[Pozzo: I Don't Seem To Be Able...(long Hesitation) To Depart.Estragon: Such Is Life.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Zack Merrick Quotes

"The world is simple in a complex way." -Zack Merrick"

Ken Caminiti Quotes

"Its no secret whats going on in baseball. At least half the players are using steroids."

Peter DeFazio Quotes

"Second, the resolution contains the blatantly false assertion that negotiating a timeline for bringing U.S. troops home with the Iraqi government undermines U.S. national security. Such a statement shows a misunderstanding of the enemy we face in Iraq."

Fatemeh Keshavarz Quotes

"...a small stream...sings a carefree song as it runs by your house. It is so nonthreatening that you can sit by it, look at your reflection in the water, and even wash your hands in it. It is yours, your personal stream. Yet you know that it has originated in the sea and is on its way back to where it has come from. When passing by your house, however, it is yours. You can say it is a personal moment you have torn out of eternity to keep in your pocket for yourself."

Benjamin H Berkley Quotes

"Give while your hands are warm"

Dave Ramsey Quotes

"We buy things we dont need with money we dont have to impress people we dont like."

U Thant Quotes

"Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves."

Jesus Zamora Bonilla Quotes

"The best ship, the best culture, the best knowledge, is the one which allows us to go farther, explore more territories or oceans of reality, and have the least damaging leaks possible."

Karrine Steffans Quotes

"I have me. I have God. I have my son. Everything else is extra."

Mosyuki Borhan Quotes

"Sesungguhnya;Cinta itu amat keparatDitunggu rasanya penatDikejar pastinya tak larat."

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Quotes About Casper

"The ledge isnt even wide enough for my feet to fit on completely. I hang onto the rail tightly and do a Casper does...leaning out slowly over the water. Like this, there is no safety. No rail to catch me if I slip. Im almost flying. Between me and death, there is...nothing. Nothing in the way but my own decision to hang on." - Author: Kelley York

Quotes About The Landlady

"It had to be the most surreal, embarrassing, awkward moment of his life, standing petrified in his mothers backyard in front of a broken lawn mower, sporting a woody and discussing sex for sale with the landlady." - Author: Linda Kage

Quotes About Dust In The Wind

"A poem is a windy city, has broad shouldersand insistent industry,barrels into your brain, stickingits steam-filled, swarmy headinto the delicate, empty bird cagespropped in the rooms of your imagination.A poem can be rude, downright ignorantof what you had been thinking aboutand holding onto for too much of the day.More than a city, a poem pushes its hemispheresagainst your thoughts, knocking them outof the windows of your ears.Every good poem screams, Read mebecause youre going to die someday!" - Author: B.J. Ward

Quotes About Splashes

"The bloody cockfucking wanker therapist wants me to write my bloody thoughts about all the tragedy in my bloody life.  Itll be therapeutic, he says.  Itll be closure, he cheers.  Id bloody well like to push him over the ledge of his window, I think back.  Hang my head over the sill and tinkle my bloody fingers in a wave.  Watch him flail his arms about trying to bloody fly as he plummets, then splashes across the sidewalk." - Author: Christine Zolendz

Quotes About Sports Teams

"Danilos was the kind of place where many drinking men come to hide, be it from their wives, in-laws, their jobs or life in general. it was where men and women can come to drink poison as if it was the only form of medicine available to remedy the migraine headache called life. The lighting dim and secluded, mostly covering the tables, counters and the door to the bathroom. The walls were decorated in decades of memories, favorite sports teams and other miscellaneous decor that was typical of small bars such as this one. It was too dark to tell what they were from a distance. There was a thick layer of smoke hovering in the air around the ceiling lights, the place was smothered in it but was strongest above everyones heads. The smell was the classic stale bar odor of cigarettes and cheap cigars." - Author: J.C. Henderson

Quotes About Harmonia

"Terror is so delicious," she remarked. "Youre disappointingly predictable, Harmonia. All these years and you would still risk everything for him. Tsk, tsk." - Author: Courtney Cole

Quotes About Somebody That I Used To Know

"Somebody That I Used to Know, like a lot of the record, was a bit of a struggle to finish. It was written fairly quickly - I wrote it in November 2010 - but it took six months to find Kimbra and really realize she was the right vocalist to make the female part come to life. There were constant hurdles." - Author: Gotye

Quotes About Causing Your Own Downfall

"(...) ClanFintans gaze captured mine once more."I said nothing because I hoped that you would trust me enough to confide in me." His voice had finally regained its emotion, and I was upset to hear the sadness that filled his words."I do trust you! Its just that there didnt seem to be a right time. And then, well, I didnt tell you because I didnt want to chance loosing your love."My voice had become a whisper.(...) So, I stood there trying to blink away the tears that were threatening to spill from my eyes. ClanFintan sighed heavily and closed the space between us before I could start bawling. He touched my face and cupped my chin in the warmth of his hand."My love is something you will never lose." He bent and kissed me softly, then smiled at my undoubtedly goofy expression."My patience, perhaps, but never my love." - Author: P.C. Cast

Quotes About Visual Literacy

"PowerPoint presentations, the cesspool of data visualization that Microsoft has visited upon the earth. PowerPoint, indeed, is a cautionary tale in our emerging data literacy. It shows that tools matter: Good ones help us think well and bad ones do the opposite. Ever since it was first released in 1990, PowerPoint has become an omnipresent tool for showing charts and info during corporate presentations." - Author: Clive Thompson

Quotes About Thinker

"Rituals are the kindergarten of religion. They are absolutely necessary for the world as it is now; only we shall have to give people newer and fresh rituals. A party of thinkers must undertake to do this. Old rituals must be rejected and new ones substituted." - Author: Swami Vivekananda