[Readership Was High, And Very Attentive. It Was People's Only Source Of Knowledge About The World.]

Author: Ryszard Kapuscinski Quotes

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Millie Quotes

"You may hate the war, but never hate the ones that fight. For they do not choose when or where to fight. All they chose was to protect who they love and even the people they dont know."

Nick Johnson Quotes

"I just try to get on anyway that I can, hit, hit-by-pitch, walk, home runs, anything."

Mickey Kaus Quotes

"Do we really want a society in which the stigma of going on the dole has been erased?"

Alexei Maxim Russell Quotes

"The highest privilege of being a writer is being able to say, open your mind to me and Ill take you to another world."

Philip McKernan Quotes

"Fear is the assassin of dreams"

Jace Herondale Quotes

"Siempre que tú casi te mueres, yo casi me muero"

Gwendolyn Bennett Quotes

"Memory will lay its hands upon your breast, and you will understand my hatred."

Lawrence Kutner Quotes

"The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe."

Keith Stewart Quotes

"At this point in history, our society tends to elevate and reward the specialist...This concentrated focus has brought some benefits...It may also be a modern malady. Specialization, when taken too far and allowed to define who and what we are, becomes limiting. It robs us of our wholeness and our self-sufficiency. It misses the big picture and confines us to a narrow zoom. And it leaves us at the mercy of experts."

David James Elliott Quotes

"I worked with a man named Patty Crane who was Errol Flynns stand-in back in the 30s in Hollywood."

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Quotes About Sarcastic Snoring

"Our story begins eight years ago when Ms.Jacobs was living in London with Mr. McAllister.However, she had to leave the country urgentlydue to a family emergency.""Considering the ‘he-was-dead defence, Imsure this will be hugely entertaining." Lily didntsee it but she heard the scoffing behind Nates attorneystone, that would be attorney number twoor Sarcastic Attorney. Her startled eyes moved tothe man who, she noted distractedly, was staringat her with extreme distaste."Well, Im not sure one would describe losingboth of ones parents in a plane crash as ‘entertaining,"Alistair noted blandly." - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About The Word Maybe

"I mean, the ones on trial are not like me in any way: theyre a different kind of human being. They live in a different world, they think different thoughts, and their actions are nothing like mine. Between the world they live in and the world I live in theres this thick, high wall. At least, thats how I saw it at first. ...I became a lot less sure of myself. In other words, I started seeing it like this: that there really was no such thing as a wall separating their world from mine. Or if there was such a wall, it was probably a flimsy one made of papier-mache. The second I leaned on it, Id probably fall right through and end up on the other side. Or maybe its that the other side has already managed to sneak its way inside of us, and we just havent noticed." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Sharab

"Lailas warning from Wajma: This is why the Holy Koran forbids sharab. Because it always falls on the sober to pay for the sins of the drunk." - Author: Khaled Hosseini

Quotes About Vision For The Future

"Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there." - Author: John P. Kotter

Quotes About Dubious

"The story is that while a child named Servius Tullius lay sleeping, his head burst into flames in the sight of many. The general outcry which so great a miracle called forth brought the king and queen to the place. One of the servants fetched water to quench the fire, but was checked by the queen, who stilled the uproar and commanded that the boy should not be disturbed until he awoke of himself. Soon afterwards sleep left him, and with it disappeared the flames. Then, talking her husband aside, Tanaquil Said: Do you see this child whom we are bringing up in so humble a fashion? Be assured he will one day be a lamp to our dubious fortunes, and a protector to the royal house in the day of its distress. Let us therefore rear with all solicitude one who will lend high renowen to the state and to our family. It is said that from that moment the boy began to be looked upon as a son, and to be trained in the studies by which men are inspired to bear themselves greatly." - Author: Titus Livy

Quotes About Tracks Of Life

"From the place by the railing at the edge of the tracks on the summer evening I return across the city to my own room. I am vividly aware of my own life that escaped the winter on the boat. How many such lives I have lived. Then I only made a dollar and a half a day and now I sometimes make more than that in a few minutes. How wonderful to be able to write words. ... Again I begin the endless game of reconstructing my own life, jerking it out of the shell that dies, striving to breathe into it beauty and meaning. ... I wonder why my life, why all lives, are not more beautiful." - Author: Sherwood Anderson

Quotes About Yellow Tulips

"On my first day shooting 13 Going on 30, Jennifer Garner had yellow tulips sent to my trailer. Ill never forget them." - Author: Christa B. Allen

Quotes About Afraid Of Being Alone

"Bjarne Møller, my former boss, says people like me always choose the line of most resistance. Its in what he calls our accursed nature. Thats why we always end up on our own. I dont know. I like being alone. Perhaps I have grown to like my self-image of being a loner, too....I think you have to find something about yourself that you like in order to survive. Some people say being alone is unsociable and selfish. But youre independent and you dont drag others down with you, if thats the way youre heading. Many people are afraid of being alone. But it made me feel strong, free and invulnerable." - Author: Jo Nesbø

Quotes About Harvesting Wheat

"I lost the letter in rather embarrassing circumstances. We were to dine at Parramatta Government House that same evening, and Peter had come in early from harvesting the wheat, sitting down in all his dirt to read the precious missive. I sat beside him, fresh from my bath. And so handsome did my husband look, long legs sprawled in Dungaree trousers and frowning over my fathers spiky hand, that I could not resist reaching out to smooth away the frown. He caught my hand to his lips, still reading, and then chancing to look up, and reading my face more swiftly than he would ever read the written word, pulled me onto his lap." - Author: Jennifer Paynter

Quotes About Ruling An Empire

"Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class -- whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy." - Author: Frank Herbert