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"Perhaps it is a good thing that we dont live long enough to realize how redundant things seem :)"

Dan Ronco Quotes

"Technos and clerics have much in common. Both take a world that cant be fully understood and try to explain its fundamental properties. Clerics postulate beliefs that can never be proven; they demand you accept these postulates as your Faith, which will guide your actions and thoughts. Its a top down way of thinking; start with the big picture and derive rules for living. Fundamental knowledge is static. Even the derived rules rarely change.Technos work from the bottom up. They build a baseline of observations and formulate theories to explain these phenomena. Nothing is sacred; with new observations, theories are discarded or modified to fit the facts.Technos and clerics; how could they not be in conflict?Dan Roncos Diary, 2016"

Fiina Quotes

"I dont just love him, I adore him"

Semen Frank Quotes

"Literature, art, science, and religion degenerate when polemical struggle supplants the independent creation of ideas."

Joshua Rosenthal Quotes

"We can, and must, develop dialogue and relatedness with our body because its talking to us all the time. And please remember, your body loves you. It does everything it can to keep you alive and functioning. You can feed it garbage, and it will take it and digest it for you. You can deprive it of sleep, but still it gets you up and running next morning. You can drink too much alcohol, and it will eliminate it from your system. It loves you unconditionally and does its best to allow you to live the life you came here for. The real issue in this relationship is not whether your body loves you, but whether you love your body. In any relationship, if one partner is loving, faithful and supportive, its easy for the other to take that person for granted. Thats what most of us do with our bodies. It is time for you to shift this, and working to understand your cravings is one of the best places to begin. Then you can build a mutually loving relationship with your own body."

Ronald A Knox Quotes

"Can anything matter, unless there is Somebody who minds?"

Robert Beverly Hale Quotes

"Am I the kind of person I want my eternal companion to be?"

Wes Borland Quotes

"Were gonna totally sell out and try to dominate the world."

Joshua Foer Quotes

"Forgotten phone numbers and birthdays represent minor erosions of our everyday memory, but they are part of a much larger story of how weve supplanted our own natural memory with a vast superstructure of technological crutches—from the alphabet to the BlackBerry. These technologies of storing information outside our minds have helped make our modern world possible, but theyve also changed how we think and how we use our brains."

Blythe Danner Quotes

"I think I have a lot of crazy layers."

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