[Probably 90 Percent Of Our Life Decisions Are Powered By The Twin Engines Of Inertia And Laziness.]

Author: A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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Christian Simamora Quotes

"Kalo gue bener-bener mencintai lo, gue juga harus belajar melepaskan lo.... - Good Fight"

Gloria Mallette Quotes

"Never Let anyone tell you that you cant; show them that you can."

Vali Myers Quotes

"The end is never worth the beginning."

David Foster Wallace Quotes

"Pleasure becomes a value, a teleological end in itself. Its probably more Western than U.S. per se."

Sophie Barnes Quotes

"It began with the twitch of her lower lip as it took on a life of its own, rippling outward to the corners of her mouth and forcing them upward into a helpless smile. She instantly clasped one hand over her mouth in a frantic attempt to silence the sound that was coming from her throat. The result was that she half-spluttered, half-coughed, her eyes painfully wide as she desperately wished a hole would emerge in the oriental carpet and mercifully swallow her up."

Frances Conroy Quotes

"Marriage is an exercise in torture."

Jenny Nimmo Quotes

"It was an exceptional sensation, reading by spiderlight."

Megan Abbott Quotes

"Running so hard, her breath stippled with pain to go faster, hit the grass harder, move forward faster, like she could break through something in front of her, something no one else saw."

Billy Crudup Quotes

"If I had done Titanic, it would have made, probably, $200,000 - worldwide. So I think my life would have been very, very similar."

Edmond Halley Quotes

"Scarce any problem will appear more hard and difficult, than that of determining the distance of the Sun from the Earth very near the truth: but even this... will without much labour be effected."

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Quotes About The Savoy Hotel

"He went into those little gardens beneath the over-hanging, brightly-lit masses of the Savoy Hotel and the Hotel Cecil. He sat down on a seat and became aware of the talk of the two people next to him. It was the talk of a young couple evidently on the eve of marriage. The man was congratulating himself on having regular employment at last; they like me, he said, and I like the job. If I work up—inr dozen years or so I ought to be gettin somethin pretty comfortable. Thats the plain sense of it, Hetty. There aint no reason whatsoever why we shouldnt get along very decently—very decently indeed." - Author: H.G. Wells

Quotes About Gradation

"but as he plodded along a vague and almost hallucinatory pall hazed over his mind; he found himself at one point, with no notion of how it could be, a step from an almost certain fatal cliffside fall—falling humiliatingly and helplessly, he thought; on and on, with no one even to witness it. Here there existed no one to record his or anyone elses degradation, and any courage or pride which might manifest itself here at the end would go unmarked: the dead stones, the dust-stricken weeds dry and dying, perceived nothing, recollected nothing, about him or themselves." - Author: Philip K. Dick

Quotes About Wrong Directions

"My 30 year attempt (and subsequent failure) to reach "normal" has brought me to ponder whether "normal" even exists, or if it is nothing more than delusional grandeur based in the sounds of those sweet sirens drawing my ship in all the wrong directions." - Author: Dan Pearce

Quotes About Existential Therapy

"Materialism is a conviction based not upon evidence or logic but upon what Carl Sagan (speaking of another kind of faith) called a "deep-seated need to believe." Considered purely as a rational philosophy, it has little to recommend it; but as an emotional sedative, what Czeslaw Milosz liked to call the opiate of unbelief, it offers a refuge from so many elaborate perplexities, so many arduous spiritual exertions, so many trying intellectual and moral problems, so many exhausting expressions of hope or fear, charity or remorse. In this sense, it should be classified as one of those religions of consolation whose purpose is not to engage the mind or will with the mysteries of being but merely to provide a palliative for existential grievances and private disappointments. Popular atheism is not a philosophy but a therapy." - Author: David Bentley Hart

Quotes About Ambush

"My mother says were supposed to make mistakes. Thats the way we learn." Rocky Ryan in Bully At Ambush Corner." - Author: Karen Mueller Coombs

Quotes About The Shenandoah Valley

"I belonged in Idle Valley like a pearl onion on a banana split." - Author: Raymond Chandler

Quotes About Differently

"I like people who dress quirkly and differently. Like in womenswear, thank god for Helena Bonham Carter!" - Author: Helena Christensen

Quotes About Playing Hide And Seek

"Ew, sicko. I was practicing Edomic.""Sure you were," Jason said. "Youre just too embarrassed to admit you were playing hide-and-seek all alone. Rachel hiding, nobody seeking." - Author: Brandon Mull

Quotes About Being Second Best In A Friendship

"Now Karen wants a pill that will make the whole twenty-first century disappear - that will make this unavoidable future vanish. Dr Yamato said that earth was not built for six billion people, all running around and being passionate about being alive. Earth was built for about two million people foraging for roots and grubs." - Author: Douglas Coupland

Quotes About Choosing Happiness

"Its about not taking things personally. Even when you feel the world is crumbling around you. Its about choosing happiness over suffering. Its about retraining the way we think." - Author: Laura Munson