[Real Love Is Always Chaotic. You Lose Control; You Lose Perspective. You Lose The Ability To Protect Yourself. The Greater The Love, The Greater The Chaos. It's A Given And That's The Secret.]

Author: Jonathan Carroll Quotes

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J Wilbur Chapman Quotes

"Anything that dims my vision of Christ, or takes away my taste for Bible study, or cramps my prayer life, or makes Christian work difficult, is wrong for me, and I must, as a Christian, turn away from it."

Danzae Pace Quotes

"Stress is the trash of modern life-we all generate it but if you dont dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life."

Sarah Weeks Quotes

"If there was a crayon, and I was to put a label on it, I would call it dinosaur skin".-So B. It"

Harold Bloom Quotes

"How to read "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone"? Why, very quickly, to begin with, and perhaps also to make an end. Why read it? Presumably, if you cannot be persuaded to read anything better, Rowling will have to do."

Quentin Blake Quotes

"I do like children, but only as people. Not as if theyre a special category."

Iona Opie Quotes

"Oh ye cannae shove yer grannie aff the bus,Oh ye cannae shove yer grannie aff the bus,Ye cannae shove yer grannieFor shes yer mammies mammie,Ye cannae shove yer grannie aff the bus."

Margaret Thatcher Quotes

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."

Carl Stokes Quotes

"My style will be management by being on the street, management by walking around. Third persons wont have to tell me whats going on in our city. Ill hear it, Ill see it, Ill touch it myself."

Joyce Carol Oates Quotes

"Writing! The activity for which the only adequate bribe is the possibility of suicide, one day."

Alessandra Thomas Quotes

"There came a time in every relationship when, if someone had kissed and licked and sucked every part of you enough times, you became pretty damn sure they liked your body. Even if you didnt."

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Quotes About Carrying On

"Although she had a slight build, Eilidh was solid and heavier than she first appeared. Rather than throw her over his shoulder, he tried to carry her as though propping up a drunken friend. People would accept the latter without question, but a burly guy carrying a woman fireman-style? That might draw second looks." - Author: India Drummond

Quotes About 118

"This is awful. This is so hopeless. Were all lost in different ways, so how do we even help each other find our way out. We wont. We cant. Well just stay lost forever.p.118" - Author: Courtney Summers

Quotes About Laughs With Friends

"An ideal day for me is a combination of a fun-exciting creative moment with work partners, some laughs and games with my kids, a good surf session, and great conversation with friends around a meal." - Author: Yves Behar

Quotes About Labor And Birth

"Science has yet to isolate the Godiva Chocolate or Prada gene, but that doesnt mean your weakness for pricey swag isnt woven into your DNA. According to a new study of identical twins, its less TV ads or Labor Day sales that make you buy the things you do than the tastes and temperaments that are already part of you at birth." - Author: Jeffrey Kluger

Quotes About Mind Body Connection

"One way to look at meditation is as a kind of intrapsychic technology thats been developed over thousands of years by traditions that know a lot about the mind/body connection." - Author: Jon Kabat Zinn

Quotes About Ambitious Person

"I dont think Id be happy if I were satisfied. I enjoy challenge, and I wouldnt say that Im an ambitious person career-wise or financially, really. I would like to travel more comfortably, but thats really about all I need." - Author: Jason Isbell

Quotes About Good And Evil Within Us

"Balance comes not only from the principal ability to discover equilibrium amid all the opposing forces of the universe, but also from the ability to recognize and harness them. The cosmos itself is a collection of all the forces that have ever existed throughout space and time. Light and dark, good and evil, the divine and the diabolical, sinner and saint, and every other set of conflicting energies that saturates the universe - these are the lifeblood that courses through us and animates our actions. Its the flow and even collision of these forces and energies that generates life itself. The history of human civilization is just another testament to this, depicting contrasts within humanity itself. For every Gandhi, theres a Hitler. For every movement bred in hate that grows and has an impact over time, theres a righteous one that counteracts and contrasts with it. Its his friction and subsequent balance between opposing forces that lays the foundation of our ongoing existence." - Author: Deepak Chopra

Quotes About Ripper

"Im really not quite as frippery a fellow as you seem to think! I own that in my grasstime I committed a great many follies and extravagances, but, believe me, Ive long since out-grown them! I dont think they were any worse than what nine out of ten youngsters commit, but unfortunately I achieved, through certain circumstances, a notoriety which most young men escape. I was born with a natural aptitude for the sporting pursuits you regard with so much distrust, and I inherited, at far too early an age, a fortune which not only enabled me to indulge my tastes in the most expensive manner imaginable, but which made me an object of such interest that everything I did was noted, and talked of. Thats heady stuff for greenhorns, you know! There was a time when I gave the gossips plenty to talk about. But do give me credit for having seen the error of my ways!" - Author: Georgette Heyer

Quotes About Funny Babysitting

"When will you stop laughing at misery? Im so sick and tired of your pseudo-strength. All I want you to do is laugh at what is funny and cry at what isnt, but you wont do that, will you?" - Author: David Shields

Quotes About Bobbi

"Now here was Saeed Saeed, and Bijus admiration for the man confounded him. Fate worked this way. Biju was overcome by the desire to be his friend, because Saeed Saeed wasnt drowning, he was bobbing in the tides." - Author: Kiran Desai