[Progress Is Made By The Improvement Of People, Not The Improvement Of Machines.]

Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky Quotes

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Wolfgang Tillmans Quotes

"On the one hand I follow a vocation because I have an ability that I should exercise, but I want to use it for a reason, because I dont see that the freedoms that I enjoy are God-given realities. So I have a very healthy, activist general tension in me which feels that no, this is not gratuitous, it is important to keep this in focus."

Linda Leaming Quotes

"Bhutan does seem a bit unreal at times. Hardly anybody in the U.S. knows where it is. I have friends who still think the entire country is a figment of my imagination. When I was getting ready to move there, and I told people I was going to work in Bhutan, theyd inevitably ask, "Wheres Butane?"It is near Africa," Id answer, to throw them off the trail. "Its where all the disposable lighters come from."Theyd nod in understanding."

John Raese Quotes

"I have a special child and there are not a lot of services around for that special child, and so we picked out a school that would be a very good school for her."

Ryan Hurd Quotes

"... sleep deprivation is an illegal torture method outlawed by the Geneva Convention and international courts, but most of us do it to ourselves."

David S Rose Quotes

"I like to invest in companies where I can really add value from my experience, network, etc., so checking out my portfolio of other investments, and my background, will generally give some guidance there."

Greg Mitchell Quotes

"Most people werent wired to see miracles, even when one was staring them in the face."

Lena Coakley Quotes

"An assassins first murder is himself. He kills the man he was."

Pattimari Sheets Diamond Quotes

"Your thoughts make what happen in your life~You can turn anything negative into the positive~What you visualize can come true and you attract it to yourself"

Barbet Schroeder Quotes

"I chose to treat the homosexuality like I would treat any other form of sexuality."

Helmut Schmidt Quotes

"Im Verlaufe nicht nur der ökonomischen, sondern auch der politischen Globalisierung kann das kardinale völkerrechtliche Prinzip der Nichteinmischung in Gefahr geraten. Besonders gilt dies für dasVerhältnis des Westens zur islamischen Kultur. Vornehmlich von meinem toten muslimischen Freunde Anwar as-Sadat habe ich den Respekt gegenüber anderen Religionen gelernt. Ich habe von ihm gelernt die gleichen Wurzeln von Judentum und Christentum und Islam. Und inzwischen habe ich ausserdem gelernt, dass Konfuzius, Sokrates oder Lao Tse und ebenso Zarathustra und Gautama Buddha ein halbes Jahrtausend, Moses oder Echnaton ein ganzes Jahrtausend vor Jesus von Nazareth gelebt haben - und dass sie wahrscheinlich deswegen doch nicht unglücklicher gewesen sind als wir Heutigen. Unter den globalisierten Umständen der heutigen Menschheit geziemt jedermann Respekt und Toleranz gegenüber den Kulturen der anderen."

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Quotes About Ending Friendships

"Even when Im alone I have real good company — dreams and imaginations and pretendings. I like to be alone now and then, just to think over things and taste them. But I love friendships — and nice, jolly little times with people." - Author: L.M. Montgomery

Quotes About Monkeying Around

"The key is, if youre not monkeying around with the script, then everything usually goes pretty well." - Author: Steven Soderbergh

Quotes About Notus

"Very good, Jason Grace," Notus said. "You are a son of Jupiter, yet you have chosen your own path- as all the greatest demigods have done before you. You cannot control your parentage, but you can choose your legacy." - Author: Rick Riordan

Quotes About Commitment In Business

"Commitments are one of the worst things to have in the music business. Theyre very annoying." - Author: Neil Young

Quotes About Songs Lyrics

"The lyrics are different from Nick Cave songs and lyrics. His songs are very narrative." - Author: Stephen Malkmus

Quotes About Quiet Confidence

"Ironically, when you surrender your need to hog the glory, the attention you used to need from other people is replaced by a quiet inner confidence that is derived from letting others have it." - Author: Richard Carlson

Quotes About Printers

"Im pretty selective. I generally edit the contact sheets and then do work prints. Because I have my own lab and printers, I can afford the luxury of going through the contact sheets for black-and-white, making up work prints, seeing them big, and honing them down." - Author: Herb Ritts

Quotes About Someone Who Knows You

"Sincere and unspiteful laughter is mirth, but where is there any mirth in our time, and do people know how to be mirthful?... A mans mirth is a feature that gives away the whole man, from head to foot. Someones character wont be cracked for a long time then the man bursts out laughing somehow quite sincerely, and his whole character suddenly opens up as if on the flat of your hand. Only a man of the loftiest and happiest development knows how to be mirthful infectiously, that is, irresistibly and goodheartedly. Im not speaking of his mental development, but of his character, of the whole man. And so, if you want to discern a man and know his soul, you must look, not at how he keeps silent, or how he speaks, or how we weeps, or even how he is stirred by the noblest ideas, but you had better look at him when he laughs. If a man has a good laugh, it means hes a good man." - Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Quotes About Forgetting Someone You Love

"Falling out of love is chiefly a matter of forgetting how charming someone is." - Author: Iris Murdoch

Quotes About Irreverence

"Impiety, n. Your irreverence toward my deity." - Author: Ambrose Bierce