[Real Love Is Always Chaotic. You Lose Control; You Lose Perspective. You Lose The Ability To Protect Yourself. The Greater The Love, The Greater The Chaos. It's A Given And That's The Secret.]

Author: Jonathan Carroll Quotes

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Ruth First Quotes

"In addition, we were unable to meet openly to discuss the progress of the book, for we were both on the list of persons banned from communicating with other banned persons."

Robert Lanza Quotes

"So for instance it becomes clear why space and time and even the properties of matter itself depend on the observer in consciousness. In fact when you take this point of view it even explains why the laws of the universe themselves are fine tuned for the existence of life."

Niratisaya Quotes

"kucintamu selalu...meski waktu tak lagi jadi sekutu,meski hari tak lagi jadi temanku.ku selalu cintamu...hari ini,esok, atau tak tentu waktu.ku kan selalu cintamu..."

Nick Sagan Quotes

"When I think of Simone now, I think of butterfly wings. Beautiful and excruciatingly delicate. Touch them once and they might disintegrate."

Francois Arnaud Quotes

"The first play that I saw was Cyrano, and I remember going home - I was like nine years old - and trying to learn the monologues."

WE Woodward Quotes

"A strongly accentuated zoophilism, such as an inordinate love of horses or dogs, throws the emotional nature out of balance; and those who are possessed by it are not likely to care very much for people."

Edgar Ramirez Quotes

"For me, no ideological or political conviction would justify the sacrifice of a human life. For me, the value of life is absolute, with no concessions. Its not negotiable."

Dennis Wilson Quotes

"The thing I wonder about is where does Brians creative spark come from? Not his subjects or anything, but his spark. What makes it so great for me is that I really dont know. Theres a mystery behind Brian, even to me."

Niyi Osundare Quotes

"One hasnt become a writer until one has distilled writing intoa habit, and that habit has been forced into an obsession.Writing has to be an obsession. It has to be something as organic,physiological and psychological as speaking or sleeping or eating."

Lily Velden Quotes


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Quotes About Wants And Desires

"When a man touches a womans body, he is not just touching her body. It goes MUCH DEEPER than that for a woman. He is touching parts of her soul-parts as diverse as how she feels about being a grandmother some day, to what is her favorite ice cream, to how much she loves her pet, and to her opinion of how the current President is governing. The man wants a sexual encounter and love is far from his mind; she desires permanence, commitment, safety, and security." - Author: Jim Anderson

Quotes About Not Searching For Love

"Perhaps the critics are right: this generation may not produce literature equal to that of any past generation--who cares? The writer will be dead before anyone can judge him--but he must go on writing, reflecting disorder, defeat, despair, should that be all he sees at the moment, but ever searching for the elusive love, joy, and hope--qualities which, as in the act of life itself, are best when they have to be struggled for, and are not commonly come by with much ease, either by a critics formula or by a critics yearning." - Author: Bill Styron

Quotes About Crying Out To God

"Help" is a prayer that is always answered. It doesnt matter how you pray--with your head bowed in silence, or crying out in grief, or dancing. Churches are good for prayer, but so are garages and cars and mountains and showers and dance floors. Years ago I wrote an essay that began, "Some people think that God is in the details, but I have come to believe that God is in the bathroom." - Author: Anne Lamott

Quotes About Watchers

"In the case of the creative mind, it seems to me, the intellect has withdrawn its watchers from the gates, and the ideas rush in pell-mell, and only then does it review and inspect the multitude. You worthy critics, or whatever you may call yourselves, are ashamed or afraid of the momentary and passing madness which is found in all real creators, the longer or shorter duration of which distinguishes the thinking artist from the dreamer. Hence your complaints of unfruitfulness, for you reject too soon and discriminate too severely." - Author: Friedrich Schiller

Quotes About Damaged Relationships

"So I was damaged. It said so, in so many words – that it was difficult, if not impossible, for me to establish stable emotional relationships – in other words, to have any deep feelings." - Author: Peter Høeg

Quotes About Fishing With Friends

"Those with no problems must find them to use the worry parts of their brains." - Author: Phoef Sutton

Quotes About My Goals In Life

"I tend to stay healthy because Ive been eating right and exercising. It makes life so much easier when youre healthy. I also like to challenge myself by making my own physical goals and beating them." - Author: James Maslow

Quotes About Ferimento

"Não só de ferimentos escrevo mas também do que quer que for me ocorrendo." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About Automotive Engineering

"[A Bugatti Veyron is] quite the most stunning piece of automotive engineering ever created....At a stroke then, the Veyron has rendered everything Ive ever said about any other car obsolete. Its rewritten the rule book, moved the goalposts and in the process, given Mother Nature a bloody nose." - Author: Jeremy Clarkson

Quotes About Cleanliness In Islam

"Mrs Joe was a very clean housekeeper, but had an exquisite art of making her clenliness more umcomfortable and unacceptable than dirt itself. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and some people do the same by their religion." - Author: Charles Dickens