[Quiero Que Los Poetas Dejen De Llamarse Poetas Y Comiencen A Llamarse Sueños Y Que Los Sueños Comiencen A Llamarse Estrellas O Luciérnagas O Arroyos O Triciclos]

Author: David Meza Quotes

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Adib Zaini Quotes

"bila aku akan mati?" "bila kau langsung tak sedia"

Kevin Durand Quotes

"Im always excited to carry more and more weight and responsibility within a story."

Rebecca James Quotes

"True. But yourre sad."I sit up. "Am I?""I dont know. Are you?""I dont know. Are you?"He laughs. "I am if you are. Im not if youre not."

Bethanne Elion Quotes

"I stood with my hands on the horses necks, feeling the electricity of their thinking, the blood moving throughout their veins, and the history held neatly within the fabric of every organ of their equine anatomy, as if the body were a storage unit of memory. As I absorbed every nuance of the four-legged creatures, I touched my own stomach, lower back, liver, and spleen to see what the energies felt like. I compared one horse to another, then to myself, fascinated by the way each was so unique yet so the same."

Madison Parker Quotes

"Mason left the room and then yelled from the hall, "This is bullshit, cowshit, horseshit, and donkeyshit."

Anne M Lipton Quotes

"First do no harm. -HippocratesSecond, do some good. -Anne M. Lipton, M.D., Ph.D."

J Sumardianta Quotes

"Guru berasal dari kata gu berarti kegelapan dan ru berarti menghilangkan"

John Richardson Quotes

"Erik Satie died on July 1, 1925; his last words were Ah, the cows..."

George S Patton Quotes

"A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood."

Pete Langman Quotes

"Zachary looked down into the swirling morass that was his beer as the man walked onto the stage and started to play a solo piece, the band respectfully allowing him to start off his set by staking his claim. Zachary would give him staking his claim. He had his guitar nestling close by his side, as always, the leather of the case gently touching his calf, sending an almost erotic charge through his body every time he moved like the less than innocent brush of a future lovers hand on a bare arm."

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Quotes About Nirvana Buddha

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