[Reading Alters The Appearance Of A Book. Once It Has Been Read, It Never Looks The Same Again, And People Leave Their Individual Imprint On A Book They Have Read. Once Of The Pleasures Of Reading Is Seeing This Alteration On The Pages, And The Way, By Reading It, You Have Made The Book Yours.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Paul L Maier Quotes

"Who set Rome on fire? The man we must admire. For killing his wife, and taking the life of mother and brother and so many others, while plucking his damnable lyre."

Alberto Alvaro Rios Quotes

"We live in secret citiesAnd we travel unmapped roads.We speak words between us that we recognizeBut which cannot be looked up.They are our words.They come from very far inside our mouths.You and I, we are the secret citizens of the cityInside us, and inside usThere go all the cars we have drivenAnd seen, there are all the peopleWe know and have known, thereAre all the places that areBut which used to be as well. This is whereThey went. They did not disappear.We each take a piece Through the eye and through the ear.Its loud inside us, in there, and when we speakIn the outside worldWe have to hope that some of that soundDoes not come out, that an armNot reach outIn place of the tongue."

Chris Palmer Quotes

"Though these all qualify as deceptions in Boswalls mind, they are not all necessarily bad. Boswall believes its up to individual filmmakers to decide where to draw the line--but a warns that audiences might be surprised to know where filmmakers have been drawing it recently."

Stephen Mangan Quotes

"I had an inspirational teacher at my junior school: Peter Nixon. He was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and slightly scary - a good combination for a teacher."

Richard Brautigan Quotes

"It was not an outhouse resting upon the imagination. It was reality."

John Dickey Quotes

"There is no more vulnerable human combination than an undergraduate."

Randy Cohen Quotes

"To grow old is to grow remorseful."

Thomas Lennon Quotes

"You hate to see yourself do one draft of a script and then have somebody else come back in and change what youve done."

Shuler Hensley Quotes

"I knew from a young age that I could sing and it was impressed upon me that if I got a classically trained education in voice, it would serve as a foundation for whatever I chose to do."

Patrick McCabe Quotes

"Youll have to learn to forgive," he said. "For if you dont, you know what will happen?""What, Doctor?" I croaked, for my outburst had exhausted me."It will destroy you," he said as he handed me the tea.A tear came into my eye when he said it for I knew it was true and I would have loved to be able to do it (not because of its destroying me but because it was right, and deep down I knew that) but I couldnt and the more I thought of it the more the blood came coursing to my head so that whenever Id write Id find myself clutching the pencil so tight I broke the lead how many times I dont know, hundreds."

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Quotes About Friends Forever No Matter What

"I was 19 years old, pumping gas and going nowhere. I was kind of a high school dropout at that point because I had left school to play hockey, but no one drafted me." - Author: Adam Oates

Quotes About Preoccupations

"When, upon the closed system of normal preoccupations, a story of a sea serpent appears, it is inhospitably treated. To us of the wider cordialities, it has recommendations for kinder reception. I think that we shall be noted in recognitions of good works for our bizarre charities." - Author: Charles Fort

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"AIDS today is not a death sentence. It can be treated as a chronic illness, or a chronic disease." - Author: Yusuf Hamied

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"A bonus in raising a child you dont have a biological tie to is you will never saddle them with watching their every move and declaring their musical talent as "thats from your dads side"." - Author: Nia Vardalos

Quotes About Eloisa

"Dear Eloisa (said I) theres no occasion for your crying so much about such a trifle. (for I was willing to make light of it in order to comfort her) I beg you would not mind it – You see it does not vex me in the least; though perhaps I may suffer most from it after all; for I shall not only be obliged to eat up all the Victuals I have dressed already, but must if Henry should recover (which however is not very likely) dress as much for you again; or should he die (as I suppose he will) I shall still have to prepare a Dinner for you whenever you marry any one else. So you see that tho perhaps for the present it may afflict you to think of Henrys sufferings, yet I dare say hell die soon and then his pain will be over and you will be easy, whereas my Trouble will last much longer for work as hard as I may, I am certain that the pantry cannot be cleared in less than a fortnight" - Author: Jane Austen

Quotes About Throwing Away Love

"Just as we dont move without first sorting through what weve gathered through the years, throwing away what is broken and cant be fixed, and what no longer fits, so too, should we do the same with what weve mentally gathered, before we move on. So let us do our sorting, throwing away regrets and old hurts, and taking for our journey only the treasures worth keeping: The lessons, the love, the best of what weve lived." - Author: Sandra Kring

Quotes About Cicero

"I have read in Plato and Cicero sayings that are wise and very beautiful; but I have never read in either of them: Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden." - Author: Augustine of Hippo

Quotes About Haram

"kutinggalkan Masjidil Haram dg gontai. Air mata terkuras,hati serasa tak rela, tapi aku hrs pulang. tak boleh masuk lagi jk sdh Tawaf Wada" - Author: Dian Nafi

Quotes About Trup

"Mă leg pe tine, pământule, că eu voi fi a lui Allan, și a nimănui altuia. Voi crește din el ca iarba din tine. Și cum aștepți tu ploaia, așa îi voi aștepta eu venirea, și cum îți sunt ție razele, așa va fi trupul lui mie. Mă leg în fața ta că unirea noastră va rodi, căci mi-e drag cu voia mea, și tot răul, dacă va fi, să nu cadă asupra lui, ci asupră-mi, căci eu l-am ales. Tu mă auzi, mamă pământ, tu nu mă minți, maica mea. Dacă mă simți aproape, cum te simt eu acum, și cu mâna și cu inelul, întărește-mă să-l iubesc totdeauna, bucurie necunoscută lui să-i aduc, viață de rod și de joc să-i dau. Să fie viața noastră ca bucuria ierburilor ce cresc din tine. Să fie îmbrățișarea noastră ca cea dintâi zi a monsoon-ului. Ploaie să fie sărutul nostru. Și cum tu niciodată nu obosești, maica mea, tot astfel să nu obosească inima mea în dragostea pentru Allan, pe care cerul l-a născut departe, și tu, maică, mi l-ai adus aproape." - Author: Mircea Eliade

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"I worry about Lily, sluggish as she is. Will she see Carters truths? Will he tell her? God knows she wont hear them. Shes moving too fast to hear anyones music but her own. Shes so set, but I know he could make her settled. I tried to sync their noise into music, but they both pushed back. Too obdurate to be oblong.Silly Lily. How can she resist someone who brings gum and sounds like math?" - Author: Emily McKay