[Reading Has Always Been My Home, My Sustenance, My Great Invincible Companion. "Book Love," Trollope Called It. "It Will Make Your Hours Pleasant To You As Long As You Live." Yet Of All The Many Things In Which We Recognize Some Universal Comfort...reading Seems To Be The One In Which The Comfort Is Most Undersung...]

Author: Anna Quindlen Quotes

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Sharon E Rainey Quotes

"I was desperately searching for something to make sense; for the world to connect back with me."

Mohammad Rafiq Teli Quotes

"All Individuals in this world struggle and fight their own battles.Very Few choose to fight the battles worth fighting for.The ones that serve as an instrument of liberation,an instrument of hope and everything that is right with this world."

Nicole McKay Quotes

"Blankets on the other hand are incredibly needy as they are always trying to fill a "void". Are a bit whorish in that the instant you walk away from them in less than a minute theyll be all over someone else, and the moment you actually need them theyre nowhere to be found."

Marion Berry Quotes

"I am making this trip to Africa because Washington is an international city, just like Tokyo, Nigeria or Israel. As mayor, I am an international symbol. Can you deny that to Africa?"

Brendan Gill Quotes

"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious."

Tulsi Gabbard Quotes

"These days, its often women in uniform - moms, wives, even grandmothers - who deploy and leave their families behind."

Gale Gordon Quotes

"Ive worked with very few that I considered unpleasant. Dennis the Menace was a joy to work on."

Cari Silverwood Quotes

"If you lie there much longer, Ill be tempted to tie you to the table legs and try buttering your ass instead of the toast."

Harry Vardon Quotes

"Dont play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty."

Kathie Lee Gifford Quotes

"I was told all my life I was part Cherokee. Then it was Crow. The latest is Blackfoot."

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Quotes About Famous Delaying

"The earth will always be the same - only cities and history will change, even nations will change, governments and governors will go, the things made by mens hands will go, buildings will always crumble - only the earth will remain the same, there will always be men on the earth in the morning, there will always be the things made by Gods hands - and all this history of cities and congress now will go, all modern history is only a littering Babylon smoking under the sun, delaying the day when men again will have to return to earth, to the earth of life and God -" - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About Faerie

"By every mortal standard, the worst faeries in the world were those in the Dark Court. They fed on the baser emotions; they engaged in activities that the other-also amoral-faery courts repudiated. They were also the only ones she truly trusted or understood." - Author: Melissa Marr

Quotes About Brothers Who Passed Away

"The anger of a person who is strong, can always bide its time." - Author: James Whitcomb Riley

Quotes About Unforgivable Life

"But then if you lied to a man about his talent just because he was sitting across from you, that was the most unforgivable lie of them all, because that was telling him to go on, to continue which was the worst way for a man without real talent to waste his life, finally. But many people did just that, friends and relatives mostly." - Author: Charles Bukowski

Quotes About Traditional Gender Roles

"What I do know is that traditional gender roles are very real and flipping the norm is difficult for even the strongest, funniest, smartest men." - Author: Patti Stanger

Quotes About Footnote

"Every genuinely literary style, from the high authorial voice to Foster Wallace and his footnotes-within-footnotes, requires the reader to see the world from somewhere in particular, or from many places. So every novelists literary style is nothing less than an ethical strategy—its always an attempt to get the reader to care about people who are not the same as he or she is." - Author: Zadie Smith

Quotes About Carefree

"Im the most carefree, happy person youll meet." - Author: Niall Horan

Quotes About Telling Her Shes Beautiful

"My favourite British spots are any of the beautiful parks, especially on a sunny day such as this, after a long stretch of cold, cloudy and rainy days." - Author: Richard Schiff

Quotes About Esteem

"Jesus calls us to his rest, and meekness is His method. The meek man cares not at all who is greater than he, for he has long ago decided that the esteem of the world is not worth the effort." - Author: A.W. Tozer

Quotes About Devilish

"Thats funny. You would think after being followed and shoved into a dark alley by a stranger, you would be at least a little shaken. Dont tell me, you are a black belt just waiting for the perfect moment to strike." He laughed soundlessly. "I mean your words do sound brave but your eyes and the fact that youre trembling like a scared little kitten say something else entirely." Even though the alley was submerged in darkness and shadows, it was obvious there was a devilish grin stretched across his face..." - Author: Nicole Rae