[Profundity Fails Me." Father Ramon's Gaze Rested On Loup. "And Perhaps That Is Fitting, Since Words Have Never Been Your Strong Suit, Loup Garron. I Said Once That You Were Neither A Leader Nor A Follower. I Think Perhaps You're Something More Rare. A Catalyst. A Catalyst For Change, Hope, Faith. This Group Of You, God Willing The Last Of You, Have Been Different. What Does It Mean To Live Without Fear? What Lessons Are We To Take From Your Presence Among Us?" He Shook His Head. "I Don't Know. I Know Only That In Your Own Way, You Inspire Us.]

Author: Jacqueline Carey Quotes

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"The tongue is like a lion, if you let it loose, it will wound someone."

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"The algebraic sum of all the transformations occurring in a cyclical process can only be positive, or, as an extreme case, equal to nothing.[Statement of the second law of thermodynamics, 1862]"

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"If you want to die on your bithrday kill yourself"

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"Gem, there is an exception to every rule and we are going to be it. Im not losing you."

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"Doing good doesnt always make you feel good. I dont care what they tell you in church."

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"If there is no laughter, Jesus has gone somewhere else. If there is no joy and freedom, it is not a church: it is simply a crowd of melancholy people basking in a religious neurosis. If there is no celebration, there is no real worship."

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"The ideal of the military hero is clearly echoed in other contexts, and it includes those who routinely risk their health and lives in the line of duty, such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics."

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"But what slayed Robert was that for all these years, all his adult life, hed never believed in relationships and commitment. They were highly overrated as far as he was concerned. Some peoples entire lives revolved around love...finding it, keeping it. People had written poetry about it, had sacrificed for it, had even died for it. And hed never been able to understand why. Why would anyone want to invest themselves in such a fickle emotion that sounded too good to be true because it was too good to be true. When the going got tough, even when someone claimed to love and be committed to the people in their lives, they really only honored that commitment when things were good."

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"How did you get in here? (...) How I got here isnt important, because I could do it twenty times again, each time a different way."

Nikhil Yadav Quotes

"Woman enjoy sex more than a man because they dont pre-compile every pleasure in their mind ."

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"Hamlet promised himself hed throw down afterward, but I think perhaps when he said, "From this time forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth!" the limits of blank verse weakened his resolve somehow. If hed been free to follow the dictates of his conscience rather than the pen of Shakespeare, perhaps he would have abandoned verse altogether, like me, and contented himself with this instead: "Bring it, muthafuckas. Bring it." - Author: Kevin Hearne

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"Two fellows were driving this car; they said they were pimps. Two other fellows were passengers with me. We sat tight and bent our minds to the goal. We went over Berthoud Pass, down to the great plateau, Tabernash, Troublesome, Kremmling; down Rabbit Ears Pass to Steamboat Springs, and out; fifty miles of dusty detour; then Craig and the Great American Desert. As we crossed the Colorado-Utah border I saw God in the sky in the form of huge gold sunburning clouds above the desert that seemed to point a finger at me and say, "Pass here and go on, youre on the road to heaven." Ah well, alackaday, I was more interested in some old rotted covered wagons and pool tables sitting in the Nevada desert near a Coca-Cola stand and where there were huts with theweatherbeaten signs still napping in the haunted shrouded desert wind, saying, "Rattlesnake Bill lived here" or "Broken-mouth Annie holed up here for years." Yes, zoom! In Salt! Lake City the pimps checked on their girls and we drove on." - Author: Jack Kerouac

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"People who rely on unsourced webpages are morons" - Author: Albert Einstein

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"I did stand-up. I loved George Carlin and Steve Martin." - Author: Steve Buscemi

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"He knew that Vronsky could not be prevented from amusing himself with painting; he knew that he and all dilettanti had a perfect right to paint what they liked, but it was distasteful to him. A man could not be prevented from making himself a big wax doll, and kissing it. But if the man were to come with the doll and sit before a man in love, and began caressing his doll as the lover caressed the woman he loved, it would be distasteful to the lover. Just such a distasteful sensation was what Mihailov felt at the sight of Vronskys painting: he felt it both ludicrous and irritating, both pitiable and offensive." - Author: Leo Tolstoy

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