brought me to this unfortunate climax: the friction of a very fat mans matted belly hair on my clit. This man I am on top of is the most repulsive person Ive ever allowed to touch me. Sheer physics wont allow him to be on top of me. In fact, I am not entirely sure how it is that he will get back up from his supine position.This man is my john. This orgasm and the wave of revulsion that follows quickly on its heels and makes my skin turn cold makes him my last client in my short career as an escort."

Amadeus Quotes

"It makes a world of difference to know that God loved you enough to send His only begotten Son to suffer and die for you. Suddenly our lives and sufferings arent meanigless accident, but part of Gods loving plan for us. And our acceptance of that plan becomes our own loving response. It is the difference between being in love and living a dreary existence!"

Matthew B Crawford Quotes

"Asioilla ei ole ainoastaan taipumus mennä päin helvettiä, vaan myös ihmisen omat toimet edistävät tuota tapahtumakulkua vääjäämättä."

Arthur Scargill Quotes

"You may see the emergence of a new political party from the body of the trade union movement which represents a very clear-cut socialist alternative policy and which gives expression to the views of the trade union movement in parliament."

Kristin Cast Quotes

"Darius didnt have any trouble finding the Street Cats building. It was a cozy-looking square brick building with big front windows crowded with cat stuff. I made a mental note to pick up a little something for Nala from their gift shop. My cat was grumpy enough without her thinking that Id been cheating on her (translation: I would smell like a zillion other cats) and hadnt even brought her a present."

Friedrich Hund Quotes

"One may characterize physics as the doctrine of the repeatable, be it a succession in time or the co-existence in space. The validity of physical theorems is founded on this repeatability."

John D Rhodes Quotes

"Never dance in a puddle when theres a hole in your shoe (its always best to take your shoes off first)."

Magica Quartet Quotes

"Kyōko: You... you call yourself human?!Homura: Of course not. Neither are you."

Iain Glen Quotes

"As an actor, Im familiar with having bursts of energy, where youre giving things a try, and then you have down time."

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Quotes About Deflect

"Im never going to complain about receiving free early copies of books, because clearly theres nothing to complain about, but it does introduce a rogue element into ones otherwise carefully plotted reading schedule. ...Being a reader is sort of like being president, except reading involves fewer state dinners, usually. You have this agenda you want to get through, but you get distracted by life events, e.g., books arriving in the mail/World War III, and you are temporarly deflected from your chosen path." - Author: Nick Hornby

Quotes About Amelia Pond

"Okay, this is going to be confusing, kid.-Amelia Pond to her younger self in the pandora box" - Author: Stephen Moffat

Quotes About Eyes Tumblr

"Elane scan the room and takeing in the white antiseptec decor of Buzzfeed office in Soho. Her eyes land on a wall decoratien, a glareing yellow butten about the size of a parasol. It read simply: LOL. It seem to mock her. Honestly? Elane just dosent fit in here. No one here is under 30 and to Elane it is almost like nobody speaking Englesh. Everything is "HTML 5" this and "Keven Ware sports injery" that and "Game Of Throans recap" this and "Downten Abby parady tumblr" that. She have no idea what any of that mean. She open her face book and feal deep pit of emptynes as she click thru the profiles of her 17 face book frends." - Author: Seinfeld 2000

Quotes About Mede

"Maar mensen houden van hypocriete medemensen, weet je- ze herkennen zichzelf daarin, en het geeft je altijd een goed gevoel als iemand met zijn broek omlaag en zijn pik omhoog wordt betrapt en jij bent het niet." - Author: Stephen King

Quotes About Partying In College

"I think the most surprising thing about the Olympics would be the amount of interaction and partying that goes on behind the scenes. They have nightclubs at the Olympic Village. Its like college all over again." - Author: Misty May Treanor

Quotes About Takumi

"I am concussed, I announced, entirely sure of my self-diagnosis.Youre fine, Takumi said as he jogged back towards me. Lets get out of here before were killed.Im sorry, I said. But I cant get up. I have suffered a mild concussion.Lara ran out and sat down next to me.Are you OK?I am concussed, I said.Takumi sat down with me and looked me in the eye. Do you know what happened to you?The beast got me.Do you know where you are?Im on a triple-and-a-half date.Youre fine, Takumi said. Lets go.And then I leaned forward and threw up on Laras pants." - Author: John Green

Quotes About Short Companionship

"We had accepted each others shortcomings and differences; then, just when we began to feel the yoke of each others companionship, just when we began to feel the beginnings of what might eventually lead to lifelong loathing, we decided to move in together. It could have been worse. People marry at times like tat; they then have ten children, live under the same roof for years and years, eventually die and arrange to be buried side by side. We only signed our names to a two year lease." - Author: Jamaica Kincaid

Quotes About Ultimate Truth

"The issue ultimately involved is whether there is a source of truth higher than, and independent of, man; and the answer to the question is decisive for ones view of the nature and destiny of man." - Author: Richard M. Weaver

Quotes About Rear View Mirror

"She loves swimming," said Ellen, who I knew had been a competitive swimmer in college. Ellen looked in the rearview mirror at Kara."Dont you Kara?" asked Ellen.There was no response. "I didnt start until I was three," said Ellen. "Shes got a two year start on me." - Author: Daniel Amory

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"Harry loves slimy things, hairy things, and creepy things. Harry loves anything horrible. I know -- Im his best friend Doug." - Author: Suzy Kline